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  1. thanks for leading me in the right direction.
  2. no particular budget but i also dont want to overpay for performance i wont need.
  3. Hello, I want to upgrade my gtx 970. My goal is to be able to play new games (Metro exodus, bl3) on high settings with at least 60-90 fps on FULL HD. My CPU is i7 7700k. Any advice on what Card will fit my needs? Thank you
  4. So i am looking to buy new DDR4 ram and i noticed that there are ram modules with a lot of different mhz speed available. the price increases with the frequency ( which makes sense) but will a higher freqency ram give me a boost in gameing performance or am i good to go with the cheaper ones?
  5. So i need a maiboard for the 7700k i am getting. What are the important features i need to look out for if i want to smoothly overclock it. Suggestions are appreciated.