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    Sketchy computers, Sim Racing, Stadium Super Trucks, Pretending to know more about wine than I actually do
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    i7-5960X @4.3GHz
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    Asus X99 Deluxe
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    64GB DDR4
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    GTX 1080
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    Corsair Air 540
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    240GB SSD Boot, 2TB & 8TB HDD
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    Aorus AD27QD
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    BeQuiet Dark Rock 3
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    G305 Wireless
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    HD 280 Pro, UA-4Fx, MXL 440, Mackie CR4, Arturia Minilab mkII

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  1. Check the thermals (maybe open up HWInfo64, see if anything is over 90C). Likely you'll need to repaste the CPU and GPU.
  2. Maybe try updating the BIOS of the Mobo? Not sure why that would work but I have no clue why it isn't working for you. Also what is the GPU?
  3. https://www.rtings.com/ see if they have reviews. Best way to make a good TV decision.
  4. I'd personally go for the 13". Nothing against the AMD CPU, just I like the size of the 13" more, it has Alcantra as an option, and the WiFi card is a lot better. Both are pretty good laptops tho
  5. Not totally sure, what games exactly are you thinking and I might be able to roughly guess. If you're primarily planning on gaming then I'd recommend looking into something like the Acer Nitro 5. You can get a model with a 1050Ti for about the same price that will have about double the gaming performance. Only problem is you'll have to deal with things like more weight, less battery life, and slightly inferior build quality.
  6. Wanted to compare the Intel vs. AMD versions of this laptop. I don't there there are currently any 10th gen Intel chips in budget laptops (although that will probably change soon).
  7. Chances are the biggest problem you have is the quality of your CPU block. As for peltier, probably don't, it's suuuuper inefficient. If you want to have a temporary super cold solution then add some quick disconnects to your rad and plumb the loop into a icebox when you want super performance. Or just put a jug of water in the fridge and use that as your reservoir.
  8. you

    1. AlexTheGreatish
    2. VenomZ_


      How did you read my mind

    3. AlexTheGreatish


      On my mind from this script: 



  9. Pretty sure it hasn't been released yet, unsure when it'll be out.
  10. I'd take a long hard look at AMD for the CPU. Storage, case, psu and cooler (if compatible with whatever you get) can stay, the rest I'd sell to help subsidize the upgrade.
  11. We will be fairly soon, just have other projects that needs to get finished first.
  12. Yeah the winner has already been contacted so if you haven't gotten an email then better luck next time.