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  1. Ram Issues

    It tells me I have 16 installed. I know it is properly seated. And i have already seated them differently. Ill try and go back at it again. Last night i kept doing the msconfig and it got me to 12 Gigs usable but not 16 and now im back to 8 gigs usable. I think my motherboard is having a issue reading them. That or my OS. Tells me i have 16 gigs installed and it just is weird
  2. Ram Issues

    Guys have any ideas?
  3. Ram Issues

    IF IT ALSO HELPS ANY*** I previously took apart my PC and put it back together and i did have 7.98 usable. But now i have 3.98
  4. Ram Issues

    Yes, I have x64 bit. and I have Windows 10 Pro. and when im in my bios is says i have a total of 16,384 (4096 for each stick)
  5. Ram Issues

    I currently have a x64-bit Operating System and I have 16 Gigs of 1600 Mhz ram. I have 4x4 installed in all my DIMM slots and it is showing 16 gigs in my "System" on my settings. BUT only 3.98 is "Usable" I have gone into my msconfig and changed it to where it uses all 16,384 and press ok and restart my PC. Then i go back to msconfig and it says 0 and my "System" still says - 16.0 GB (3.98 Usable) - I NEED HELP
  6. Water Cooling Issues

    I will just get the adapter and plug my female connector on my pump into the male adapter on this molex to fan header and than plug that into my mother board, I might have had this adapter before but i have no clue where it is.
  7. Water Cooling Issues

    Would this be the correct adapter?
  8. Water Cooling Issues

    What type of adapter? you have a link
  9. Water Cooling Issues

    That is what my cable looks like on my pump. XDDD is their something im not getting still? sorry
  10. Water Cooling Issues

    my pump doesnt have a molex? And if im just ignorant on what a molex is i dont know where i woul put the molex into on the PSU
  11. Alright this is gonna sound comepletely stupid. But I built me a PC about a year ago and instead of going air cooling i got a free water cooling kit (Radiator, CPU block, Pump, Resevoir, Tubing). I know how to put everything together that to me is easy as baking a cake. BUT! i pour water in my loop and i dont REALLY know how to start my pump and get my water through my loop. i know you can jump start your 24 pin buy getting a paper clip and putting it in the green cable and any black cable, but how do i jump start the pump. If i have the 24 pin out of the motherboard where do i put the pump cable. If you have a link to buy a external AC/DC adapter for a pump to start it that would help. OR a video on what im asking. I have searches youtube and havent been able to find any video of the sort. And this is the pump I use below..... http://www.performance-pcs.com/phobya-dc12-260-pwm-12volt-pump.html
  12. Trying to overclock...

    Replying to both of you above^ I never said i was good at it. im completely NEW actually. And i did go into increments eventually. I dont think the overclocking matters anyway what i figured out yesterday. If i change anything in my BIOS and Save and Exit it will give me the black screen. And i have a Custom Water Cooling System. nothing wrong with temps. And i have looked for a guide for my exact motherboard and ive scavenged for hours on the internet and my last resort is here.
  13. Alright, I made a different post talking about how im having trouble overclocking ill go into my BIOS and change everything and save and exit and ill just get a black screen... Although i can turn my PC off and back on and itll go into windows. Everything but my CPU frequency Changed... it stays at a 3.5... At first i tried overclocking to 4.1 and left BIOS and Black Screen... i reset my BIOS by taking out my CMOS and everything reset... Than i tried going small at 3.6 Ghz, Saved and Exit; Black Screen... I dont know what to do anymore. Im able to reset my PC tho and go straight into windows please someone. Help me out. PC Components. GA-990FXA-UD3 FX 6300 Windows 10 PRO
  14. Alright.. I took out my CMOS battery and it reset my settings but still going in small increments i "Save and Exit" and it gives me a black screen and never puts me into Windows?!??! I still need help please
  15. I took out my CMOS and it didnt reset but im thinking it didnt because i turned my switch to off on my PSU could that be why?