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  1. Montyzone

    LTX 19 From United Kingdom

    Place looks good, though sounds like they open at 8 at the earliest...we can probably spare an hour?
  2. Montyzone

    LTX 19 From United Kingdom

    So sorry for the late reply, just noticed this as date coming closer, I arrive 26 july night time Aberdeen>Glasgow>Toronto>Vancouver so will be heading to LTX in the morning or (if you guys decide on a place for breakfast or something like that, suppose am game) - as long as am not a loner ta
  3. Don't worry Jay will be there...
  4. Montyzone

    LTX 19 From United Kingdom

    Hey guys! Aberdeen here, going to Glasgow > Vancouver for 3 nights, flight and place booked eeeek
  5. Montyzone

    Longest Distance Travelling

    Which town mate? am heading there from Aberdeen booked the travel Glasgow to Van, and a place to stay, trip is gonna be tiring >_< but excited.
  6. Montyzone

    Productive/ultrabook laptop

    I've decided to get XPS 13 16GB 512GB @ £1400 paying it over 3 months.
  7. Montyzone

    Productive/ultrabook laptop

    Thanks for the reply, ZM Fong, No, display is not an issue for me (though its only common sense to have a 1080 reslution) and minimum 60hz screen, but still wouldn't care really, as long as it performs well with virtual machines and multitasking. thanks again
  8. Hello all Am in the lookout for a new lightweight laptop (key ingredient), will be used for Cloud, Office, web dev and possibly 2 simultaneous instances of Virtual PC machines (with help of a NAS for the actual images) so no actual storage is necessary so here's what am looking for: Starting of at the most important spec: Lightweight Backlit keyboard 256GB SSD minimum 8GB minimum i5 U Processor 8th gen minimum (quad core) ~$1200 Does the spec sound fit for purpose or am I out of my depth? I've been looking at XPS's and Asus Zenbooks, but there are sooo many models and XPS13s seem to have disappointing reviews with performance and bezel issues, while XPS15's are out of my budget (at the moment). Asuses(???!) look great but they don't have backlit keyboards? like seriously?!! Inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys Monty
  9. Montyzone

    Floatplane Website error?

    Hey guys, so I just did as you did mankeez, am in the UK. so I just got time to watch LLT, in fact I did go to the website by mistake 2 days ago! but I didn't login as I thought it was a completely different thing -facepalm- I know am early in asking this, but its got to gain info as they show...so am currently subscribed to Linus Tech Tips on floatplane, if I wanted to subscribe to Bitwit ultra (or other channels) -which I can't browse yet- will this cost extra or is it covered by the original $3 price? I don't mind paying, but if we have to pay extra, who will set the price? the content creator or floatplane? Cheers guys am so excited for everyone...
  10. Montyzone

    Small business network topology

    Thank you very much guys for your valuable info, please accept my apologies for not answering sooner. due to budget, we were not able to utilise a second router, the client was happy enough with one. we also ended up with a single switch since the place they are at is temporary and a new IT system will be developed for the new location. the 8 port switches are used to hardwire PCs and phones. rather than having dedicated cabling to every single terminal, which is a good idea in regards to labour costs. Thank you very much again and regards Monty
  11. Montyzone

    Small business network topology

    Hi all I have been working as an IT person for a small business organization as freelancer for 3 years, they already have a networking person, but we lost contact with him, so we want to do our own thing from now on. please find attached screenshots of the current design - and my suggested design. am not sure if this forum is also used for business grade stuff? but would be supr helpful to see if my design is missing anything? the main keywords here is: redundancy and low price tag. Thanks Monty