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Zando Bob

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    X58 Platform Enthusiast

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    Zando_Bob, if I remember right.

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    Tennessee, y'all!
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    X58 motherboards and CPUs and messing around with them.
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    Excel data manipulation drone, Junior IT Admin/Support

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  1. Oof, forgot to post these last Friday: 






    Bread obtained. Compared to my 1080 Ti: 




    Haven't had a chance to properly bench it vs the 1080 Ti because I have an i7 950 at 3.9GHz and that's uh... bottleneck for sure my doods. 6c/12t W series Xeon in the mail rn, should do it more justice. 


    Actually running the 1080 Ti right now because I need to test and see if the RVII is the reason for some crashes. Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Origins, and Republic Commando just straight up crash, IDK if that's due to it being such a new card or some instability with my overclocked CPU, so thus more testing. Will swap the RVII back in once the rest of the stuff for my PC build gets here, then I can use it properly (mobo tray, PSU mount, aforementioned CPU, Heatkiller IV CPU block, RM1000i and some other stuff, building a custom open case with some plywood for now). 

    1. LukeSavenije


      I'll take it


      trade for a 1070 ti?