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    Zando Bob reacted to Crunchy Dragon for a blog entry, Update: The Two-Tap Orchid Is Mine.   
    Ordinarily, I'd be more upset about having a reload speed masterwork on a hand cannon. In this particular instance, having the reload masterwork is acceptable since I didn't get the curated roll featuring Drop Mag.
    As for the rest of my checklist, I've gotten 2 Gunnora's Axe rolls from Iron Banner. Both are decent rolls, but not quite what I'm after. I've been properly getting the hang of Thorn as well, leading to some straight up carnage in Iron Banner. The hunt for Gunnora's Axe continues.
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    Zando Bob reacted to Crunchy Dragon for a blog entry, 4300 Glory - Comp Grind Update   
    Been a bit since my last update. I've since climbed up to 4300 Glory, about 2/3 through Mythic 2.
    I'll take this opportunity to give an update on my build as well, since I realized that I didn't actually talk about that in my last post(oops).
    Due to I'm More Comfortable On My Main Class, I've decided I'm going to rock my Hunter all the way to Legend as much as possible.
    I've changed my subclass, instead of running middle tree Arcstrider Way of The Current or bottom tree Gungslinger Way of The Sharpshooter, I'm rocking top tree Nightstalker: Way of The Trapper.
    Benefits of this subclass are:
    Go invisible when dodging Enhanced radar Faster sneak and sprint speeds I'm also running the void Spike Grenade because it's basically a Tripmine grenade but on a void subclass and I love Tripmines. For my exotic armor, I'm running the Fr0st-ee5(or Frostees). These give me faster cooldowns on my melee, grenade, and dodge when I sprint. My dodge recharges fast enough that I can have near 100% uptime on being invisible.
    For most of the journey I've been rocking the Erentil and Good Bone Structure rolls I mentioned in my previous post. Truth(oh yeah, I finally sat down and ground out Truth) has spent a lot of time in my heavy slot as well. Revoker and Luna's Howl have also seen a fair share of use.
    Update on weapon progress:
    Thorn is coming along, I really should focus on learning that one. Last Word is still a no-skill gun in my opinion. Still no dice on Kindled Orchid or Beloved rolls. Iron Banner rolls in tomorrow, so I can continue my hunt for a Gunnora's Axe with quickdraw/opening shot.
    I'm starting to learn Apostate(moon sniper rifle) as well, and that's been fun. It's not an opening shot Twilight Oath, but it's not bad with Snapshot.
    For bonus points, I went and found myself a proper competitive team to grind with.
    That's all for today, take care y'all.
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    Zando Bob reacted to Crunchy Dragon for a blog entry, High Impact Weapons Are Fun - D2 Shadowkeep   
    Decided today was a Warlock day, so I hopped into Rumble and started experimenting.
    I initially ran Coldheart and a curated Lonesome(Reckoning sidearm), but that didn't go over so nicely in a lobby of Recluses and Riskrunners. Following that, I started looking around in my vault for different kinetic weapons, as I still wanted to do a build with Coldheart.
    What I have for you today is not a build featuring Coldheart.
    Instead, I have a build that I'm tentatively naming "Rocky Balboa". This build features a Year 1 pulse rifle, the Disrespectful Stare:
    I like this pulse rifle because it's a decent PvP option with the buff to high impact pulses in Shadowkeep, and it features high-caliber rounds on top of being a high-impact. The SC Holo sight is also my favorite sight in the game. This pulse rifle will indeed kill a Guardian in two bursts. I'm warming up to it very quickly.

    In my energy slot, I have a Wizened Rebuke that Saladin gave me yesterday:
    This baby features a Red Dot sight, Liquid Coils, Auto-Loading Holster, and Tap The Trigger(the best perk for fusion rifles in my opinion). The icing on the cake is the range masterwork. I added a targeting adjuster mod for extra consistency. Also, due to being a high impact frame, this fusion rifle is incredibly forgiving.
    In my power slot, I'm running just about anything. Since I'm not running an exotic anywhere else in my loadout, this is where I've been sticking my exotic weapon. Black Talon, Deathbringer, and Thunderlord have been my options so far. Black Talon is a particular favorite of mine, it has all the benefits of running a sword with none of the drawbacks.
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    Zando Bob reacted to Mira Yurizaki for a blog entry, Demystifying Ray Tracing Further   
    With NVIDIA's RTX cards out and the company pushing ray tracing, I figured I have a look around at what I could in the graphics community through blog posts and whatnot about ray tracing itself. Then interacting with the community it seems like there are some misunderstandings and perhaps a warped interpretation of what's going on. So this post is a random assortment of thoughts regarding the encounters of others discussing this topic and what my input is.
    Ray tracing describes a type of algorithm, but it's not necessary a specific algorithm
    The first thing I encountered with looking through literature is that what's called "ray tracing" can be vague. Does it describe a specific algorithm such as heap sorts or fast inverse square or does it describe a class of algorithms like selection sorting or binary search algorithm? Or in another way of thinking, does ray tracing describe something like "storage device" or does it describe something like "NAND-based, SATA solid state drive?"
    As far as the usage of the term goes, I'm led to believe that ray tracing is describing a type of algorithm. That is, the basic algorithm is shooting some ray out that mimics how a photon is shot out, then tracing it along some path and seeing how it interacts with the world. To that end, I've found several forms of ray tracing that exist:
    Ray Casting: This is the most basic version of ray tracing, where the first thing the ray intersects is what the final output is based on. One could argue this is the basic step of ray tracing in and of itself. Ray Marching: The most common implementation of this is the ray is the path generated by spheres that originate at some point. At the first point, a sphere grows until it hits something, then the the next point of the ray is at the edge of the sphere in the ray's direction. Then another sphere is generated that grows until it hits something, creates a new point at the edge in the direction of the ray, and so on. An object is considered "hit" when the sphere is small enough.

    (Taken from http://jamie-wong.com/2016/07/15/ray-marching-signed-distance-functions/)
    Path Tracing: When someone usually talks about ray tracing without any other context, this is the algorithm they're usually referring to. Path tracing attempts to trace the path of the ray from the camera to a light source. On top of this, each sample point use a ray that's pointed in a random direction. The idea is the more samples you use, the closer you get to the actual image. Some industry folks may consider "ray tracing" itself to be the original algorithm devised by J. Turner Whitted while "path tracing" is the algorithm described by Jim Kajiya.
    Ray tracing is also solving a problem with rasterizing
    What rasterized rendering does today is it dumps a ton of information about the scene before proceeding to work on it. One of the first thing it dumps is all of the geometry the camera view cannot see. Next, pieces of the scene are built up one by one. They either add on top of each other right away like in a forward renderer or the parts of it are assembled on the side to be combined later like in a deferred renderer. (https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/articles/forward-rendering-vs-deferred-rendering--gamedev-12342)
    One issue with traditional rendering is also the order in which things are rendered. This can lead to weird artifacts like light spilling onto areas where there's no obvious light source, like in these example:


    By using ray tracing, the rays bring back information of what's visible, what isn't visible, and how light can indirectly affect other objects in a realistic manner.
    Real-time ray tracing isn't a relatively new thing for games
    The funny thing is, ray tracing has been used for some time. Some games, like Guerilla Games' Killzone Shadowfall uses ray tracing to do screen-space lighting (slide 84), mostly in reflections and what appears to be ambient occlusion.
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    Zando Bob reacted to Crunchy Dragon for a blog entry, Graviton Lance in 2019 - Bonus Weekend Post   
    Recently got the catalyst for Graviton Lance, been essentially maining it in PvE and PvP as a result.   Today, I'd like to talk a bit about this weapon. In the event of somebody not knowing Graviton Lance, I'll start by doing a quick run-down: Graviton Lance is an exotic Void pulse rifle. It fires a two-round burst, and features the Black Hole perk(second round does more damage, has no range falloff, and has more recoil), and the Cosmology trait: kills with this weapon cause enemies to explode and spawns Void projectiles that track enemies. A quick screenshot of Graviton Lance's stats from Destiny Item Manager: https://i.imgur.com/IxHc0Qe.png Ignore the range stat of 91, that's part of what the catalyst gives you upon completion(DIM is weird with exotic catalysts).   Because the two-round burst on Graviton Lance is very closely timed, it feels a lot more like a scout rifle than a pulse rifle, which I would recommend you treat it as. My opinion on this weapon: I think it's better than most people give it credit for. Yesterday, due to the Cosmology perk, I was able to take out a total of 3 Guardians, 2 of which were behind cover(clip here). Plays such as that have got me thinking, maybe Graviton Lance could be strong in the competitive playlist. At the time of posting, that play would have almost wiped a whole team; here's the important part, without a sightline. I couldn't see them, they couldn't see me.   Today, I started trying to develop a build around Graviton Lance. I essentially modified CammyCakes' "Attack Helicopter" build, substituting Graviton Lance for Fighting Lion. If you don't want to click the link, it basically consists of middle tree Arcstrider(I ran top tree because I like it more), Stompees, and Trackless Waste with kill clip. Screenshot of the build* *not shown: gambler's dodge, arcbolt grenade, triple jump   I honestly love this loadout. It's not the strongest one I've played by any means, but it can work wonders. Graviton Lance aids with taking out groups very well, and can leave Guardians susceptible to SMG cleanups, proccing Kill Clip. I didn't really care what I ran in my heavy slot, the grenade launcher is there because I still need Mountaintop progress. This isn't the most aggressive loadout I've used, but I did have a lot of fun playing it. Thanks for reading this far, and feel free to provide any constructive criticism and share your thoughts and/or experience in the comments!
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    Zando Bob reacted to Crunchy Dragon for a blog entry, We're Back With Another Destiny 2 PvP Build   
    Let's talk about Liar's Handshake some more.
    This is easily one of my favorite exotics to run in PvP. It pairs excellently with top tree Arcstrider, Way of The Warrior.
    Before I get into all of that however, let's talk about Swashbuckler. Fallout Plays did a very good job of explaining it in his video along with some damage numbers, but I'll give you a basic rundown if you don't want to watch it.
    Swashbuckler is a damage increasing perk like Rampage. Unlike Rampage however, Swashbuckler goes up to x5(+1 for each weapon kill, instant +5 on melee kill). Swashbuckler lasts for about 5 seconds, same as Kill Clip. In PvE, Swashbuckler x5 grants you a 65% increase in damage. In PvP(which is what we're all here for), Swashbuckler x5 grants you 30% more damage, about the same as Kill Clip.
    The nice thing about Swashbuckler though, is the fact that you can get max level with just a melee kill. I now present to you, my basically god roll Bug Out Bag that I got last week while farming The Reckoning:
    It features Full Bore, Accurized Rounds, Grave Robber, and Swashbuckler.
    Let's talk about why the last two perks are italicized:
    They pair beautifully together. Grave Robber reloads your magazine on a melee kill. At the same time, Swashbuckler gives you the same damage boost as Kill Clip. You may see why I began this post with Liar's Handshake.
    If that's unclear, please allow me to explain the workings of this exotic to you.
    Liar's Handshake features the Cross Counter perk: using your Arc melee or taking melee damage allows you to follow up with an extremely powerful melee counterpunch that heals you.
    This pairs with Way of the Warrior's Combination Blow perk, that lets you stack melee damage for about 25 seconds(give or take) with each melee kill. Eventually, you can get a one hit melee kill in PvP as a Hunter. But that's not all!
    Get a melee kill, whip out the SMG, shred some people. If you're fast enough, you can also stack Combination Blow between SMG kills, making your next melee kill to proc Grave Robber/Swashbuckler even more efficient. When you get enough enemies on the same place, all the perks of the subclass, exotic armor, and weapons flow together perfectly.
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    Zando Bob reacted to Crunchy Dragon for a blog entry, [D2 PvP] Knock-off Titan   
    Titans punch things, it's what they're known for doing, it's the main thing they do.
    This build will knock a Titan out of his One Eyed Mask.
    Let's start by talking about top tree Arcstrider, Way of the Warrior.
    There are three perks of this subclass that I want to draw attention to:
    Combination Blow. Kills with this ability trigger health regenaration and increase melee damage for a short period. Combat Flow. Melee kills recharge your dodge ability. Deadly Reach. Dodging increases your melee range. Combine this with Gambler's Dodge, which restores your melee ability when you dodge near an enemy.
    All fine and dandy, right? Never fear, it gets even better.
    Introducing the Liar's Handshake exotic, featuring the Cross Counter perk: using your Arc melee ability or taking melee damage will allow you to follow up with an extremely powerful counterpunch that will also heal you.
    As you can see, all these perks and abilities flow very nicely together. Punch, dodge, punch, stack Combination Blow. Eventually, you will be able to get one hit kill melees as a Hunter.
    Cross Counter makes it very easy to survive melee fights as well, since you get health regeneration when you deal damage with it.
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    Zando Bob reacted to Crunchy Dragon for a blog entry, [D2 PvP] Iron Banner/Control   
    It's a new week, time for another blog post. Today: Zippy Boi v2: Hunter Edition
    Let's talk about the Iron Banner/Control gamemode.
    Running around capturing zones and killing people to gain points is fun. It can be tough sometimes, but it is fun. Especially if you equip the right loadout for doing so.
    Last time Saladin visited the tower, I perfected what I believe is my ideal loadout for the Control mode.
    The parts of this loadout are fairly simple:
    In my kinetic slot, I run a shotgun. This can be Dust Rock Blues, Parcel of Stardust, or Chaperone depending on the map. In my energy slot, Recluse all the way. Heavy slot. Wardcliff Coil or Roar of The Bear. For my super, I run Blade Barrage with tripmine grenades, triple jump, and gambler's dodge. My exotic armor consists of Stompees on the hunter class.
    All the shotguns I've listed allow for quick and easy kills, which proc Master of Arms on the Recluse for taking out groups of people with ease. This makes it easy to push people off of zones while zipping around the map.
    Wardcliff Coil can be flicked as you fire it, allowing for upwards of 3 kills with a single round.
    Blade Barrage works very similarly, allowing for slaying Guardians en masse while shutting down supers.
    What this build comes down to, in essence, is taking out groups of people quickly and effectively.
    Lead with the shotgun and proc Master of Arms. Clean up everybody else. Rinse and repeat.
    Generally I save Blade Barrage for super shutdowns or if 4+ people are all in one place, to ensure maximum carnage.
    This build shines on the more enclosed maps such as Retribution, Burnout, Solitude, and similar. For maps like Endless Vale, Dead Cliffs, Solitude, and where range becomes more necessary, I like to run Chaperone in my kinetic slot.
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    Zando Bob reacted to Jtalk4456 for a blog entry, The Journey to Health   
    I have failed traditional weight loss. Mostly as others due to lack of motivation and commitment. Diet is not horrible, but not great. I never took the initiative to learn to cook as a kid, even though my mom cooked constantly. So when college came around and I was free reign, I didn't take care of myself. It's taken years of mistakes to learn to manage myself better, but damage is done. 
    The reason I'm writing this is two fold. 
    1. If I expose it to criticism, I have to face it head on. I will be dealing with it, thinking about it, seeing reactions if any. Also it will help me keep up with it in general.
    2. I've seen many talk about trying to lose weight and I want to share my experience and hope it helps others
    The Current Situation:
    I'm currently 325 lbs and 6' 2.5". I eat far too much meat, cheese and bread, and barely any veggies and fruits. While my height means I'm not too round looking, it is noticeable and between rashes and chaffing and belt imprints, I am feeling the effects. I have 4 kids and don't feel like I can play with them as much as I should.
    The Goal:
    Ideally I want to get back to 200, but I'd settle for 220. Breaking the goal down, my first goal is to get under 300, then work from there to 275, and so on.
    The Methodology:
    I get bored EASILY. running on a treadmill is very tough to be motivated with. I don't have a lot of time and I have 4 kids at home. Pretty much everything will have to be in house. My current approach is using Beat Saber VR and other vr games whenever I get a rift come tax return. Along with eating healthy, lots of water, and a little pedal that goes under the desk (as soon as I actually remember to take it to work), I hope I can start losing weight slowly but steadily.
    I will try to post the number daily, but I might just do it weekly. I will be describing any significant choices I've made and how things effect me. I don't know if anyone will be reading all this nonsense, but I want to give as much information as possible.
    The Conclusion:
    *the thought of doing exercise and being motivated and eating healthy gave Jtalk4456 a stroke*
    The End XD
    Cya tomorrow
    (Don't do drugs, kids!)