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  1. And yeah, you just quote people. on a thread, or tag someone like so: @Zando Bob. Tagging is pretty handy for if you want to invite people to your thread. For example, if you wanted to ask a question about a power supply, you'd want to tag @STRMfrmXMN. He'll get a notification and then come and see this thread.
  2. Just play your least intensive games at med/low on the iGPU until you have enough $$$ to get a good GPU like a 1050 Ti or 1060 6GB. A 1050 is decent, but the Ti version is much better, and can run pretty much any AAA game at 1080p on med/high, with a decent framerate.
  3. IDK if the GPU has an RGB header. And make sure and quote or tag people: @McHox, for example, so we can see you replied.
  4. AFAIK, they OC the same. The X series is slightly higher binned, and are mainly for people who won't OC at all and want a higher clock speed, or extreme overclockers who want the absolute best they can get, and have the budget for it.
  5. Yeah. Get faster RAM for Ryzen (make sure it's on the QVL list for your mobo), and you can mark stuff as purchased on PCPP so we know you already have it.
  6. Yup. Thus:
  7. AMD is cheaper, and you can OC, and it's got way more cores and threads, so it's way more better.
  8. I'm stuck with LGA 1155 for now (just ordered an i5), but I'm upgrading to Ryzen soon. And the 1700 should be cheaper than the 1700X, and overclock the same.
  9. Everyone is gonna freak out and tell you this should have been a status update. But you don't have a bunch of followers, so it's not a problem. On topic: I don't think Intel is necessarily trying to cheat people, but they certainly aren't innovating as much as they could.
  10. Noice! I'm planning on getting the K5 as well (Or maybe the K7...). Though I'd go for a R7 1700, and OC it. The X just comes without a cooler and with a factory overclock.
  11. Here: It basically looks like they won't let you RMA if you OC, but they can't prove it, so its really some legalese to cover their butts in case of user error.
  12. Didn't know that. Yup. He was asking why it's a dead end setup, and I was doing my best to explain that. It's still a good deal, but its not as upgradable as newer standards.
  13. What games are you playing?
  14. They don't support newer tech like M.2 and NVMe, most likely, and can't upgrade to the latest CPUs and DDR4 RAM, so you'll have to buy another wholemCPU/mobo/RAM package if you want to upgrade down the line.