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    Star Wars + Porgs = perfection

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    Zando_Bob, if I remember right.

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    Tennessee, y'all!
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    Computers* (Duh), Star Wars, Mountain Biking

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    Computer hardware fanatic and Star Wars fanatic and Mountain Bike fanatic and now big fan of boom sticks (guns). But only when pointed at targets, NEVER AT PEOPLE!!!
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    Excel data manipulation drone, Junior IT Admin/Support


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    Xeon X5675
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    ASUS Rampage III Formula
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    16GB Assorted DDR3
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    MSI Gaming 980 Ti 6G
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    Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass
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    128GB SSD, 1TB WD Blue, 2TB mass storage drive, 1TB drive for macOS
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    Seasonic M12II
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    Decent Acer 1080p one I got for $99
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    Gammax 400, stock Phanteks case fans
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    some AULA one
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    G602 (on the way, for now an EVGA X3)
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  1. Best use for a secondary PC

    Like others have said, make a linux box and mess around with different distros or projects for funsies. When I get time I'm gonna do that with one of my extra PCs.
  2. NVLink, possible 2x performance?

    I doubt it will double the performance, but it does let you use all your VRAM, so if you used two 2080 Ti's that'd be an insane 22GB of VRAM shared between them. SLI disables the VRAM on one of the cards so without NVLink you only have 11GB (or 8GB on a 2080/1080 or 2070/1070).
  3. Probably not, the X5675 is an X58 CPU as well, and if your mobo says it supports 6 core i7s (just google it and go to ASUS' page on it, they should brag about that) then you're fine. X58 Xeons are just higher binned enterprise versions of the i7s. You can ask on the thread in my sig as well, the guys who frequent that know a lot more than me about the different boards and such.
  4. RTX2000 series is announced!

    inb4 lock because this is status update material.
  5. Return of the Triple Slots! 2080ti

    And you can pick up a Vega 64 for around the same price as a 1080 now (last I checked 3 days ago on Amazon they were only $560 or so), and it may turn out cheaper for 1080p 144Hz or 1440p because you can get FreeSync Monitors for a lot less than a G-Sync one.
  6. Downloading Games at 10 GIGABIT?

    ^^^ I always look for the links but they're never there... (like on the Linux GPI PCIe passthrough to Windows vid..)
  7. I'd pass on any 1st gen i7s, the one you have now is decent but you can get a better IPC on a newer CPU. Look for something like a Xeon X5675 or so, I ran one and it's an amazing CPU for the price, and IIRC is from about 2011 or so. I OCed mine to 4-4.5GHz and it was dope, but I eventually borked my RAM or something because I have no idea what I'm doing so I just bought an R7 2700X.
  8. It can run with a 1050 Ti easily. My i7 950 rig runs games like Battlefront 2015 and such at 60fps on med/low, that's with a GTX 660. It ran fine on hihg/ultra with a 1050 2GB though, I assume it'd do the same with a 1050 Ti. If you guys really want benchmarks I can throw a 980 Ti or possibly even a 1080 in there and see how it performs.
  9. What are members of the PC master race playing?

    Mostly NFS Payback, just picked up Forza Horizon 3 as well. I'm a big Destiny 2 player too, but the grind for the SoH armor has burned me out so I'm taking a break from that till Forsaken drops.
  10. G-Sync???

    G-Sync changes the refresh rate of the Display itself. So say you're playing something on 4K at 60fps, and get a drop to 45. G Sync will drop the refresh rate of the display itself to 45Hz, basically it just matches your fps within a certain range. Makes it buttery smooth since there's no screen tearing or other such stuff. For example, my cousin can play PUBG at 110fps on his 144Hz monitor with no stutter or lag or anything because G Sync just matches the fps his GPU puts out. You'd need to get a pretty serious drop in order to notice lag or stutter.
  11. Can i use integrated gpu and graphics card to get more permance

    Not really, games pretty much only use one or the other.
  12. Is this a good enough PSU?

    ^^^ I'm running a 980 Ti and R7 2700X just fine off a 550W PSU (EVGA G3), you only need more if you go for SLI.
  13. IDK. From the article they'd need to control about 90,000 units, but I'm not sure how many people actually have wifi connected AC units and such.
  14. It's not really DDoSing, they just have to turn them all on and off at the same time to knock out the power grid.