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  1. they removed tix, added anthromorphic animations, disallows ODing but doesnt enforce that rule, made a forum "upgrade" ffs im quitting it minecraft is better
  2. sometimes i just drink water with ice just so the ice gets smaller and then i can eat them

  3. who the fu** stole my pillow now i cant sleep because of them

  4. How do I switch hands?

    I wonder how my friend does it. (he's left-handed)
  5. How do I switch hands?

    Edit the keyboard for you to control it easily.
  6. What was the first PC game you played?

    Cant remember, RIP
  7. BTW, Budget isnt a problem but dont go over like 800$ or more.
  8. Hi. I need some laptop suggestions that arent too expensive and are good for some general home usage and word. Please dont say like "oh nitrous you already have a pc you can use that its completely useless to get a different computer for it" im not going to use it myself. My grandfather needs it because its current is like 10 yrs old. I've already backed up the most important files. He also prefers Windows 10.
  9. Windows Update Fail 😔

    Windows auto-installs outdated drivers.
  10. Its a good game. I got it today and played for 3 hrs and im already good. 5 million copies will be given out. It will be permanent. If you want to add me on steam, my steam name is "sad lumpy metal". http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/PAYDAY 2/