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  1. I run a K70 Lux, sure it's RGB but if you just turn that off (which you can do with a button on the board itself, no need for software), it's just a black aluminum topped keeb. Mine has MX Browns, they have ones with blues, speeds, and reds as well. If you want one with no RGB at all, then it's much harder. Can just build your own tho. iPPC and Chromax are your friends.
  2. What motherboard is it? Do you have a POST code readout or anything? Did you try manually shorting the PWRBTN and GND pins? Any fan spin at all?
  3. It won't run 4x M.2 cards. You can get modded BIOSes for X99 ASRock boards to enable bifurcation, but to my knowledge X79 can't do that. You need bifurcation (the CPU itself to split an x16 to x4/x4/x4/x4) since the card doesn't have it's own controller.
  4. Remove the protective film on that GPU before you boot it lol. And the switch on the back of the PSU is on? Mobo should have status lights that will turn on when you have power to the mobo. You can also carefully short the power switch pins with a screwdriver (this is the same thing the power switch does, it just shorts the pins for half a second).
  5. ^^^ This. Also all the cables inside the PC are in the right place? The amount of times I've forgotten to plug in the CPU power then freaked out is uh... high.
  6. Could be formatting? 1TB drives are 900something GB formatted, not exactly 1000. 2TB drives are 1700-1800GB formatted (or 1900GB? I just looked at my drives last night lmao, I should know this), not 2000GB. Not surprising if it's the same for larger drives.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if the wireless keeb was designed to be a bit more dust/water resistant since they assume you'll move it around, whereas on the G512 they would have put that money elsewhere, like into making it a nicer keyboard to use when you're not throwing water at it (which they assume you won't).
  8. That's normal. If the game pushes all the cores, it'll boost them all. If it just pushes a few, it'll only boost those.
  9. Both have stellar colors and displays, the difference between my iPhone X and an XR (same screen as the 11 basically, and this is OLED at 458ppi vs IPS at 326ppi) is that the blacks on my X would look better if you sat in a pitch black room and looked at it, or do a lot of extremely contrast dependent stuff. Samsungs displays are stellar too, in fact, Apple's displays are Samsung panels. Neither is lacking in the eyeball candy department as far as screens are concerned. Support for 2 years, probably get that with Samsung? Updates are often slow though, some phones don't get major releases of Android till a year later. Whereas every iPhone gets the latest iOS it supports at the same time as every other iPhone. Apple is typically fast with security updates too. As for customization, on iOS you can change your wallpaper and choose text sizes, then dark or light mode. That's about it, lol. Whether or not that's enough is up to you.
  10. Then get the S10 and deal with software support being eh. If you don't like iOS, don't get the iPhone. If you don't like how android OEMs treat their devices software-wise, either get one that can run a custom ROM, or get an iPhone. If you don't want either then uh... Blackberry? Do they still run their own OS? Point being you've gotta give up something somewhere, what you give up depends on your personal preference.
  11. Still 326ppi, impossible to tell the difference between pixels. Every iPhone since the 4 was 326ppi ( have 2 of these and 2 4Ss), Plus was 401 ppi (I had that), X and such are 458ppi or more IIRC (I have that now). Little to no difference in sharpness, at worse it's extremely very slightly maybe possibly noticeable if you have a magnifying glass. Lower resolution also lets the phone be a little snappier and the battery lasts longer, both things also seen with the iPhone SE (6S SoC packed inside a smaller phone with a lower res screen). 11 Pro has the same res as the X AFAIK, so around 458ppi. iPhone then. Samsung is known for horrible software support, even for flagships. They usually cap out at 2 years, Apple usually goes 3+, in the case of the 5S and 6 Plus, 4-5 years.
  12. NH-D15 is on par with most AIOs. ^^^ These are really good ones, especially the CLC 280. From the GN review I read the 360 is up to snuff as well. I had the 280mm and 120mm models, they were pretty damn good.
  13. FE is the Frontier Edition. Bone stock, yes it slaps the 85C limit and begins throttling. Ramp the fans a bit and even with stock voltage (which is max, Vega cards ship running near max voltage) it'll stay under 75C even for 24-36 hour render sessions in Blender. Vega FEs also have the option of signed drivers if you use applications that need that, I don't think the RVII does. OP, does your software use CUDA? If so you're probably better off with the 2080. Gaming wise the 2080 would be slightly ahead at stock, though games that like AMD cards will favor the RVII. They can OC pretty far too, but since you'd be doing pro work on the card I doubt you'd want to push much of an OC.