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  1. Except that AMD doesn't sell to miners, they sell to resellers (for their reference cards) and to AIB's, who may then sell to miners. Yes, AMD pushed the mining stuff in their marketing and drivers, but that's not the same as directly selling them. How so? Personally, I love my R9 390 still, it plays everything I throw at it. Mind you, I'd like to upgrade (been strongly considering an RX Vega 56), but not while prices are high.
  2. They have done that to some extent with the registry, through the use of the TrustedInstaller permission. However, I do agree that they could do a far better job of sandboxing things.
  3. *sigh* Look up Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick. You're welcome. Just this afternoon I had to slow practically to a stop because some idiot decided to saunter across the road while I was trying to drive. I once had a guy ride his bicycle right out in front me, and nearly cause an accident (when I had the right of way), then proceed to flip me off. Some people are just dumb. You can take my stick-shift vehicle from my cold, dead hands. It looks to me like the pedestrian walk path was already there when they built the highway, and for whatever reason they chose not to break up the pavement. And there are how many self-driving vehicles compared to how many human driven ones? It's because liberty and personal responsibility go hand-in-hand. You can't have one without the other. I refuse to give up my liberty, and so I accept my personal responsibility when driving my vehicle. We also recognize that sometimes others will screw up. It's the nature of liberty.
  4. Sadly, in Windows 10 that's not necessarily the case (and yes, I run with UAC "disabled"). Even with UAC turned down to the lowest setting, you still have to right-click and run certain things as admin, unless they're set to explicitly request it from the system.
  5. Oh, the liberal pie-in-the-sky dreams posted here. It's as if everyone forgets human nature, and assumes that no one will be lazy or greedy. While we're at it, why don't we get a herd of rainbow butterfly unicorn kittens to keep people company. It's just as likely to happen. So sorry for throwing a dose of reality into the thread.
  6. I consider myself a techie, and yet I'm wary of new technology precisely because I know how much it can be abused. Does that make me narrow minded?
  7. While some may have been, there's no direct evidence to support your allegation. We do have definitive evidence of the market manipulation by the aforementioned entities, however. In any event, this is starting to get too far off-topic.
  8. Without getting too derailed from the topic, the subprime market crash was caused by federal interference from Fannie Mae (FNMA) & Freddie Mac (FMCC), both of which are government entities. They forced lenders to offer those unsustainable loans to people who should never have been approved.
  9. A free market is not the same as a laissez faire market.
  10. 2nd Gen Ryzen

    Unless AMD was somehow aware of the issue prior to being notified by CTS, then there's literally nothing they could do at this stage; given that the processors are (so far as I'm aware) set to be released next month, which means they've already been mass producing them for release.
  11. 2nd Gen Ryzen

    I'm pretty pro-AMD in that I've never even owned a single Intel system in over 20 years of owning computers, and even I wouldn't go so far as to say they're fake. I would say that further inspection of the alleged vulnerabilities is required to determine for certain if they're legit (or if they're actually worth someone's time to implement an attack vector with them) - and the company the introduced them is definitely pond scum for the way they've handled the whole situation - but we don't know for certain that they're fake.
  12. You think 1940's is old? I grew up in a house that was mostly from the late 1890's/early 1900's (I say mostly, because there was a newer extension built around the time I was born). My parents still live there today.
  13. That's not actually accurate. It's only forced exclusivity when they get the soda fountain equipment from Pepsi or Coke. If they purchase that equipment themselves, then they're free to use whomever they wish, including having both options. If the case made at HardOCP is correct, then a more appropriate analogy would be in regards to companies which make the soda fountains. This would be like Pepsi (as an example) stating that if they want to be a part of their program, then they can only provide Pepsi on machines labeled as Soda Fountains. If they want to distribute Coke or 7-Up through their machines, they can't be branded as a Soda Fountain. I know, the analogy isn't perfect, but what analogy is? I don't find that to be the case. I've had more issues with big, nationwide companies than I have with small businesses. It's why I generally prefer to deal with smaller companies, when given the choice.
  14. The abbreviated version: CTS claims there are 13 vulnerabilities in AMD Ryzen/Epyc processors, specifically in regards to the PSP. CTS is a company that didn't exist until last year, and only provided AMD with 24 hours to respond before they made their findings public. CTS may have ties to a company known for stock market manipulation. Right now, no one knows if the flaws are real, but the whole thing reeks of a hit job.
  15. I'm going to stop explaining myself to you now, because you seem more intent on "winning" than on discussing the issue. I already know what you're talking about, and I believe you know what I meant, you're just trying to win on an argument of semantics.