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  1. okay thanks, helped me understand what he ment alot better
  2. okay, i was just having a hard time following some of the stuff he wrote, still feels like he used "big words" just to sounds better but idk. might just be me not understanding it dues to some language barrier or something lol
  3. might as well just link the whole post tbh
  4. this is all the context really unless you want the whole thread
  5. i have a problem understand what this guy is talking about, just feel like hes using big words. also isnt the speed of the new ps5 ssd 5.5GB/s and 8-9GB/s just theoretical? tried googling both ubiquitous and ubiquity and still dont understand what he means in these context
  6. cause its easier for people outside of norway to understand the price, and if you see the price for the ryzen 9 3900x you linked in that pc partpicker is 578$ that a 100$ more then the one i can currently buy.... which translate to 1000nok ish so yes 475$(4850nok ish) is a good deal for an 3900x for me
  7. its a good deal for me here in norway, could go for a cheaper mobo, but then i'd need to sacrifice some features i want
  8. i currently have an CPU: i7 7700k GPU: 1080ti RAM: 16gb 3200mhz i can get an ryzen 9 3900x for 475 usd +an 570mobo for 270usd. would that be worth the upgrade now? or should i wait until i buy a new gpu too?
  9. this is what i used last time i streamed. been trying a loads of differrent settings so never been on just one typ. same issue on streamlabs obs
  10. stream is butter smooth and runs at 1080p 60fps. so when i play without streaming my fps will be around 90-110 in MW but when im streaming it will be around 90-100 with a lower average. but for some reason that change makes it so it feels like im playing on my monitor locked at 60hz and not 144hz
  11. tried using both and games still feel choppy no matter which one im using
  12. yeah its on the same m.2. its and 1tb samsung m.2 games like diablo 3, WoW, CoD:MW, PUBG, and any other games i play
  13. i do yeah, i have the OBS on my second monitor that is only 60HZ but same resolution 1440p. i always have my games in fullscreen unless the games start acting weird whenever i alt tab.
  14. hey, so i wanna stream everynow and then for my friends just for fun, but whenever i do i feel like my games get really choppy and laggy the second i turn my stream on, and its fine when i turn it off. my frames do drop abit but not that much to feel like its a constant choppyness to it and my fps sits around 90-200 depending on the game and whats going on in that game. i have tried software encoding from ultrafast to fast and slow. same with hardware encoding with ma quality and max performance. with 6000 to 8000 bitrate on. my internet is 300/300 i have an i7 7700k at 4.49/GTX 1080TI/16gb ram at 3200 and all the games i play are on an m.2 ssd
  15. Joakim97

    HD600 or HD650

    I currently own HD 598, had them for years and love them, but they are starting to fall apart so I need something new. I can currently buy HD600 and HD650 with only a 9$ difference. which one of these two would be the best upgrade or most similar to the 598? should probably also say that I play a lot of games and listen to pretty much anything on Spotify from stoner and heavy metal to rap, to pop and house and anything else currently good and on top hits really
  16. so I have updated every audio driver and windows, tried several different setting and nothing have worked. the delay just get worse and worse the longer the video is, would maybe a bios update fix this? I'm not using a wireless headphones/headset. but I am using a sound card but have their newest driver installed, and the problem is there as i change to my onboard sound card
  17. For those who might come back later and check, the problem was that one of my hdd's was conflicting witht he install. When i removed both the install went as smooth as it could go. And everything is now fixed and my pc is running smoothly. Thanks alot for the help:D
  18. Just tried my other usb and same problem error: 0x8007025D, then a bsod with the error code: kernel security check failed
  19. Tried my ssd, 1tb hdd and 3tb hdd, same.problem on rhem all, trying the other usb now. Also its not a laptop but a desktop that i built yesterday, installed windows then and worked fine, but something was corrupt or somthing. Then tried to do a new clean install and then this started happening
  20. So is there anything i can do at all? Is there faulty hardware?
  21. Also after the bsod i get alot of partisions of disk 0 (its in norwegian but pretty much the same)
  22. How would i do get it to my usb in another file format?
  23. I use the media creation tool from microsoft, and select usb flash instead og iso cd
  24. So now when i had the usb plugged into my motherbord it came to 50ish% on the second stage then a bsod.
  25. I do have one from my old build, but no cd's to burn on:/