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  1. *insert im gay meme here*
  2. oh okay
  3. Wait, does kaby lake mobo need a bios update to support skylake?
  4. What makes you want 2000MB/s bandwith?
  5. Have you downloaded the OS? Is the HDD working?
  6. i want wed ram
  7. i joined and edited the pic
  8. Oh okay.
  9. Recently ive seen here many people changing their avatars like a simply drawn guy but with different colors. Whats it about?
  10. I dont know if i posted this in the right place or not, but how do i get a title like some have "Floatplane pilot" and some have their own, like @DocSwag.
  11. same
  12. ddr3 is kinda outdated, move to ddr4 but you would have to change the cpu and mobo
  13. Im gonna reset it now, gonna backup my contacts.
  14. Discord, Clash royale, Twitter and whatsapp.
  15. I dont think this is normal, but my phone is draining its battery very fast even after restart and no applications on excluding youtube. Please reply if you have the same problem too. No, this has'nt been occurring before.