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  1. Yeah. My uncle has to "break in" his AR-10 sometimes, so we go out and blow away a 10-15 round clip of .762 ammo in 3 seconds. Awesome fun though! And my dad has an AR (fun), noice 30-30 lever action (cowboy rifle, but it kicks harder than a horse) and a 20-gauge pump shotgun. Shotguns are great fun too. I'd like a Mosin-Nagant tho, since they look so awesome and aren't super expensive.
  2. Real miniguns are awesome! Though you can't shoot your friends with those...
  3. Yeah. I think we started with a blue minivan and a pickup truck, now it's a 15 passenger van and a couple SUVs (one mine, one my dad's for when we don't need to cart the whole fam).
  4. Yah. And through rivers (Aluminium frame! No rust!) and up super steep stuff. Plus, totally OP when playing airsoft. Put one of these on top: TL;DR/DW: Linus should get a Humvee with an airsoft minigun on top.
  5. LOL. I've got 10 sibs (and we're in the process of adopting another...). 15 passenger van FTW! Though I have my own car now and my older brother is out and married, so there's only 10 at home, plus the parents.
  6. Yah. Now the Hummer H1 (basically a military spec vehicle, still about $100K on eBay) and the Military Humvee actually look nice and tactical and cool and are actually built properly to handle evasive action at full speed without flipping and they have the ability to climb stuff properly. Civvie hummer: Real Humvee:
  7. You can join my discord server and play with us (Us being @Abyss Gaming and @WhisperingKnickers and a few others). I got it as well, $5.48 with tax. Totally worth it though. Like you said, defo not $60 cool, but still a great game.
  8. One from ASUS, ASRock, or Gigabyte. The Gigabyte K5\K7 are very nice boards, same with the ASRock Tiachi and ASUS ROG Crosshair (but it's too expensive IMO).
  9. Yah. It'll just make it easier to fight. Also, they don't seem to realize that basically anything hooked up to a network can be hacked, and you don't want that happening to an armed and dangerous robot. And terrorists have some pretty techie guys, I'm sure, so it's not a very good idea IMO.
  10. *Knuckle Bump* (Though I like the RMx PSUs too...)
  11. I paid $5 and totally love it, it's great playing with friends. Would suck if I had to play it offline all the time though...
  12. Stink. I've got a friend who can get about 20fps on his laptop, but I think that's with the lowest settings possible. Did you make an entry?
  13. Then don't mine, make a hackintosh or set up a linux distro or install Ubuntu server and learn to use the command line or build a linux install from the kernel up or a whole bunch of stuff you can do with you current software that will actually help you in an IT job. Oh, and learn all about networking protocols and all that gobbledy-gook. I didn't, and now I need to set up network monitoring software at work, and IDK what I'm even looking at or how it works. And it's much more fun to tinker with stuff than slowly burn your GPU to death mining, while also heating up your room more and eating a ton of power. Not to mention the noise...
  14. Oh, missed that. Yeah, it's a terrible deal to pay $600+ for one new, but I wouldn't think anyone would look at buying one new, being that they cost that much. (circular reasoning at it's finest)
  15. How is it bad? I agree it's only good at $300 or less (I got mine for $300, a 1070/1080 is about $350-400), but it's a beast of a card for any older games, or newer ones that are well optimized. It can match a 1070, even edge it out by a few % when both are overclocked, if you won the silicon lottery.