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  1. Still waiting for the put up. Why havent you posted a put up? Maybe cause you dont have one Come on Ashley Super BIG DUDE. HE ACCUSE ME OF NOT BEING GOOD DUDE. HE SAY I DO NOTHING BUT I DO LOTS BUT ASHLEY HE COLLECT WELFARE DO JACK SHIT BUT CLAIM RIGHTEOUS LIKE RICH TWAT WITH TRUST FUND And by the way what racism? Quoting Canadian history is now racist is it? To state an eskimo hunts for blubber is racist is it? to say good russian vodka is brewed from potato skins is racist is it? to say good Irish whiskey is aged at least 7 years is racist is it? People like you make the world go round. We need useless drones to snuff out in an excuse to invade some rich country
  2. Im sorry but I havent received a single message a single post that says yes I want you to record it. I said tell me record an order and I will. All you have done is jerk off to weird Ukranian porn. Oh and insult cant fail to give cred where its due. Like I said pick a product under $5 Im not gonna rape myself to make a point. So in the words of some great dude PUT UP OR SHUT THE FUCK UP
  3. My apoligies yathis Im not used to this forum I didnt mean to quote you not sure why that happened. Please accept my apologies for my stupidity
  4. How the hell is that racist? Its a fact Go to northern BC whale blubber is currency. Go to lower east side heroin is currency, go to 4th and Tranquille weed is currency ITS THE REAL DAM WORLD
  5. Hey youre the one that wanted to pull out the funny parts of Canada. Oh snap the tree hugger doesnt want to deal with the repurcussions who would thunk this would happen Oh and what tree do you hug by the way living in GTA? I grew up in Stratford about 2 hour from GTA
  6. Yeah and parts of Canada accept whale blubber as currency your point is what? Maybe you can buy a 480 GPU if you have the right whale blubber?
  7. But I guess you didnt accuse me of not posting while I was sleeping lol Sorry Ashley but the clock only has 12 numbers this is Canada not USA where you can remake the rules as you like
  8. Point me to a decent game or GPU that isnt extortion priced My lack of shots on purchase is simply proff of over pricing. As an example Evil Within is selling higher as a digital download than the hard copy. Why would I pay $70 for a digi when it released for $45 But I guess you didnt accuse me of not posting while I was sleeping lol Sorry Ashley but the clock only has 12 numbers this is Canada not USA where you can remake the rules as you like And you want proof of free shipping pick anything you want $5 or less (I dont burn money) and I will record the whole shebang order, ship whole nine yards. I thave nothing against you I simply think this is an issue of you and me dealing with a different version of Amazon. Go to Superstore you pay less than me for a pack of Nabob coffee why would we think inernet biz would differ?
  9. I dont want any pissing but you accused me of being some drooling douche bag so I posted my accomplishments. I dont claim to understand how Amazon works, but I do want answers. I want to know why if I order an MSI 480 on Amazon.com I get free shipping but if you order the same you dont. I understand a seller in Portland can ship to me cheaper than you thats a non plus.. I just ordered a Nokia 640 on Amazon.com FREE SHIPPING and its sold and shipped by Amazon.com. Want me to print every page and scan it and up it? Like I said above the policy is very loose and doesnt work every time. Hell I log into my Amazon.ca account it says I dont have Prime, I log into .com and Im Bono super prime lol . Look at my release threads I always said Im just an above average blonde, pretty stupid but I got lucky
  10. Sorry I dont use proper grammar. Didnt think it was reqy=uired cause see while you sit on your ass I made the game free softmod for XBOX and the Killer Instinct emu for XBOX and PC. And lets not split hairs you were the one that suggested a lack of posting equated lack of IQ and commitment. So I will quote my gives "reverse engineering the XMV format, the Batch22b converter, like a 1000 Dead Rising mods, XMV on the fly conversion, Babylon compiler Samsung HDD on 360. And by the way WTF have you done? MR/Mrs Film Industry? A cancelled commercial perhaps? wANT kiXXX on your XBOX?: Not working so you have issues with me perhaps? Its nothing to be afraid of, even my own mother had issues with me
  11. Porn and grade 3 doesnt qualify as film industry lol.
  12. Or man has a job and doesnt collect welfare like you (or as you insinuate) and has to deal with real life. As for the other (aka free shipping) Im ordering a new phone (Amazon.com) you want me to record every second and see for yourself? Its Amazon.com and I aint paying a cent for shipping. Oh and Ashley try paying some taxes us working people are sick of supporting you freeloaders. Welfare and UIC is for people down on their luck not people who want a free ride
  13. As I said you have to go through and see. Heres a MSI RX480 sold and shipped by Amazon. And not every card Amazon sells will qualify. Some that are more expensive dont some do and the same is true of cheaper ones. Not to mention on the cards that dont qualify youre only looking at around $10 for shipping so its still cheaper when theres a $30 or more price difference
  14. LOL its very easy heres how to do it step by step. Takes 2 seconds and you can see for yourself. 1. Login to your Amazon.ca account 2. Go to Amazon.com and login using that same acoount 3. Type in a product like RX 480 4. Once the results come up on the left click SHIP TO CANADA 5. Youll see the cards list with FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA (not all will ship free but some will you need to click on individual cards to see)
  15. I dont have Prime. Im talking about Amazons $35 or more qualifies for free shipping. Ive never paid shipping on anything Ive bought from Amazon directly, only 3rd party sellers. And I never use the .ca site because as I showed in my first post even with exchange rates its cheaper from the .com site @kaiju_wars I just looked at a map and Bismark was the closest "major" city to Saskatoon I saw so I just used it.as an example