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Zando Bob

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About Zando Bob

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    Star Wars + Porgs = perfection

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    Zando_Bob, if I remember right.

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    Tennessee, y'all!
  • Interests
    Computers* (Duh), Star Wars, Mountain Biking

    *Hardware, Gaming, some software.
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    Computer hardware fanatic and Star Wars fanatic and Mountain Bike fanatic and now big fan of boom sticks (guns). But only when pointed at targets, NEVER AT PEOPLE!!!
  • Occupation
    Excel data manipulation drone, Junior IT Admin/Support


  • CPU
    Xeon X5675
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Rampage III Formula
  • RAM
    16GB Assorted DDR3
  • GPU
    MSI Gaming 980 Ti 6G
  • Case
    Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass
  • Storage
    128GB SSD, 1TB WD Blue, 2TB mass storage drive, 1TB drive for macOS
  • PSU
    Seasonic M12II
  • Display(s)
    Decent Acer 1080p one I got for $99
  • Cooling
    Gammax 400, stock Phanteks case fans
  • Keyboard
    some AULA one
  • Mouse
    G602 (on the way, for now an EVGA X3)
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  1. Zando Bob

    Best CPUs able to oc to ~4.5GHz

    X58 Xeons, i5 8600K and i7 8700K.
  2. Zando Bob

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    They also run pretty much anything at 1080p60 on med/high, maybe even ultra.
  3. Zando Bob

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    I'm hearing "Do a totally nuts custom watercooled rig and fill ALL THE SLOTS with GPUs"...
  4. Zando Bob

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    IIRC @WhisperingKnickers was contemplating that...
  5. Zando Bob

    RX 580 4gb vs 8gb

    ^^^ You can get sales on SSDs all the time, and prices keep coming down. Whereas GPUs even when they're a deal are usually over $200, so you can't just snap up an 8GB one later.
  6. Zando Bob

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    Do the responsible thing and buy it.
  7. If you want to OC, you need a fricken beefy cooler. My 8600K at 5Ghz still hits over 80C in stress tests on an NH-D15S with dual fans (it's in an S340 Elite with a full complement of fans, so airlfow isn't the best but it's pretty good). About 60C in gaming though.
  8. Zando Bob

    RX 580 4gb vs 8gb

    I'd say yes, some games can really eat VRAM (like Rise of the Tomb Raider, if set to very high textures even on 1080p it eats over 7.5GB VRAM).
  9. Zando Bob

    Games running like garbage [SOLVED]

    Yep. I also have an R7 2700X as well as the 1600 I mentioned earlier, and it's a beast as well. Bit higher IPC and clocks than the R7 1700, but very similar. Ryzen CPUs overall are pretty boss unless you need 144+fps.
  10. Zando Bob

    Games running like garbage [SOLVED]

    ^^^ Yep, IIRC the DRM they use devours CPU perf, it's not just the game eating your CPU. Something with more cores should be awesome (saw you were reccomended the R5 1600, I have one and it's pretty darn good). The 1050 Ti should be fine, they're awesome cards for the price and power consumption.
  11. Zando Bob

    At this point the 1080 Ti still a better buy?

    or wanna play ROTTR, that thing'll pull 7.5GB of VRAM on my 1080, at 1080p Very High textures. My 980 Ti can only handle High because it doesn't have enough VRAM.
  12. Zando Bob

    Some questions

    AFAIK Rise of The Tomb Raider scales very well, I'll defo be testing that myself tonight. I don't have Shadow though so I can't speak on that. And doubt PUBG/Fortnite support it but Fortnite is free so I could try that, but I'd have to murder my dignity in order to do so...
  13. Zando Bob

    Some questions

    Quote people with the little arrow under their post, it gives them a notification that you responded. And you can watch 4K movies and YouTube off a decent Intel iGPU so you'll be fine on that front, and 1440p144Hz should be awesome (I play at 1080p144hz and it's pretty darn sweet).
  14. Zando Bob

    New AMD Rig

    I did see that the ASUS boards aren't particularly stellar, but they're not bad at all, at least in my experience. And which MSI boards are the good ones? Last I checked the Tomohawk was the main good board from them.
  15. Zando Bob

    Some questions

    ^^^ It still runs as SLI in the Nvidia settings, but it's using NVLink which AFAIK not only lets you pool your VRAM (so 22GB instead of just the 11GB from the top card), it's also a bit higher bandwidth. As for SLI support in games, which are you planning to play? I'm building my rig with SLI 1080s tonight, so if I have any of the games I can test them for you.