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  1. Thank you newgeneral10 for clarifying! Especially in larger data centers there are a lot of moving parts that people do not take into account when planning those environments and the corresponding "correct" hard drives. Multiple drives and fans are spinning there - causing a lot of additive vibrations. What we wanted to say to support mrmods in regards to picking his drive: Although we recommend the right drive for each specific setting as mentioned above, you should always look at usage behavior! If you are on a budget and do not run a heavily accessed NAS on a 24/7 basis, you might just be fine with a Desktop HDD.
  2. Hi mrmods, just a couple of remarks from us: generally, it is recommended to pick drives as of usage behavior since they are all built differently for each specific purpose (e.g. continuous writing for surveillance HDDs). The following table shows a rough guideline with some data: You can pick your hard drive based on those data to fit your needs! If you have any further questions, let us know...
  3. Hi, CaesarRoman. Thank you for your consideration of Seagate drives. Our engineering team is always working to make better products, so if you do go with Seagate and have any questions please feel free to reach out!
  4. Hi glitchmaster0001, Seagate forum team here. Sorry to hear you had issues with 3 different Seagate Hard Drives. Our engineers are working diligently to provide the most impressive drives possible. In the case that anything does not meet our standards we are committed to resolving any issues that may arise. Additionally, we are making ourselves available in various communities to answer any questions and clear up any misconceptions for current and future customers. It is not entirely clear in which context you used the drives mentioned, so the attached table is just supposed to be informative (brand independent) to use any hard drives in the right context to maximize lifetime and reliability. Also, in regards to your SSHD question: so far we got pretty good feedback on those drives. End users seem to like the combination of SSD performance (in regards to caching and frequently used files) plus regular HDD capacity at an affordable price. Hope that helps a bit in your decision making, Enjoy your weekend!
  5. Hi TrakJ, From a performance perspective, check out the recent Intel Optane (16GB and 32 GB) memory coupled with Seagate Barracuda Pro storage. SSD performance, HDD price. Check these articles out: Intel Optane Memory - make hard drives faster than ssd's SSD vs. HDD Intel Optane Memory
  6. hi


    do you guys have cloning software like WD does? 

  7. @Quinnerbone, you mentioned you bought the Seagate drive just 10 months ago. Although we regret that you are having issues with our hard disk, we would like to remind you that you have full warranty and the drive will be replaced in case of a hardware failure. Please check your warranty HERE If you bought the hard drive through a third party vendor, please contact the vendor to claim your warranty. If you bought from Seagate directly, please open up a customer service ticket HERE
  8. Hi synnapt, you posted a question about a Seagate drive, so I hope you don't mind if we jump in here. As long as you have not experienced any issues, the drive should be fine with 22609 hours. If you want to make sure, please check your drive with SeaTools - it should show you any potential issues with the drive and / or give you peace of mind to continue using it. Thanks,
  9. Hello. This is the Seagate forum team. If none of the available free recovery software works, Seagate does also have services for recovering lost files here. Let us know how this works out for you!
  10. Hi from the official Seagate forum team! Thank you so much for your comment! The Seagate Barracuda drive you mentioned is a good option for gaming, Seagate also has a higher-performance option called FireCuda that you may also want to consider. We wish you happy gaming!
  11. The Firecuda SSHD usually delivers delivers up to 5x faster load times by using the flash-accelerated technology. Regular write access is comparable to standard HDDs. Without ripping a hole in your wallet, it should significantly increase your read speeds though...