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    Ryzen R7 1800x
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    Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming K7 (F7a BIOS)
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz (@2933)
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    AMD Radeon XFX R9 390
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    Elecom EX-G trackball
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    10+ year old Logitech Z640 5.1 set
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    Windows 10 Pro
  1. Yeah, I thought it best not to entangle myself with his other......ramblings.
  2. Which is why I believe this incident was simply a smoke screen to give him an easy out without there being some controversy over his leaving. I don't believe for one moment that this incident is what prompted his resignation, it was simply a convenient excuse.
  3. Where did anyone say that she was harassed? The whole point is that he resigned because of a consensual relationship. Whatever you're on, you need to lay off of it for a while.
  4. My opinion? It sounds to me like the board is giving him an easy out, without any major muss or fuss. *EDIT* Also, "the whole wheat bread"?
  5. They can do this if they want to, since it is their platform. It doesn't mean it's not a jerk move on their part or that they won't be criticized for it.
  6. Solution: Enable ads Post video showing everyone how to install/enable an adblocker .....profit? Everyone wins (except for Google, who still won't receive any ad revenue because ads are blocked client side).
  7. A better solution would be to clean up their bloated BIOS interface. There's so much extraneous animated garbage going on that they should (in theory at least) be able to shave a pretty good chunk from the size of the update.
  8. Why do you think there's a space suit in the car......
  9. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    It has a super light trigger, too. I accidentally burst fired a couple times (e.g. bump stock style) and thought maybe I was buying an illegally modified fully automatic until I realized what was happening. The irony is, the local city council in Lincoln voted to ban those "evil" bump stocks. I wonder what they'd make of my gun if they knew it could bump stock without a bump stock? On second thought, I think I'll not tell them. They'd probably find a way to ban it.
  10. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    My first read of that was "(North Dakota) has good (South Dakota) protection laws", which had me very confused for a moment. Anywho, just wanted to post some pics of my "new" CETME .308 rifle. Got it secondhand from another member of a gun owners group I'm a part of. The CETME (Century Arms) rifles go for around $600 new, which is what I paid for this used, but he also threw in 14 20-round magazines and about 100 rounds of ammo (I fired through ~30 rounds of that before buying it, just to try it out). It has a few minor issues (magazine release is pretty hard to push when a mag is loaded), but I'm sure a good gunsmith can fix that. Without further ado: You can also see an optic mount next to the magazines, and beside that is an attachable bayonet (I have no intention of using that, it just came with it).
  11. Remember though, Intel is a massive company, whose marketing budget alone has surpassed the entire operating income of AMD at times (maybe still). Plus, AMD is just finally digging out a massive financial hole, and only now turning a profit after years in the red. You're right that this doesn't cost them much (even less than your estimate, since I imagine their actual costs are about 1/10th of the retail price), but they can't afford to be giving away over 8,000 Threadripper processors, even if they could budget it. They'd rather be selling them and making a profit on the chips. This is just a marketing stunt (albeit a clever one) to get some headlines and generate some interest.
  12. Original? No thanks. Corpses runs were a huge pain if you died in a high-level area, and I still have nightmares of "TRAIN TO ZONE!". *shudder*
  13. The reasoning is, even if every one of those 40 people turned around and sold the 1950x, that would still mean there's 40 additional Threadripper systems out there. Brand recognition is a powerful thing, that's why Intel is still so dominant in the industry.