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    Computer tech


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    Ryzen R7 1800x
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    Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K7 (F7a BIOS)
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz (@2933)
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    AMD Radeon XFX R9 390
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    Cooler Master Storm Trooper
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    512GB NVMe SSD, 240GB SSD, 4 x HDD (18TB total)
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    650WT SeaSonic Prime Titanium
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    ViewSonic 27" XG2701
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    Corsair H115i
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    Elecom EX-G trackball
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    10+ year old Logitech Z640 5.1 set
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Even the panda's hurting from that.
  2. I'd have to read up on that some more - and I've never claimed the USA is perfect - but that article is long on assumptions and short on verifiable facts. Right that a number of the very people he claimed were communists, many years later turned out to actually be communists. I'm not saying McCarthy was a good man, or even that his methods were the best, but that doesn't mean he wasn't right. However, this is going far off topic, and is liable to end up getting the thread closed if we continue. You're welcome to PM me if you wish to discuss it further.
  3. There's a reason the Constitution and the BoR were written to explicitly limit the powers of government. We The People just need to hold our representatives accountable when they violate their oath of office. A good, old-fashioned "Tar And Feathering" wouldn't be out of order, in my opinion. Of course, trying that in China would probably find you "jumping" from the top of a Foxconn building, only without the net.
  4. Oh, I never meant to imply that it would be effective, just that Congress could make it a law if they so desired.
  5. The only reason a rating system like the ESRB isn't a law, is because the games industry implemented it willingly before the government could write a law which would have forced them to. The movie ratings system is based on a law, so there's nothing stopping Congress from making one for games. There just isn't any particular reason to do so at this time.
  6. In the US, those ratings are self-imposed by the games industry, not enforced by law. There is no legal requirement on what games can be sold to whom, though many retailers do limit games based on said ratings (however, not all of them do).
  7. Given all the stories in this thread, I have to shake my head at those who wonder why we in America are so opposed to government run health care. As for the topic at hand, I would like to say that I'm surprised they're still using fax machines, but I'm really not. Especially given what I already knew about the state of the health care systems in places such as the UK and Canada, based largely on lack of funding for said systems. And while I didn't realize it extended to NZ, as well, I suppose that doesn't really surprise me too much, either.
  8. Everyone tries to paint this whole situation back on the USA, but given how many countries are following suit, there has to be something going on behind the scenes that they're not telling us. Multiple countries globally don't just randomly decide to wage war (metaphorically speaking) with a single company, without some sort of reason. Funny story: McCarthy was actually right. It always bugs me when people get that wrong (especially when our own politicians say it wrong).
  9. Did you seriously use the report from the NY AG to rebut my questioning whether the NY AG office has any merit to their case? Umm, okay. Just to clarify, I'm not saying there is no merit, I simply prefer to wait and see. Just because an AG decides to open an investigation, doesn't mean there's any substance to actually support said investigation.
  10. Now THAT is a coffee mug. And to those of you pining for Pai to be thrown in jail, that's some serious conclusion jumping there. You're assuming that he had anything to do with those comments. In fact, you're assuming the AG of NY even has merit to his case. Why not wait and see what comes of the investigation, first?
  11. Jito463

    VALVe Updates CS:GO - Battle Royale incoming.

    I tried it out tonight, and it's actually a somewhat unique take on the genre. You can even buy equipment and have it delivered via drones (which can be dangerous, since other players can follow them back to you). While I'm not fond of the game going F2P, the new game mode isn't bad.
  12. Jito463

    OnePlus CEO tells the truth about 5G

    Is that 5Gb(it) cap or 5GB(yte) cap? Besides, that would only last 5 seconds (or 40 seconds if the latter) if you were downloading a massive file onto your mobile device. For regular web browsing, there's very little chance you'll chew up that amount of data, unless you're streaming lots of video. Meh, they say everything gives you cancer. I don't even concern myself with it.
  13. Jito463

    Ryzen 3000 series to be revealed Dec 18?

    Makes it all the sweeter?