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Status Updates posted by linustouchtips

  1. went to bed at 10pm i think i woke up every hour before six thinking it was time to wake up whats wrong with me


  2. the huawei Richard Yu went ham last night but his english was so broken i couldnt understand half the things he said but i do see why att pulled out they didnt want any maoware onboard their phones

  3. no it cannot be dell is issuing bios updates for meltdown and spectre do they not yet realize we don't have a deployment center for this yet now i have to travel to the ends of the earth to get everyone's bios updated manually im being punished

  4. ces is flying by and ends on the 12th but still no announcement of any scroll like phone i want to open my phone up like some ancient scroll to view my amazing twitter feed of memes

  5. Geforce now streaming game service what year is it?

  6. its soooo cold i dont have work tmrw and we got our checks delivered today what is happening the day after tomorrow

  7. so when school are getting pre planned for closing do to temps should i keep my hopes up for no work tmrw or should i bundle up and hope my truck starts

  8. when you have two ryzen based systems and you see all the intel design flaw articles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. linustouchtips


      if intel takes down x86 we all god down i cry evri time be cool if amd is exempt but who knows what a great start to the year.

    2. Lurick


      When you fail to realize the flaw could very well impact more than just Intel chips...


    3. minibois


      [Ignores in AMD, like I ignore all the bad things in my life]

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  9. i feel fantastic rn its a friday afternoon with the possibility of leaving an hour early and a super long weekend what a time to be alive

  10. i knew winter was coming but -7 degrees F holy crap my truck battery crapped out

  11. going to work tmrw im still in holiday mode this isnt going to go well

  12. so i went to take a nap yesterday around 7pm was just going to be a hour long ended up sleeping till this morning 8am what happened

  13. i found an abandoned laptop in my new apt not sure if i should go out of my way to return it or just keep it hmmmm

  14. ive been out of university for awhile im grown up or something. how long are the holiday breaks between semesters now. i used to look forward to them back in the day and they seemed to last forever.

    1. Silentprototipe


      TIme seems to fly fast recently lol. You're Not alone in that 

  15. Spoiler:



    i watched the new star wars movie

  16. let the hate flow threw you so much negativity on here i know i contributed but lighten up everyone

    1. dizmo


      Haha, did you wander into the Audio forum? :ph34r:

    2. TVwazhere


      Felling this right now

  17. For all those amd users out there maybe this software will finally beat 1080ti jk Radeon Adrenalin software 17.12.1 is out



  18. this Microsoft surface pro 3 sound like it got clearance from nasa and about to go subsonic into space. why is this thing so freaking loud and hot to the touch.

    1. TVwazhere


      I read this and thought a consumer product was actually being put on a space shuttle to the ISS

  19. well i made it through the blizzard and tons of snow im at work why we didnt shut down know one will ever know

    1. imreloadin


      How much snow did you get?

    2. linustouchtips


      about 16 inches in like a few hours its still coming down so maybe more as the day goes on

  20. finally a live action pokemon movie starring ryan reynolds ive been waiting so long for this hope its doesnt suck to bad

  21. wow its actually snowing outside this global warming thing is really sucking the life out of my typical winters ehhh its okay

  22. I have a really bad modding addiction i spent 3 hrs last night on nexus mods trying to make my main character in fallout kawaii

    1. XKarton


      why dont you show it?

  23. my desk is starting to warp in the middle where my monitors are how do i stop this omg

    1. Theguywhobea


      Screw pieces of wood to the bottom of your desk to reinforce it.

    2. linustouchtips


      i bet you as soon as i starting screwing something into that ikea desk its going to fall apart or something but ill give it a go.