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  1. 445343312_ScreenShot2019-09-18at3_04_06PM.png.fac30f375521c9b8d5ef7fe7063bd338.png

    Awww yeah, this is how ya name an iPhone

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    2. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      @dizmo They work very well together and iOS 13 is a treat (updated some UI stuff and context menus, App store, and added a very nice Dark Mode, full release is tomorrow). If you don't need to tinker with your devices they (at least in my experience) just work. They do what they're made to with very little issue. I think the only failures I've had that were the devices fault has been them shutting down due to heat if they're in the sun on a roasting TN summer day (and mood, I would like to shut down due to the heat too). Had some bugs but I've also got a bad habit of running betas so I can chalk those up to that. 

      If you do get an iPhone or iPad though, you're legally obligated to put a tempered glass screen protector on it. I've never broken a screen with one on (even when I accidentally drop-kicked my 6 plus and needed to use pliers to bend the aluminum housing back to the kinda right shape, that thing's screen is still uncracked). Also would advise a dbrand skin in purple carbon because:

      No need to feel dirty about getting good devices, plus you can have fun giving all the unreasonable people here an aneurysm (because remember Apple cannot make a single decent product or service because Apple bad). 

    3. dizmo


      Haha, yeah. I love to tinker though. Not even constantly, but I do like to have things a certain way...that's why I have a clock app that lets me change like 20 or 30 different variables. Plus one of my friends has the hardest time navigating the phone since she's Apple for life, so she can't snoop as easily ? I think if Apple adopted an app drawer, I'd be much more likely to move over to it. The Apple Watch is most of the reason I'd consider one, and that depends mostly on how the eBay app interacts with it.


      I like dBrand, but I actually love that green color they came out with for the Pro phones. Plus they finally have a decent battery in the Pro Plus or whatever it's called.

    4. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      @dizmo you mean the reasonably named iPhone 11 Pro Max? It's supposed to have a solid bump in battery life over the X, thus why I've been eyeing one (also because shiney new thing), though it does have the surprised pikachu camera setup, lol. 

      Unless you jailbreak you're stuck with iOS as it is, and to jailbreak you need iOS 12.4 or older currently, 12.4.1 patched the exploit they used. You also need to re-jailbreak the device every time you restart it because reasons (something about the way the jailbreak works, they haven't had a permanent one since iOS 8 or something IIRC). 

      Be aware eBay doesn't actually have an app for the Apple Watch, at least it's not giving me the option to install it: 


      Yet I have it installed on my phone:


      Best it'll do is show pop-up notifs same as the phone does, but on your wrist. 

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