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    Star Wars + Porgs = perfection


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    Xeon X5675
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    ASUS Rampage III Formula
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    16GB Assorted DDR3
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    MSI Gaming 980 Ti 6G
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    Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass
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    128GB SSD, 1TB WD Blue, 2TB mass storage drive, 1TB drive for macOS
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    Seasonic M12II
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    Decent Acer 1080p one I got for $99
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    Gammax 400, stock Phanteks case fans
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    some AULA one
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    G602 (on the way, for now an EVGA X3)
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    I have an email with them, but it's mainly for directing my spam to.
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    Zando_Bob, if I remember right.

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    Tennessee, y'all!
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    Computers* (Duh), Star Wars, Mountain Biking

    *Hardware, Gaming, some software.
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    Computer hardware fanatic and Star Wars fanatic and Mountain Bike fanatic and now big fan of boom sticks (guns). But only when pointed at targets, NEVER AT PEOPLE!!!
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    Excel data manipulation drone, Junior IT Admin/Support

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  1. My son's first build

    It'll beat an R7 in pure, high refresh gaming benchmarks. Ryzen wins out for value, multitasking, and longevity of the platform. And unless you're gaming at the highest refresh rate possible or playing games like ARMA 3 with mods and 100+ people on a server, Ryzen is fine. It'll keep up with any card on the market at basically any res, unless you're trying to push like 144+ hertz in games that can't use multiple cores.
  2. Pricing of 16GB RAM

    ^^^ 16GB is the sweet spot for gaming, but 8GB is fine and I don't know of any games that plain won't work with less than that.
  3. Main difference between PC and console is you can run much higher resolutions (heck, if you've got the cash you can set up a 16K gaming rig and monitor wall) and settings, and you can run mods on tons of PC games.
  4. Apple is pretty good at not collecting your data, since they make Operating Systems and services in order to sell products, whereas companies like Google and Facebook offer products or services for free, and thus need to pull your data in order to make money selling that to advertisers or improving their platform.
  5. TFW you're at work and the Warmind DLC comes out for Destiny 2 and everyone is posting screenshots of the dope loot but you're at work and thus can't play, but also can't concentrate on said work because hype... :dry:

    1. Silentprototipe


      I know the feel xD 

  6. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    Also, there's more overclockable Xeons for X58 than pretty much every other relevant Intel platform IIRC.
  7. Especially if you get a mobo with great VRMs, you can run a CPU at 1.4v and if it burns out just grab another one for $15-50 (for a 6 core, quads are like $12 for 4).
  8. I wouldn't advise 775, it's getting pretty old and the IPC will be horrible. Look for either a newer i3 or an X58 mobo and Xeon, when overclocked a 6c/12t Xeon X5675 is just barely behind an R5 1600 (and I got my ASUS Rampage Mobo and CPU together for $120, cheaper than most new CPUs alone).
  9. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    For reference, I run my X5675 at 4.2-4.4GHz and a 980 Ti with a 620W M12II Evo.
  10. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    I'd look for a Corsair CX450 or 550M. I've got a 2015/16 gen one in my secondary rig and they're great. Solid, quiet, and semi-modular so cable management is easier.
  11. Star Wars Steam Weekend Sale

    Yeet! GoG had a similar sale so I snapped up KOTOR II, other than the Jedi Knight series it's the only classic I really wanted.
  12. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    noice... And I got it to boot and redid some settings and stuff, seems to hang a bit on boot sometimes but it's pretty stable AFAIK.
  13. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    hmmmm..... I'll try that if I can get it to behave, I highly doubt the mobo itself is damaged. If I can't get it to work, I can pop my other 6 core into an MSI workstation board I have and use that for the time being...
  14. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    IDK, and can't get into the BIOS to see... I had the multiplier maxed to 25, I think the BLCK was 180 or so.... and I think I had the CPU voltage on 1.4 because apparently X58 Xeons can take that pretty easily. That's all I can remember.
  15. General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    lol. And now when I went home for lunch, it's decided to refuse to boot anything at all, halts on a boot device error or something. Strange, since I gamed for hours last night, and the day before, with 0 issues.... the mystery continues.