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  1. Hi all, I’ve built a pc few days back & bought no Sound system as my family is a bit strict on listening music or movies at high sound. But when my cousins & friends want to watch a movie, it’s impossible for me to do as I’ve only one headphone. Now I’ve an extremely low budget(60-70$) & my cousin makes diy sound system & sells it. (He’s pretty good) The problem is the sound of his systems is not that great as he make his amplifiers on his own. So I told him to make the speakers for me & I’ll attach the amplifier. So I googled but only found one in a low price range. As I’ll be using it once or twice per month, I wouldn’t be needing a high end sound system. It’ll be good if it’s sufficient for a 100sq. ft room & if it’s sound & base is clear. So is this a good 2.1 amplifier in this price range? My budget for the amplifier is 20$. Thanks all.
  2. Different & multiple downloads from reliable sites.
  3. Hi, My ISP was meant to give me at least 4 mbps. But recently it’s capped @ 3 mbps. I went to their office & they literally changed the allocation for my ID from 8 to 10 mbps. They changed the optical fibre from their office to my home( that's what they said. Not sure), changed the old optical to cat-5 converter & installed something called ONU. Still I’m getting 3 mbps. I've got 4 Mbps but that was two months ago. After that not a single bit over 3mbps. It looks like their changes isn't properly applying. What’s the issue & how can I fix this? They can’t figure out the issue. ( my ISPs networking knowledge is not that good. In some cases I know better than their workers ) Thanks.
  4. Thanks. But I’ve heard many ones who got scammed in eBay when using PayPal
  5. I would’ve sell to eBay but it’s full of scams & it might take some time. Tried GameStop. No PC games sell listings found there & only offering 17$ for Xbox games. Actually I don’t play games so often & don’t personally like the bundled. So it’d be really great if I can sell those for 60-70$ As the games are new. Thanks.
  6. You said to use only one connector per cable
  7. So I should use only the 8 pin connector??
  8. Why it's done? doesn't it create a pressure on other pins? I'm completely noob in this ... I don't get it. My cables pin on the Psu side wasn't bent or something. And that guy used a 8+6 pin power cable & PSUs always have only 8 pin. do you have any suggestions to prevent this form happening ??
  9. I’ll grab a Toshiba then.
  10. Actually I’m running Toshiba for nearly 5 years. So Toshiba gained my trust
  11. It was properly plugged in, I doubled checked before starting the PC. The other guy on reddit has same issue like me. He also has same GPU.
  12. Hi, A few days back one of my GPU cable was burnt. Other was running fine. Thought some random issue. But then I found this guy https://www.reddit.com/r/gpumining/comments/9wyk23/rx580_crashing_after_start_mining/?st=JOJRU2SS&sh=106e20c2 Another thing I noticed that, There’s a blank pin port at the PSU end of the cable. And the plastic burnt in the same rail. Here’s a pic of burnt pins. And here’s the one of blank pin port. My guess is that somehow it pulled much higher output than it should. But why & how to prevent it?? My GPU is RX 580 & PSU is CM V750
  13. I’ll then buy a Toshiba HDD.