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  1. seagate_surfer

    SSD on a Asus Maximus Hero VII

    Yes! The SATA SSD is a good option, your use case does not require moving heavy files back and forth, so you won't "squeeze" everything that an NVME can offer.
  2. seagate_surfer

    Second storage invisible

    I have seen problems similar to yours caused by the firmware, check if you have firmware updates available for both your SSD and your HDD.
  3. seagate_surfer

    Moving from ssd to m.2

    Do you know the concept "Hot-swapping". It is basically adding/removing components without stopping or shutting down the system. As long as it is not the OS drive you are replacing, you should be fine since SATA and PCIe are "hot-swappable", so you can try to install the M.2 while the system is on and check to see if that makes any difference.
  4. seagate_surfer

    SSD Performance Below Average?

    You are welcome! And feel free to post more if you still need more help!
  5. seagate_surfer

    SSD Performance Below Average?

    I checked your facebook LOL, nice picture of 360 views of the dessert! The transfer rates still seem acceptable, when the SSDs are completely full, the rates tend to decrease a bit. As mentioned above, simply clean the computer and also update the SATA controller drivers.
  6. seagate_surfer

    Disk read error on new ssd

    Some units experience this problem due to a low power consumption feature in the SSDs, and they do not start after a reboot completes. Update the firmware of this SSD and check again if the problem was resolved.
  7. I have been posting in several different forums and people say good stuff about the Kingston A400, but the drive is entry level, it doesn't have its own DRAM and that is not good for garbage collection. So it is a good drive bottom line but don't try to use it for heavy workloads...
  8. seagate_surfer

    Corrupt HDD - Win 10 won't boot

    Also try with only one connected unit at a time, that helps a lot believe me!
  9. seagate_surfer

    Erase help

    Ok no worries, as long as everything is working is ok!
  10. seagate_surfer

    1TB Sata $150, Buy or Wait NAND Price Drop

    Okay, I got it! If you are going to use it as an external hard drive, then yes, it is better to be SATA. The reason behind this is that if you are going to transfer data via USB, the data can not exceed the speeds that USB can offer, because when there are interconnected devices, the speed or transfer capacity will be determined by the slowest device on the network, in this case the USB, you can check the following link for more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_ATA#Comparison_with_other_buses And like you said, you can get it later the NVMe but remember to use it as an internal drive because if you use it as a USB drive you won't extract all capabilities it can offer. Except for the SSDs that are built with x2 lanes under the standards of PCIe generation 3, one SSD of x2 lanes PCIe NVMe Gen 3 can reach theoretically 1.97 GB/s and the USB 3.1 standard or also called USB 3 generation 2 (Usually connected via USB type C) can reach theoretically 1.21 GB/s, in those cases you won't lose that much via USB but if the M.2 is x4 lanes instead of x2 lanes then it makes no sense connect it via USB, in that case, you will require Thunderbolt 3.
  11. seagate_surfer

    I just fixed a hard drive...

    Yes! That's why I say you're lucky to have met with that luck. And what about the S.M.A.R.T. details? Have you checked them?
  12. seagate_surfer

    Erase help

    Good advice thanks! It helps a lot to have only connected the drive where the OS will be installed, trust me!
  13. seagate_surfer

    Help with new ssd

    Yup! You should be able to access BIOS even when there are no boot drives connected. Try repeatedly the Function keys such as F1, F2, F3 or the Esc key or the Delete key, I remember I saw one about 10 years ago where the BIOS was accessed with the Enter key...
  14. seagate_surfer

    1TB Sata $150, Buy or Wait NAND Price Drop

    I am going to give you one piece of advice. The best time to buy one SSD is when you need one SSD! That way you will only get stuff that you need, so do you really need to have 1TB SATA SSD and 1TB NVME SSD? If so, go ahead and purchase them at the best sale/offer that you can find (Offers are usually available several times during the year). I personally believe that the SSDs will continue to drop in prices throughout 2019 and 2020 and some experts even believe that prices will go as low as the HDDs, when that happen the decision will be very easy!
  15. seagate_surfer

    What do you make of this SSD?

    Never heard of that brand before, I have seen people posting good stuff about Asian brands thou! Use it just for the OS and not so important things that can be recovered easily...