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    I like classic cars
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    Cardiff, Wales
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    Phones and Computers
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    1970s American land yachts
    Ford Sierra XR6
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    I like cars, phones and computers.
    Trying to beat LukeSavenije's post count (6834 posts) since 9th January 2019
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    Student (in my spare time I like to fix cars)


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    Intel Pentium III 933MHz
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    Gigabyte GA-6VX7B-4X
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    64MB RAM
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    3dfx Voodoo 2
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    Generic 1990s beige box
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    Maxtor Diamondmax 536DX 10GB
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    Generic PSU
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    Packard Bell 1015
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    Windows 98 SE

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  1. I would just buy whichever RAM is cheapest out of the two. For Intel CPUs RAM speed doesn't really matter that much.
  2. Yes, it'll work but it will not run at 3000MHz since B360 only supports up to 2666MHz.
  3. XR6

    Noctua nh-d15 vs dark rock pro 4?

    NH-D15 will perform slightly better, but ultimately they are very similar. In all honesty, you should just pick whichever one you prefer.
  4. XR6


    I don't like it at all, I much prefer the current UI. It's more modern but it's just a cluttered mess. Just let me choose my games in peace Valve, I don't want to go through a bunch of menus just to find the game I want to play.
  5. Windows Vista. It's similar to Windows 7 but it has a much nicer UI. I would still be running it today if more games and applications supported it.
  6. XR6

    child abuse and culture differences

    I don't think spanking is necessarily child abuse however I discourage spanking. It's unnecessary and ineffective, regardless of age. What kids actually need is responsible parents who are willing to teach their kids the right lessons. Kids also need parents who give their kids attention, not lazy dips**ts who sit on their arse scrolling through facebook all day. I believe that the parents' behaviour is the basis of their child(ren)'s behaviour. If the parents are rude, obnoxious SOBs who couldn't care less about the kid then the kid won't learn any better than to be exactly like their parents.
  7. XR6

    stupid GPU question

    Absolutely nothing will happen.
  8. XR6

    Should I assume my friend is dead

    It's safe to assume that you're being ghosted. Chances are your friend isn't dead, she's just cut contact with you. Honestly, I would move on, it's for the better. However, if you really want to try and find her again you can either DM her on instagram (if you know what her instagram username is) or you can search her up on whitepages. I doubt any of the options I've listed above will work, but I'm not stopping you from trying.
  9. Information must've changed then, the last thing I heard about Ryzen 3rd gen was that it was an August release. Anyway, thanks for letting me know, I'll fix the info in my post
  10. The build is fine as it is (except for the PSU) but here's my recommendations for some improvements: I'd wait until Ryzen 3000-series/R5 3600 gets released (release date is expected between April and June). If the rumours are anything to go by it'll be worth the wait. I wouldn't buy it. The G3 isn't that great of a PSU, it has a loud fan as well as protection issues (over-temperature and over-power protections are both bad on the G3, definitely something you don't want from a PSU) I would recommend a Corsair RM650x or a Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 650W.
  11. Nope, for 1080p it should be fine.
  12. They're fine. I've never had an issue with them. Nope, whenever I've bought from them it's always arrived in a week or less. Usually in about 2-4 days since they ship by DPD and Royal Mail (I think you can choose which courier service you want to use at checkout).
  13. That was my intention, however it's 2am and I'm tired. I completely forgot and ended up just making a new pcpartpicker list. It's a little bit cheaper.. added it in case OP wanted to save a bit of money. If not he is free to buy the Corsair RAM, it'll perform just as well. The Ryzen stock cooler is good, but the Arctic Freezer 34 is better and in my opinion, it's worth the extra money. I didn't know until you had told me. The airflow is better. It's also available in white if that's what OP would prefer.
  14. That's because OP has already purchased those parts (except Windows, the 2nd SSD and the fans). There was no reason for me to include them when he already has them. I assumed he was going to buy Windows and the fans anyway, so there is absolutely no problem with my build (apart from the fact I did leave out an SSD, but I'll edit it and add an SSD just in case OP would prefer to use a different SSD).