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  1. Just wanted to post an update; I got the HDMI over IP devices and configured them on a private vlan. Then configured the trunk port going to the other switch to include that vlan. Then on the other switch on the port going to the receiver device I configured it to just use that vlan. It works great! Thank you both!
  2. Thank you! Yeah definitely, I know there are just straight HDMI over cable (cat5/6) and those don't have IPs. I would definitely need then to have an IP so they can use the vlan
  3. So I have an interesting issue right now and I am in need of help. So we have a pretty big and long building and our main switch is upstairs on the furthest east of the building. Our offices were built at a later time on the bottom floor on the complete opposite side of the building and the previous IT admin at the time installed a Cisco 300G 24 port switch in the office and just ran a long Ethernet cable from the main switch to that switch. Then the office Ethernet runs were routed to the little switch in the office; so their daisy chain switches. The issue is we just installed a DVR for our security system and I want to send the camera signal to monitors throughout the building. The DVR has windows/mac software but that requires buying computers and whatnot; but the DVR has a clean hdmi signal out and I want to send that hdmi signal. The DVR is installed upstairs in the main rack under the main switch. So for setup; the main switch is a Catalyst 3750G and I have 4 VLANS running on it; and a Sonicwall NSA 2600 firewall doing DHCP over the VLANS. Port 50 on the switch is configured as a TRUNK port and has the Ethernet cable running to the switch in the office. (This will be SFP LX single mode fiber in the future) So my question is can I use an HDMI over IP sender to send the HDMI signal, say into port 10 on the 3750g, down the main switch through port 50 down to the small switch. Then on the small switch run an Ethernet cable to a HDMI over IP receiver and pick up that signal without screwing up all the over traffic on the network. Is this even possible and does it have to be over another VLAN? If it's possible I would probably do it on its own VLAN anyway. My concern is I have seen hdmi over IP senders that go to network switches; but those switches are usually dedicated to just video and don't have the main network or vlan1 running through them. I don't want to set this up and then now all the Ethernet ports in the building can't communicate with VLAN 1.
  4. I shipped the card out; thanks for all the interest. Hope you enjoy it
  5. Oh rip.. sorry. I was going to give it away for just shipping.
  6. It's a reference design R9 290; I took it apart and cleaned it the best I could and rethermal pasted it but the fan has a hard time cooling it down. With the built in fan profile it overheats and shuts down. If you crank the fans to 100% it stays cool enough to work without shutting down but sounds like a jet engine. Maybe a new cooler setup on it would resolve the issues, but it was a buddy of mines card for a couple years. It could have chip damage??? I ran FurMark on it at 100% fan speeds and it handled it. * Some surface scratches on the chassis; where the stickers used to be.
  7. Phoinix

    Can't get switch to switch over SFP working

    The fiber is single mode; LX SFP modules and OS2 LC cables arrived today and we got bandwidth now . Thanks everyone.
  8. Phoinix

    Can't get switch to switch over SFP working

    I checked out the fiber cable that was installed and this is most likely what it is: https://www.anixter.com/en_us/products/012E8F-31131-29/CORNING/Indoor-Outdoor-Fiber-Optic-Cable/p/373-COR8.3-TBRD-12 So it's OS2 single mode
  9. Phoinix

    Can't get switch to switch over SFP working

    I changed out the SFP with new ones on both sides, still having the issue. I have LX singelmode ones coming Monday, so I will give those a try
  10. Phoinix

    Can't get switch to switch over SFP working

    Then I am wondering if it's a distance issue. I was using multi-mode SX SFP modules for the switches with OM4 multi-mode cables. I just ordered some single mode LX SFP modules and some OS2 single mode cables. There rated for 10Km so I hope that works. I just don't have the documentation on what type of fiber was installed; all I know is it's 12 strand. Thanks btw
  11. So here is my setup: A Cisco Catalyst 3750G to a Cisco SG350-52P I have 1.25Gb SFP LC modules plugged into both. In between them is a pretty long 12 strand fiber run; maybe 300 meters. Then I have OM4 LC cables from the fiber cabinet on each side going into the SFP ports on the switches... It just isn't working... But the crazy thing is it was working for about a day then I lost the signal and can't get it back up. When it was working I was getting full gigabit lan. I tried new SFP LC modules for the switches but still no luck. My next step would be new LC cables. I checked the end of the LC cables with my phone camera and there is the laser coming through I can see it. Maybe someone has some advice? Or I am missing something? Side note: I didn't do the fiber line install, but the way it was ran is the "laser" was coming from the main switch down the same side as the laser coming out of the second switch. And I am pretty sure that's wrong, so I swapped the fiber lines around, so the laser comes down one side and the second switch shoots it's laser from the other side. Hopefully that's correct, sorry nooby here. It's works when I plug it directly into the main switch straight from one LC cable up close, over about 3 meters. So maybe it's a distance issue?
  12. Phoinix

    Issues while trying to run Android x86

    That's probably just the terminal; maybe the UI isn't loading or your iso doesn't use an UI.
  13. Phoinix

    Hackintosh / Windows dual boot GPU issue

    Boot with nv_disable=1 and also use -v for verbose; this will let you view maybe an error code.
  14. Phoinix

    MULTI GPU PETITION please join! :-)

    The future of multi gpu support is in the engine API not the driver. Direct X 12 doesn't even support SLI or Crossfire; multi-gpu configurations are naturally supported in direct x 12; you can even mix and match cards. But it's up to developers to use these features or not.