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  1. Xengri

    Can I disable AMD Vega 8 GPU on a Laptop?

    Well, I think I will just let it as it is, getting 1GB of RAM won't do much anyways, I am better of just using the iGPU and disabling the dedicated graphics.
  2. I have bought a USB DAC/AMP combo for my PC and I was wondering if I plugged in a Microphone, would it record? The reason I want to do this is that I have a generic BM-700 cheap microphone from Amazon but it sounds very noisy or with very little volume when I plug it into my cheap PC sound card since it requires phantom power and noise is something to expect from a cheap sound card, since the DAC has an AMP I thought it may work... Maybe I'm asking complete nonsense, but just in case it was to be possible.
  3. Xengri

    Can I disable AMD Vega 8 GPU on a Laptop?

    the BIOS on the laptop is so simple it doesn't offer anything apart from boot order and some usb and sata settings
  4. Xengri

    Can I disable AMD Vega 8 GPU on a Laptop?

    The main thing I would like to do is to get those 2GB of RAM free, battery life, after all, won't improve that much, but I want the 2GB of RAM back, I thought that disabling the Vega 8 would do the trick.
  5. I bought an Asus laptop which came with a Ryzen 5 2500U and a GTX1050 with 8GB RAM, I want to know if I can disable de Vega 8 integrated graphics in the Ryzen CPU since it does nothing but use RAM. Also, I would like to know if it could be done the other way, can I disable the GTX 1050? I would like to do it because it would improve battery life when I'm doing lite work on the go as the Vega GPU is enough for that and I don't need the RAM. If not, I would like to know how to disable the Vega 8 and get the 2GB out of 8GB of RAM it is using free. I won't be using 2 GPU's at once so I want to know if I can disable either of them.
  6. Hi, I have bought a new budget laptop for college that I will use with my main desktop but as the screen is a bit horrible and I want to die when I look at it, I was wondering if I could connect it to an external monitor and just switch the video inputs between my desktop and laptop whenever I use one or the other ( Or use PBP/PIP because my monitor supports it), it's a really easy question and I obviously can with the HDMI 1.4 port in the laptop, but the problem is the following: I use a 4K 60Hz Samsung Quantum Dot monitor and the laptop only has one display out, which is an HDMI 1.4 that only supports 4K 30Hz and 30Hz it's just not usable for me, downscaling to 1080p will make the monitor look like really bad ( because it is 28 inches). I was wondering if the USB Type C 3.1 Gen 1 on the laptop could be adapted using one of those USB C to HDMI/Hub with a lot of things and an HDMI and may be get the 4K 60Hz I need for the monitor. Most of those dongles are made for macbooks with thunderbolt 3 ports that can passthrough much more data and it is possible to run 4K 60Hz through thunderbolt 3, but I don't know if regular USB C 3.1 Gen 1 will be able to run 4K 60Hz or if it even works with those dongles. Btw, if I downscale to 1440p, with HDMI 1.4, what refresh rate can I run it at? Because the HDMI 1.4 specification list only specifies 1080 60Hz and 4K 30Hz, there's nothing about 1440p with HDMI 1.4
  7. I have seen that there are CPU´s from both Intel and AMD with configurable TDP, I have a laptop with a Ryzen 5 2500U and I was wondering if I could increase the TDP to get better performance as it is supposed to be able to go from 15 to 25W and out of the box it works at 15W.
  8. Maybe the motheboard M.2 slot doesn't support those speeds, I mean it doesn't specify NVMe support and since it is a bit old I think it's something possible. Maybe try on another Motherboard or PC with NVMe support?
  9. Then, Is there a way to disable the Vega 8 GPU? Because the integrated Vega graphics are using part of my system memory RAM and if it doesn't do anything I want the 1Gb it is using to be free...
  10. Does that mean that the laptop will be always running on the 1050? And because of that consuming more power and reducing battery life?
  11. I bought a laptop with a Ryzen 2500U and a GTX 1050, it came without a OS, so I installed Windows 10, but since I haven't ever used an AMD system I wasn't sure if I had or where to download the drivers for the Vega 8 GPU and the Ryzen 5 2500U. I wanted to ask if the laptop is always using the 1050 as a default as it is more powerful and if I can change this because the 1050 will use more power than the Vega 8. Also, I wanted to know if I could potentially use Freesync with the 1050 on a external monitor because on desktops systems if you have some type or AMD graphics in your PC, you can make a Nvidia Card work with Freesync, I have seen that it's possible on desktops by connecting the HDMI to the AMD GPU or Motherboard with APU, but since the laptop only has a HDMI 1.4 out I don't know if it is possible. My laptop is a Asus R570ZD, but in USA it's the X570ZD or A570ZD, the name is more or less like that in every region it's avaliable, mine is from Europe, Spain.
  12. I have seen a used 16Gb 2x8 kit of DDR3 for 60€ aproximately, maybe I can get it cheaper, if I get that, I would have 24Gb of total System RAM, that would improve the video editing capabilities of my pc but I still wonder if my i5-3470 is still worth to upgrade as I have seen that even a i3-8100 outperforms it.
  13. I have just bought a laptop for college with a Ryzen 5 2500U, 8Gb DDR4 2400Mhz and a GTX 1050 and I was wondering whether to use the laptop as main pc for video editing or use my desktop. My desktop has a i5-3470, 8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz and a GTX 1070, I know I need to upgrade that CPU and with that, Motherboard and RAM since newer CPU´s use DDR4 and new socket´s but I don´t have that much money to buy CPU+RAM+MOBO. The 1070 is like more than double the performance of the 1050 but the Ryzen 5 2500U is better on multicore than the i5 so I am not sure what should I use for 4K video editing. I am considering upgrading the RAM for one of the systems, the one that will give me better 4K editing performance will be the system I upgrade with 4gb (making 12gb total) more or 8gb if I find a good deal. Also, is it worth to upgrade my i5-3470 with more RAM or it is just toooooo old for 2018? I barely game, I have a 4K QLED monitor and game sometimes, the CPU does bottleneck the 1070 but I´m fine for now as most games run at 60fps anyways. What should I upgrade/use for 4K video editing? Btw I use 500Gb SSD´s on both and H100i GTX watercooling on the desktop (My plan was to buy a 3770K in 2015 but I got stolen at a sale and haven´t been able to afford a new CPU+RAM+MOBO and a 3770K isn´t worth at all anymore in 2018) My experience with my desktop has been quite awful, extreme lagg and minutes waiting for a effect to load because if I touched something it lagged and stopped responding Premiere and closing without saving... Quite stressful.
  14. Xengri

    Value of Founders Editions 10 Series GPU

    It depends, I am using it on a NZXT S340 but I plan to build a DIY Case as I need a smaller Case that supports ATX and as the case will be small with little gaps a reference cooler will be more suitable as a aftermaket cooler would just warm the entire case instead of pushing out the hot air.
  15. Hello, I have been into the world of computer hardware since some few years now and I would like to ask you something about the series 10 of GPU's from Nvidia that I have realised recently. I am 16 years old and I started to get interested in PC Hardware since Q1 2014 so I have a bit of experience although there are still a lot of things left to learn. Since I bought my GTX 1070 Founders Edition from Gigabyte (July 2016) I stopped checking prices of GPU's until last month when I went started to look for parts for my friend's new PC, at that time I realised that there were no more Founders Edition GPU's, this led me to think that there is only a limited amount of Founders Edition GPU's which are sold only during the months after the release of the GPU as the aftermarket cards are being produced. I know that it is normal that the first models of newly released GPU's on sale are always the reference models but when the aftermarket models start release all the reference models dissapear from stocks. Aftermarket cards generally perform better as they have better coolers but from what I have seen the prices of aftermarked cards drop quite faster than Founders Edition cards, they don't drop in price as much as any other aftwermarket card that outperforms it. I only see aftermarket 1060/70/80 GPU's drop in price, specially on the second hand market, the Founders Editions are always the same price. Is it because of the fact that there is a limited amount of them and consequently the price is a bit higher as they are more rare or it is just something I made up in my mind and doesn't have any sense? (Nowadays where I live it is imposible to find a brand new Founders Edition GPU on stock). I think this has happened also to the previous generations but by that time I was not into PC Gaming Hardware as much as I do today. I owned a GTX 960 (Purchased November 2015) before my GTX 1070 and by that time all reference 970 and 980/Ti were gone, it is really rare for me to find a reference GPU, and if I find it, it is only in the second hand marked and the price is always as high as a brand new one (Obviously depends on the seller but most cases they are similar). I would like to know what you think about this. Are reference cards limited (quantities as they are only sold the months after release), more rare, maintain their values/price better than aftermarket cards? Thanks for attending my post. PD: This only happens with Nvidia, AMD reference cards get cheaper even faster (Maybe because they are made of plastic and Nvidia ones are made of aluminium and because AMD cards used to last less as high temperatures were common (My dad owns until now a crossfireX of reference HD 6970 since 2011 when it was brand new and even after I cleaned the coolers, they run at 90 degreees celsius on any game wtf)).