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  1. What's even more ironic about this, is that once you buy a license (which isn't even that expensive), it's yours for life. You never have to buy an upgrade, just download the current version and install it. I bought mine years ago and I'm running the current version without issue.
  2. Fine, then a car that can only drive a maximum of 1/4 mph. That a better analogy for you?
  3. How is what I said "the reverse of the standard"? If something functions (operates), then it's functional. If something can be used for its intended purpose, then it's useable. How is what I wrote incorrect?
  4. Well, they're not technically wrong. If I have a car with an engine, but no wheels, it's still functional, even if it's not useable. What makes shake my head are those who claim you need 50/100/200 Mbit (or even higher) to have "useable" internet. Until this January, I was quite happily running 12Mb/768Kb DSL at home, including some online gaming. It was more than enough for me. The only reason I switched was because they were overcharging me, and then had the gall to blatantly lie to me when I had to call their support line. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have a faster option now, but I actually remember using 56Kb dial up. It was horribly slow, even in the 90's. 12Mb DSL was like going to plaid.
  5. Technically, we don't know that yet. It may well be, but nothing has been announced as definitive at this time.
  6. Data theft is a thing, and a valuable thing for some people.
  7. I just had a couple come into our store Saturday, and bought two ~$2,000 computers (one slightly higher, one just under) solely to play WoW. It's wasteful in my opinion, but it's their money. At least they know they won't need to upgrade again (barring hardware failures) for many years to come.
  8. Peer-to-peer multiplayer (like with the Divinity: Original Sin series) is fine, even though I don't have any interest in that, either. I do agree that most multiplayer games/components are pretty worthless. The few I have played that weren't MMO's, I merely played casually and didn't even try to compete. They simply lack any appeal for me. As for the MMO's I played, I pretty much treated them like a single player game anyway. I almost never grouped with others, and when I did it was only briefly. I get that for some people it's pretty much their only social interactions with others, but that's just not healthy. However, that's straying into a whole other can of worms.
  9. Just to be accurate, they never actually said microtransactions. They said they were considering monetization (specifically in regards to multiplayer), but that's not necessarily the same thing. If you had bothered to read the thread before jumping in, you would have discovered that the multiplayer is going to be a separate component, shipped separately from the base single player game. And just to be clear yet again, I'm not defending anything (because right now, there's nothing confirmed to defend anyway), I'm just clarifying the facts.
  10. I have literally zero interest. I can almost count on one hand the number of multiplayer games I've played in all my years, including MMO's. Personally, I'd have gone with "Daikatana". I doubt any game could ever match the undeserved hype that it generated, not even Fallout 76. Same here, single player only for me. If it can't be played single player, without having to log into their servers, then they don't get my money.
  11. Seriously? I thought Intel stopped doing this crap after the lawsuit against them. Interesting that someone found a workaround, but the title would be more accurate to say that it was one specific program (MatLab). Does anyone know if this has been tested on other ICC compiled software?
  12. And me still with over a year left on my subscription. Drat. No use worrying about it just now, I suppose. I'll have to wait and see what happens when the buyout gets closer.
  13. Don't worry. If you die, I'll tell the overseer you were a total hero. ......I've been playing too much Fallout Shelter.
  14. So, I know this thread is a month old now, but I have an update that's worth reviving it. We already addressed that disconnecting from the internet would allow a person to continue on with a local account, and while that's a viable alternative, my co-worker discovered yet another way. If you attempt to login with the credentials "fake@notreal.com", then type in any random password, it will complain that you've logged in too many times with the wrong password and immediately kick you over to the local login option. No need to unplug cables or skip the WiFi setup. This should work with any locked account, but that one is unlikely to ever actually be unlocked and is the simplest to remember.
  15. I'm partial to my H&K P2000 (similar to the USP Compact, even uses the same mags). That reminds me, I need to practice some more with my Ruger SR9......
  16. It'll probably be a month or so (maybe two months), but I'm looking at an air rifle for my next purchase. I'd like to get a pump action one (as they're more handy to reuse without access to refills), but those either only take BB's or they're single shot loaders. And all the air ones that require refilling seemingly only take BB's. I finally decided on a bolt action CO2 model that allows for multiple .22 pellets to be loaded. I might change my mind as the time to order it draws near, but this is what I'm looking at currently. https://www.airgundepot.com/hammerli-850-airmagnum-wondermax-scope-target-combo.html
  17. Actually, the inverse is true. When compared to the 90's (and even early-mid 2000's), you can hold onto processors for far longer periods of time. As you already pointed out, it's still viable - albeit at reduced performance - to use 10+ year old processors today, and that's even true in gaming systems. Back in the 90's (especially the mid-late 90's), if you were running a 5 year old processor, it was woefully outdated and couldn't hope to keep up. That's no longer the case. All you're seeing right now is a slight resurgence in the CPU "arms race". Ironically, I don't believe core count would be as significant if it weren't for the technology sharing agreement between AMD and Intel. Otherwise - ignoring for the moment that we likely wouldn't have an AMD vs Intel landscape without it - I envision the competition between them being more about differing features than about speed and cores.
  18. Only 16GB of storage? My S7 Active has 32GB, and I keep running out of space on it (despite transferring a bunch of apps/files onto my MicroSD card). No way would 16GB be enough for me.
  19. Wasn't that actually ATI, not AMD? I seem to recall those e-mails were from before the AMD acquisition.
  20. There's a reason I still haven't played D3. Figures. Guess I'll stick with 1 & 2 if I want my Diablo fix. The issue is, these games are worthless without the servers to log in to. Blizzard won't exist forever (especially if they keep going like they have been), and even if they don't shut down, there's no guarantee they'll keep the servers on if the game isn't profitable anymore. On top of that, I don't like the thought of potentially getting server disconnects while I'm playing solo. Just like Fallout 76 and Diablo 3, this is a hard pass for me.
  21. The timing for Ryzen really was a perfect storm for AMD. Between Intel dragging their feet, the manufacturing stalling out on the 10nm and Ryzen being competitive, it was a perfect time to launch. Time will tell if AMD takes full advantage of this opportunity, or if they rest on their laurels and allow Intel to dust them again. Somehow I suspect it'll be more the former than the latter, but we'll have to wait and see. What I find funny are those (who work in the tech field, no less) which say "Intel just works", as if there's something magical about Intel processors that makes them more compatible than AMD. I work for a small SI (we used to just call ourselves an OEM, but whatever), and recently built a new system with an i3. It ended up being cheaper to build with the i3-9100f and install a video card than to build with the i3-9100 and use the iGPU. Not terribly relevant to your comment, just an ironic, slightly related situation it made me think of.