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    Ryzen R7 1800x
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    Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K7 (F7a BIOS)
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    AMD Radeon XFX R9 390
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    Elecom EX-G trackball
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    10+ year old Logitech Z640 5.1 set
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    Windows 10 Pro
  1. Actually, you are correct and I apparently must have missed that. However, there seems to be a flaw in the way 7Zip does it (at least with certain archives). I couldn't replicate it with every archive, but when I tested with some RAR SFX files that were virtually identical, it dumped everything into a directory titled "[0]~" and asked me what to do with the "duplicates". In any event, I stand corrected on 7Zip and extracting multiple archives, though I'll probably still stick to WinRAR for the foreseeable future.
  2. Nope, that extracts the contents out in the current directory. Which is fine if the archive contains another directory within it, but if there's a bunch of loose files, then you want to create a new directory to dump those loose files into. WinRAR can create a new directory for each archive with multiple archives selected at once. It's not the only reason I use it (though I do have 7Zip installed as well), but it's one feature I do actually use fairly often. *EDIT* Oops, missed @leadeater's post But with 7Zip, you have to do each archive one at a time. With WinRAR, I can highlight as many archives as I want, and create new directories for each archive in bulk.
  3. I bought my license for WinRAR..... WinRAR has some advantages over 7Zip. For example, if I want to extract multiple archives at once, but put them each under their own newly created directory; I can't do that with 7Zip, but I can with WinRAR. It handles batch processing much better.
  4. Fortunately, my last purchase from Newegg was in June.
  5. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    Finally got my new holster in. Still trying to find the best position to carry with it, but so far I'm liking it. I only got the shell for my H&K so far, but I plan to buy an extra shell for my Ruger. Without further ado (sorry for the pictures being sideways, I took them with my phone and didn't edit them before uploading): Picture of my holster, the Cloak & Tuck 3.5: Picture of the spare magazine carrier: I think I might return the mag carrier, I just can't find a comfortable position to carry it in. They even included an alternate belt clip, but it was worse for me than the original (pictured). My holster with my H&K inserted: Also, a bonus pic of my 28-round extended magazine (adds 15 to the existing 13-round mag). I typically only use that at home, it doesn't work very well for conceal carry. I'm not carrying it regularly yet, but I have done a trial run yesterday and it went pretty well. The real test will be if I can conceal carry with this at work, given that the shirts aren't very long. I already conceal carry there, just not IWB.
  6. Found it in the recommendations of that parody video posted above. *never mind, removed due to copyright claim*
  7. We don't do "prebuilds" (well, we keep a few built up for those who just want one ready to go), we do custom builds. In other words, you were being intentionally obtuse. Got it.
  8. I should clarify that I was referring to retail pricing, not internet pricing. I work at a retail shop where we custom build PC's, and we legitimately get people coming in wanting to build a "high-end" $500 gaming PC. Wait, you actually needed someone to specify that? I thought you were just being intentionally obtuse. And no, grey keys are not an option. They may work, but that doesn't make them legitimate. And as @Stefan Payne pointed out, you can't be sure they won't be deactivated. Also, Linux has always been viable, it's just a question of whether you want to invest the time and effort into getting a lot of games working that don't have native support for it. Now, I don't run it personally - because I don't want to deal with that - but it's still viable for those who don't mind. Seriously? I've installed dozens of them, and never once had them strip out. And that's despite me using a cordless screwdriver/drill (set to the lowest torque setting, of course) to install them. Then again, maybe that's why I don't have any issues, because the torque setting stops the cordless before it can strip anything. Maybe you're just over-tightening.
  9. I rest my case. Suggesting someone run an unlicensed OS isn't really a viable option. Can it be done? Yes. Doesn't mean it should be.
  10. No, just no. You're going to have really crappy components (which means it's not really suitable for gaming), and/or you won't be buying a Windows license. Which is fine if you plan to run Linux, but most gamers don't do that. It's advice like that which leads people to come to me, saying that they want to build a new gaming system for $500, and I just have to shake my head and set them straight. The only way you're building a gaming system for that price, is if you get the absolute best deals ever or if you buy used.
  11. Watch it, it's really, really, really, really bad. He applies thermal paste to a AIO that already has thermal paste...and he acknowledges that in the video.
  12. I would counterpoint, that if he makes a "tech guide" video that shows he has zero idea of tech, then he's opened himself up to humiliation. Any humiliation he receives is the result of his own ineptness. I especially loved the "anti-static bracelet". Seriously, where the heck is the static electricity supposed to go? And how is that rubber piece supposed to absorb static electricity anyway?
  13. Correction: you assume that's the case. Unless you have access to all of the license agreements that Apple has signed, you can't say that with 100% certainty.
  14. You've cited sources about copyright infringement, you haven't made the connection between that and permitting someone access to their purchased content. How is that prevented by the law? Permitting access to purchased content is not the same as permitting someone to buy it from a certain region.