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    i7 8700k @4.5ghz
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    Ga Z370 Aorus Gaming 7
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    G.Skill Ripshaws DDR4
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    ASUS ROG 2080
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    EVGA Modular 850 Watt
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    Acer Predator XB271HU
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    Corsair K75 RapidFire RGB
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    Windows 10

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  1. I have, for awhile now, been trying to figure out how to generate an rss feed? I am my own host and have good knowledge on backend and frontend JavaScript. Everytime I try to research it, it's always a bunch of online tools that do it for you and what not. I want the ability to just store my media behind an http server; then generate an rss feed from it. Can you point me in the first direction? On the back end I develope with Nodejs and Express framework. And have some flask knowledge with Python.
  2. I have a networking question. I already have a pretty big 1Gb network, I have a Sonicwall NSA 2600 firewall that also handles DHCP, and then a Cisco Catalyst 3750G and then three other smaller cisco switches connected over SFP to the Catalyst switch. We have multiple buildings and a large campus. I am working on a new NAS right now with 10Gbe. I would like a couple people in a certain building to have 10Gbe network to the NAS but also WAN access and access to all the other ips on the network (Vlan 1). My question is if I setup a small 10 port 10Gbe switch in the same physical location as the NAS and setup the nas on that switch; and then setup the 5ish clients on the 10Gbe switch. But also connect the 10Gbe switch with the main 1Gb lan on the same VLAN. 1. Will all the clients in the 10Gbe switch have 10gb speed to the NAS and also access to the rest of the network? 2. The firewall handles DHCP and Vlans but would be in a different building then the 10Gbe switch; so the 10Gbe switch would be connected to WAN and DHCP and VLAN assignment over 1Gbe; would that affect clients and/or stop 10Gbe access to the NAS. I just need the few clients to have 10Gbe to the NAS and WAN access out the firewall on the rest of VLAN 1.
  3. Oh okay, thank you. ESXi is pretty nice; I have over two years of uptime on my server.
  4. So currently I have two servers that I installed/built. One is a synology rackstation with a Raid 5 setup. I have over 45 users that access and use the NAS every single day; mostly it is our creative team working on graphics and what not, no one is video editing on the NAS. I also have a custom built ESXi server (not on raid, or backup; I just have saved OVF snapshots of the VMs in the NAS) that hosts a couple VMs for me: a windows domain controller, NGINX web server, RTMP server, and some other smaller Ubuntu servers. My goal this next year is to get the NAS and the VMs in a good backed up state with redundancy and behind some good battery UPCs. I really like how easy the synology operating system is, but I am considering going over to FreeNas. My reasons: With synology or prebuilt systems they can get very very expensive quickly for higher CPU models. I am looking to do a thread-ripper 2950x build; which gives me 32 threads at WAY less $$ then these older xeons and faster clock speeds Where I need advice: The reasons I am considering going to a custom FreeNas build is because I could move away from two servers and just have the one. I would move the VMs over to the FreeNas out of the ESXi machine and run them there. Well thats my idea in theory, but I am not sure if that is best practice. Also for example, say I have a ZFS Raidz 4x16TB setup. And I put the users shares and the vms on the same ZFS pool, would performance be hindered for the users and/or the vms? Would it be better to have two seperate ZFS pools, one for the shares and one for the VMS? And to clarify this with behind 1Gbe; we have a very large physical network, so 10Gbe everywhere is out of the picture; 10Gbe maybe locally to the Nas for select users may be a consideration in the future but really isn't needed.
  5. I am looking to upgrade our NAS, I have a synology rackstation currently. But I would like to eventually get 10Gb Ethernet working for editing 4k footage in real time. I heard only certain raid types support ssd caching and what raid types can get us up to the 10Gb speeds needed. Thanks We currently run in Raid 5, but I heard through a tech friend that Raid 5 doesn't support ssd caching.
  6. I have an ESXi server that I want to redo with better protection. I am not really using a lot of space, and I don't have a nas on it. I just use a couple Nginx servers and a domain controller. My goal is to host my own express servers with redundant protection. Currently I run my express servers with Heroku, because I want 99%+ uptime and I don't feel comfortable enough yet with my current server as it doesn't have redundancy. Also side note: maybe someone will know; but with ESXi, if you use two machine running the same config, can't you use them in a redundant way? Like if vm1 goes down on server1, the vm1 clone will take over on server2? Thanks
  7. oh okay, if after everything it's still happening I will change power sockets. I also have a power conditioner laying around so I will use that as well. Thanks
  8. I thought that too, but I don't think that would cause that weird half-shutoff. If it was bad power from the wall, wouldn't the PSU just fail and the whole system shutoff?
  9. I took it off the anti-static bag and will give it a shot thanks!
  10. Yeah it's happened on a 500gb ssd and a different 1tb ssd; and I just did a clean install of Windows on the AMD system 4 days ago.
  11. Side note: I only use one system at a time. So I have two different motherboards, one is a gigabyte Z170 intel board, one is a asus X570 amd board. And I am having a really weird shutdown issue, that has occurred on both systems. I will loose signal but the computer stays on (most of the time), I can still hear any audio I was listening to; but the system wont register any keyboard or mouse events, so I cant use the keyboard to change the volume. After a couple minutes the audio will stop but the computer is still 'on'. I have changed PSU's between the two systems. I have tried different GPUs. I have moved ram around. The only variable that is present when the different systems 'half-crash' is a 16gb ram stick I just purchased; but I memtested the ram and no errors came up. I want to pull my hair out lol. It happens at random times.. yesterday I used the system for 8 hours and didn't have any issues, today it crashed twice. The first crash the monitor turned purple and it restarted. Second crash was the 'half-crash'. I pulled the 16gb ram chip and put in a good 8gb chip and am testing that currently. Another thought I had, if its not the ram, was maybe static electricity..?? I don't have the computer in a case, the mobo is sitting on its anti-static bag on top of its box on my desk. The static electricity has been bad lately. I know that it's hard to determine exactly what is happening; and I have built many computers in my life but never had this issue. Logic points to it being the ram chip but no errors on memtest threw me off. Does anyone know a tool I can use to monitor crash logs or something, to better pin point what it may be? Or any advice? Thanks! :D
  12. I am wondering if there is any company that makes an online service that you can embed into your site, that would allow people to sign up. And then we would be able to email or SMS them info whenever? If not I will probably just hand code it with nodejs; but was just wondering if there is an all in one solution for this already made?? Thanks