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  1. because i googled it at first
  2. i think its some windows defender thing
  3. Im not using windows 10 just to have smartscreen, i use it because im used to it
  4. I was not downloading a sketchy program, and there is no "run anyways" button and i dont need the smartscreen because i have DeepGuard which is basically like smartscreen but better
  5. Its really annoying and i cant seem to find a way to turn it off
  6. they removed tix, added anthromorphic animations, disallows ODing but doesnt enforce that rule, made a forum "upgrade" ffs im quitting it minecraft is better
  7. sometimes i just drink water with ice just so the ice gets smaller and then i can eat them

  8. who the fu** stole my pillow now i cant sleep because of them

  9. How do I switch hands?

    I wonder how my friend does it. (he's left-handed)
  10. How do I switch hands?

    Edit the keyboard for you to control it easily.
  11. What was the first PC game you played?

    Cant remember, RIP