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  1. I saw a random Seagate USB 3.0 Flash Drive at bestbuy

    How good they are compared to similar drives out there, didn't know Seagate makes Flash Drive lol


    1. seagate_surfer


      As far as comparing them to other drives, we don't like to bash other brands or get into stuff like that, the best advice we can offer is to research reviews online and compare the characteristics that matter to you in the product type you're looking for and go with whichever feels like the best fit. Thank you for considering Seagate!

      There's definitely some interesting things in the works for us trying to expand our portfolio in the flash space. We have a line of hybrid drives called FireCuda which use SSD as a cache and then have a larger spinning storage capacity as well. We recently announced a 64TB enterprise-level NVMe SSD, here's a press release on that, and we are building on our brand of SSDs known as Nytro as well. 

      We recently were part of a big deal to acquire a supply of NAND flash, here's a story on it, we are excited to see where this takes us in the future.

  2. I've never seen an Industry Affiliate before...

  3. Does the cloning feature on DiskWizard work only to/from Seagate drives or is it generic?

    1. seagate_surfer


      DiscWizard is a Seagate-specific limited version of Acronis' software, and so it only supports Seagate/Maxtor brand drives. However, you can pay to get the full version of Acronis' software which is not specific to Seagate and has more features, if you like.

      Here is the DiscWizard manual.

  4. Newbie hi

    Welcome to the community! You'll find there's a lot of knowledgable, capable people here to help you with any number of things. If you have any questions/concerns or need assistance with anything related to Seagate drives, HDD storage, etc, we are here as well.
  5. Help me build a budget NAS

    Have you considered a NAS unit such as Synology, QNAP, or ASUSTOR (ASUS' NAS storage division)? If you go RAID 6, the benefit there is you can withstand 2 disks failing. Without disks, you should be able to pull a solid unit like the Synology DS416, ASUSTOR AS1004T, or QNAP TS-451. These units are known for being very convenient for nice interfaces, ease of use, and have some really cool features. They can be quite "Set it and forget it". Certain Synology and ASUSTOR units also come compatible with IronWolf Health Management (IHM) when paired with compatible IronWolf drives to go beyond traditional drive health monitoring and better protect the system. The link for IHM contains lists of compatible NAS enclosures.
  6. Failed external drive

    The first troubleshooting steps here would be to try the drive with a different USB cable, try the drive in a different port, and try the drive in a different computer and see if the issue persists. After that, there are DIY recovery softwares out there, Seagate Recovery Software for one. There are many 3rd party apps out there as well, you'd just have to research online and see what others recommend.
  7. What're you asking for for Christmas/holidays

    Gift cards to a certain massive rainforest named online store to do some Raspberry Pi projects/RetroPie stuff Because reasons...
  8. A backup of four hard disks

    Have you considered an enclosure from Synology, QNAP, or ASUSTOR (ASUS' NAS storage division)? Something like a DS416play (Synology) or AS1004T (ASUSTOR)? These devices are known for being convenient, easy to setup, and low hassle to maintain. Certain Synology and ASUSTOR units like the ones mentioned pair with your IronWolf drives for a feature called IronWolf Health Management (IHM) which goes beyond traditional S.M.A.R.T monitoring to proactively monitor and protect the health of your drives. The linked IHM page has lists of which models feature IHM.
  9. At the risk of sounding cheesy due to obvious personal interest: We love storing data. It would be really cool to do a channel based on what people do with data, what their dream storage setup would be, what they'd do with that if they had the chance. Just interview them or have them show/detail what they do/have done/would do. Would they travel the world and store just massive video data of their travels? Culture, food, language, architecture, anthropology, history, etc? Large digital creation projects of various flavors? (Nobody say "Linux ISOs"...) We feel that data is human. It is our lives, our passions, the things we care about, dream about, and achieve. Discussions about these kinds of things excite us, and putting a face and a personification to these discussions could be immensely fun.
  10. Best method for encrypting a backup drive?

    If you back up to a Seagate external drive, there is a feature on our free tool Seagate Dashboard called Memeo Instant Backup which will allow you to click "Encrypt my backup" which will then store an encrypted backup on the external. Here is our Knowledge Base article on the subject.
  11. What mistakes did you make when building your first PC?

    Installed standoffs on a case (In-Win 703 black/red) that had a sort of raised portion of the plate where the mobo goes, so the standoffs were unnecessary.
  12. Erase user account data every logout on Windows 10

    Not a direct answer to your question, but just some thoughts that may be useful here. It's actually considered one of the first steps in hardening a computer system's security to disable guest accounts, as these can often become backdoors that allow hackers to worm their way into your system, so if at all possible, create an actual user account with a password even if it's intended to be used for guests, and then just give them the password as needed.
  13. Seagate releases 12TB HDD lineup

    Just wanted to add some clarification here since it seems the addition of our 12TB capacities is causing a little confusion as far as things like lineups go. The TLDR version is we added 3 new drives to existing consumer-grade lineups which come in 12TB capacities: This one is being added to our BarraCuda Pro line: Updated data sheet here The other two are NAS drives: We also added a 12TB IronWolf: Updated data sheet here and 12TB IronWolf Pro: Updated data sheet here If you'd like to check it out, here's our press release.
  14. Seagate 2.5 inch FireCuda 2TB (ST2000LX001) rotational speed.

    If you had space for it, the 3.5" with the faster RPM would be the way to go. If you've only got room for a 2.5", then it's going to be a pretty solid option which should help with things like boot times and loading new areas of map, depending what ends up on the SSD cache portion of the drive.
  15. Seagate 2.5 inch FireCuda 2TB (ST2000LX001) rotational speed.

    Hey, we are a bit late to the party here. Just wanted to confirm what was stated, the 2.5" ST2000LX001 model of FireCuda is 5400 RPM. There is a 3.5" version of the FireCuda which is 7200 RPM, the 2TB model for that would be ST2000DX002.