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  1. That's what I was saying. If it's such a good mobo, why couldn't it bear the weight of a full GPU? And I think the weight capacity of a mobo can depend on the case and how strong it is, as the mobo draws a lot of its stiffness from that. Just Google some reviews and see if anyone complains about floppy mobo syndrome.
  2. OK. As far as I can see, it is the cheapest ATX, AM4, B350 mobo on PCPartPicker US.
  3. IDK. Probs. If it's got all the major features, why wouldn't it be able to support (literally) a full sized GPU?
  4. Nope. On the US PCPartPicker, it's the cheapest ATX motherboard.
  5. Good point. So this is the cheapest acceptable mobo:
  6. They could report it to Facebook and they might take it down, if it qualified as hate speech or any other reason they could find.
  7. At least on PCPartPicker, it's the cheapest ATX mobo with a B350 chipset, decent I/O, and good looks. EDIT: Here, gaze upon it's beauty (and it's only $90 and has USB C):
  8. Doesn't help that the distorted bass sounds like massive farting...
  9. If you are going with Ryzen and want a cheap mobo, the MSI PC Mate is your best bet. Pretty much any decent mobo from MSI or Asus will be good, as well as Gigabyte. IDK much about ASrock, but I think they're pretty good.
  10. Yup. 'specially since my car has a pretty good aftermarket sound system. Though I need a subwoofer (or maybe I don't...), but there's no room for one once I fold the seats up (I've got a Mountaineer). I mainly need one since my speakers start distorting the bass when I turn it up loud, and I love to have my windows down.
  11. Gaming only: i7 7700K Gaming and some productivity work/video editing etc: Ryzen 7 1700
  12. Just put duct tape over the black bars (effectively expanding the bezels and shrinking the aspect ratio), and then you don't need to worry about it.
  13. Same here. Except for music, I can't drive without my tunes!
  14. I assume you are uploading a screenshot? nvm, ninja'd. You uninstalled the drivers before reinstalling the latest ones?