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  1. seagate_surfer

    Will A SSD Work?

    Yup! The specifications of this machine say it is SATA, so any SATA-SSD should make it for you: https://support.hp.com/ph-en/document/c03808397
  2. seagate_surfer

    HDD suddenly failed to initialize - Can't access it

    Yeah, I wouldn't open it either. Check to see if you are eligible for RMA through this link: Warranty & Replacements | Seagate US If data needs to be recovered you can check this other link for our recovery services: Seagate Recovery Services | Seagate US
  3. seagate_surfer

    HDD suddenly failed to initialize - Can't access it

    Check this website, it has an extensive list of failing hard drive sounds, if yours sound like any of these you need a replacement on that unit: Failing hard drive sounds - Datacent.com - Datacent
  4. There used to be a lack of NAND chips to produce SSDs, that situation created now overproduction, and thus it is expected to see within the following months the prices of the SSDs drop and some experts believe in a year or a couple of years they will match the same prices than the HDDs.
  5. seagate_surfer

    Reliable 6TB drive

    Well, movies don't really take advantage of faster transfer rates, I mean, the movie doesn't know if it is installed in one HDD or SSD or SSHD or in a DVD, it just plays the same way and resolution keeps the same, characters don't move any better and so on, you name it. Same thing when video gaming, what will happen is that the movie player or video game will load faster but that's pretty much it...
  6. seagate_surfer


    You could use software solutions to schedule a back up every now and then to the slower device, tools like macrium can help: https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree
  7. seagate_surfer

    Kingston A400 from Aliexpress?

    I have talked to many people from different regions of the world, the drive is cheap and it seems to be good overall, but much slower than other drives, most likely because it is built without its own cache/dram.
  8. seagate_surfer

    Looking to buy an ssd...

    A good advice overall is to get a drive from a company that can offer you, good warranty period, a well-known name/experience, competitive prices. If you really need it just get the best offer that you can find.
  9. seagate_surfer

    Can't see hard drive in BIOS after formating it

    What the other user is suggesting is to download Windows as an .ISO file and then burn that image to make it bootable, you can use tools like Rufus to do this: https://rufus.ie/en_IE.html That is pretty much doing what you are already doing with the link I sent you, you can try once again to recreate the bootable media device, and then if it doesn't work I would test the drive integrity with tools made by the manufacturer to check the lifespan of the hard drive.
  10. seagate_surfer

    Can't see hard drive in BIOS after formating it

    Yes it could be so, if everything else has been corrected it could be the installation media, access to this link, click on download and follow the on-screen instructions to save again the copy of Windows in your USB drive, this will recreate the installation media for you: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10#d2784474-fdb0-4e9d-9e47-5e88c0e053ec
  11. seagate_surfer

    Windows 10 Won't Boot from SSD with Installation CD

    There is sometimes an issue with the partition table. When BIOS was created there was only MBR because, well it sounds a little obvious, but there was nothing else, then with the creation of the UEFI there was the need to create a new partition table that adapts better to the interface and why not, fix problems from the previous generation partition table the MBR. As you know when BIOS and MBR were created there was nothing else, that creates sometimes problems when people use BIOS along with GPT, sometimes the BIOS has a lot of difficulties finding a drive that was formatted in GPT, let's remember that the GPT suits you better when you are using UEFI mode, but when you are using the Legacy BIOS mode refrain yourself from formatting in GPT and use MBR. UEFI GPT Legacy BIOS MBR
  12. seagate_surfer

    Should i install games on my ssd?

    Yes it can, assigning one partition the HDD can help you improve seek times yes, also doing "DEFRAG" on the HDD can help.
  13. seagate_surfer

    Can't see hard drive in BIOS after formating it

    Well, that's good for the drive and bad for the computer, this could mean that the slot is not operating... By any chance can you test a different drive on the slot where this drive is not being detected? Or try a different slot and see if there is a difference.
  14. seagate_surfer

    Can't see hard drive in BIOS after formating it

    Yup! Choose one only, but the problem here is that the BIOS is what determines if there is something connected, pretty much if the drive is nowhere in BIOS then the drive is dead, try to isolate the problem by testing another drive or by using a different slot and if the issue follows the storage device then that's the answer you are looking for.
  15. seagate_surfer

    Windows 10 Won't Boot from SSD with Installation CD

    Hello bassemch, Try to set the BIOS to Legacy mode instead, and if it was already then set the UEFI mode on. And just make sure that the priority in the boot sequence was set to boot first from the drive where the OS is installed instead of booting from CD/DVD.