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    The Heart of the Empire
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    Building a new gaming rig, building a NAS... a network to attach it to as well.
    Gaming, Writing, Reading. Blacksmithing.
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  1. Daftlander

    Motor Mounting

    So I just bought a Manfrotto XPRO 3 way geared head. https://www.manfrotto.co.uk/xpro-geared-three-way-pan-tilt-tripod-head I'm going to use it for macro photography but I also want to use it for my stop motion projects. Ideally I want to mount a NEMA17 stepper motor to each knob. But I cant think of a way to mount them all. Any ideas?
  2. I've got a new laptop coming next month from dell. Is it worth cracking it open and replacing the pads and grease? I have some kryonaut and minus 8 pads laying around from an old project. Should I wait a year or should I just get on with it?
  3. Daftlander

    Which VPN should I choose?

    Article 13 continues to barrel down the tracks towards me. And frankly I have no idea whether the UK will be a part of the EU, or if it will leave. Or even if we leave we will have to obey the EU Copyright Directive. Also the porn license thing... So which VPN is actually good and also isn't going to turn around and sell my data to the highest bidder? Or will setting one up myself be the better option?
  4. Daftlander

    Android wont connect to home wifi

    So I have an OnePlus 6t. Apart from a loose USB-C port I had to have fixed it's been great. Over the last few days however it has been dropping off my home network (BT Hub 5 by the way) and refusing to reconnect. It works for a long while and then stops and says it has an authentication error. I've tired restarting the phone, forgetting and relogging into the network, restarting the router. Only the latter seems to work and I can't restart it everyday as I have other people in the house who will beat me to death if I cut them off mid gaming session. After while it seems to reconnect on its own (20-30 mins) but looking at the connection it also looks like it is 2.4Ghz when both the router and the phone are capable of 5Ghz. Whats going on here? How do I fix this?
  5. It seems pretty cool, Linus seemed to get hyped about it during his interactions with it a CES. I will have the money for one within the year and while, ideally, would like to build a desktop, my living situation over the next few years will be fluid at best. It seems that with the upgrade-ability that it could have a longer life cycle and if I do some thermal grease replacements it could still get some decent temperatures... But I don't know I've always been a little wary of Alienware. Any advice?
  6. Daftlander

    Video request: quit amazon

    One day is easy. Go for a month. Also no work-arounds like getting family to order stuff for you.
  7. So at CES this year the boys at Samsung revealed this monitor for release in 2019. https://news.samsung.com/global/infographic-level-up-your-gaming-experience-with-samsungs-new-crg9 Its a 49", 32:9, Dual QHD, 5120*1440, HDR10, supported QLED display with Freesync 2 (which hopefully means that it will be supported by Nvidia when it comes out). What I'm saying is its the monitor of my over the top dreams. It even allows you to seamlessly split it into two 27" monitors with no bezel. The hope is by the end of the year I will have enough to afford it and a brand new system to drive it. (and the first run of panels will be out and any production problems fixed). But how? What sort of graphics card/ processor will this require? I'd be looking to game and use blender/ video edit on it.
  8. Daftlander

    Figuring out how much torque I need

    It's for stills and with a relatively short prime lens. Sorry I abandoned this thread for so long. It has been a marathon couple of weeks at work.
  9. Daftlander

    Figuring out how much torque I need

    Thanks. I thought that's what it was. But you can never be too careful.
  10. Daftlander

    Figuring out how much torque I need

    This may sound like a stupid question, but what do you mean by "balanced around the axis".
  11. I'm building a computer controlled camera head, so I need a stepper motor. But I haven't got the foggiest of which one to buy or how to do the calculations to figure that out. I'm trying to turn a load of two kilos around an axis. I'm also using a worm drive so that I can reduce backlash. What other information do I need? Which calculations do I need to do? I'm kind of lost.
  12. My ender 3 is churning away next to me right now. It takes a little getting used to and I would certainly suggest buying a few upgrades before it even arrives. Like an arduino to burn a bootloader onto it. The aluminium extruder upgrade and a BLTouch or other auto bed levelling sensor. Also capricorn tubing, if only for their fancy new pressure fittings. I've had it for under a month but I'm already turning out great prints, from a complete novice starting point.
  13. Daftlander

    Trouble with my BLTouch

    I've found the problem. Z endstop wiring was loose. Thanks for your help.
  14. Daftlander

    Trouble with my BLTouch

    Downloaded from Github, then uploaded through an Arduino as ISP. (The USB cable is coming on Monday). Both red and blue LED's are shining solidly, which I think means the connection is fine. Followed this tutorial
  15. Daftlander

    Trouble with my BLTouch

    So I bought an Ender-3 and a BLTouch. After upgrading the firmware to Marlin, and attaching the sensor, the machine wont home. X and Y are fine but when it tries to home Z the sensor just deploys once, immediately retracts and the Z axis never moves. What do I do?