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  1. Not sure if it's the right place to post, but here we go. I've noticed days ago that Honey the web browsers extension is eating almost all of the CPU or/and RAM, yesterday it was using 90% of the CPU and almost 6GB of RAM (bad for me not making a screenshot) uninstall it, and then all okey, but then today it's starts again slowly eating more and more RAM and CPU, obviously I unistall it again, and here goes the screenshots: Don't think it is normal for an extension eating such high amount of RAM and CPU, until the point it makes it imposible to web browse without unistalling the extension...
  2. Dunno why, but AMD prices looks like a bit high in €, or the Intel part are just cheaper in € Lets se if I can convince her, putting 23€ more
  3. Gtx 1060 3GB 229€ Gtx 1060 6GB 279€ Is the 3GB version better than the RX 570 4GB ?
  4. Ryzen 1600 230€, Gigabyte AB350 gaming 3 123€, getting rid of the Hyper 212 -30€ 23€ over I will see what she can do, cause at the beginning she only want to spend 700€ , and it was hard to convince her to put 100 more
  5. Im planning to build a Gaming pc for a friend, and she got like 800€ for it (monitor she will get it later, don't have more money at the moment ) The prices in € are a bit weird, it don't help much viewing reviews and builds in $ Intel i5 7500 199€ MSI H270 PC Mate 99€ Cooler Master Hyper 212x 30€ MSI RX 570 Gaming X 4Gb 219€ SanDisk 240GB G26 Plus 83€ WD Blue 1TB 49€ Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 69€ Nox Nx Hummer MCB 50€ Corsair CX600W (this one i'll throw it in, just have it laying around) Total 798€ Like I said, it's for gaming, aiming for 1080 60fps, and really no more heavy use, should we change something, like going for AMD Cpu (R5 1400 is like 174, and 1500x 199€) or something else? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated