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Status Updates posted by linustouchtips

  1. so ive been having issues with firefox and entering text should i be worried anyone else who uses firefox having issues 


  2. well the lian li case is on its way and ive been picking up used ryzens system parts looking to do a custom water cooled build just for fun if i screw up at least it wont be my main rig hopefully everything goes according to plan  



  3. got a tech call this morning it felt like i was being seduced or something. I walk into the office slow 2000 era rnb is playing something about sex. the old lady is giving me the eye all i did was add a printer something i could've done remotely i am a victim send help

  4. does anyone else have names like kill me, bleach, im dead for their payment options on different sites

  5. who would win?

    boy with expensive af laptop playing fortnite during a lecture who bought all the reading material at the schools book store


    boy with cheap af 4 yo tablet with bluetooth keyboard and pirated books he found on some torrent site

    1. Techstorm970


      That is legitimately a tough one...


      I'd say the Fortnite player has a higher chance of getting caught, so the 4yo tablet dude wins! :P 

    2. AresKrieger


      People still pay for those books xD, they're a racket no reason to support that nonsense Tablet man is smarter

    3. Hiitchy


      The one with a pen, paper and a promise? I don’t know hah

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  6. so im concerned my electronics in my truck are starting to go crazy first my air pressure warning came on i pulled over to a gas station checked full pressure on all my tires. second the airbag sensor turned on and wont go away wth is going on am i being hacked

    1. ARikozuM


      Get an OBD scanner and see what's going on. 

    2. 3 Lions

      3 Lions

      Get  the ECU scanned. 

  7. the sun is bright

    1. germgoatz


      it is, its my bday and the weather could not be better

  8. so i stretched this morning and got a cramp in my lower leg. it hurt so I rolled over trying to get my leg unstuck fell out of my bed and hit my head on the nightstand. what a great start to the day and a great alarm system thanks leg.

    1. wkdpaul



    2. Hiitchy
  9. preorder gone wrong


    1. TVwazhere


      Also @linustouchtips there's an "Airflow edition" (front panel is mesh) coming out if you're using an Air Tower cooler like the Cryorig H7. The case as it stands is more optimized for radiators, just something to keep in mind :) 

    2. TVwazhere


      And I think @WoodenMarker gets the official case guru title, I'm still the apprentice :P

    3. Damascus


      The o11 gets a fuck yes/10

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  10. every call I've received so far goes like this "my computer locked me out can't log in" I'm just like you forgot your password didn't you okay ill reset it for you smiling.

  11. oh no the public wifi is down support tickets coming in 3...2...1..

  12. amd: "we will be open and inviting."


    jensen: "the more you buy the more you save"


    i can't buy another monitor jensen so i can't save xD

    1. Silentprototipe


      I feel dirty for buying a GT 1030 instead of a Radeon xD . At least I have my laptop's Vega 8 IGPU xD

  13. why do i always get the urge to buy new hardware when it comes out I'm actually considering selling my old ryzen system off and get the refresh is this normal

    1. germgoatz
    2. germgoatz


      like they always say, "sex sells"

    3. Sin Stalker

      Sin Stalker

      Why not just get the new CPU and keep the rest? That is what I am considering. Waiting for BIOs updates and see if it improves enough to warrant it.

  14.  you ever write a silly comment and can't stop grinning the entire time

  15. driving into work this morning i had a memory lapse after i made a turn i guess im so used to driving the same route i missed like 15 mins of my commute i just looked at the road just wondering did i make a turn i dont remember making the turn am i dead

  16. got a great tech call this morning status ticket apple genius bar.


    me: "IT"

    random lady: "hello do you know anything about macbooks this is my personal one"

    me: "nope"

    random lady: "its not turning on i just get a grey screen"

    internal me: "just hang up just hang up"

  17. finally the cold is going away now its just going to be rainy and foggy for the next two weeks but hey at least its not snow.

  18. managing my dropbox i stumbled across a few short story assignments i had in high school i cringed so hard reading one of them so now i decided to make a book out of it your welcome

    1. linustouchtips


      i feel sorry for my english teacher

    2. linustouchtips


      *cringe alert*



      My skyrim references were on point i love it but still an aweful mess of work.

    3. Hiitchy


      I was about to say... :P I actually enjoyed that little snippet

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  19. So is anyone watching the GTC Live Stream tmrw even with all the GPP news going around?

  20. i thought akg earbuds were supposed to be high quality the right ear crapped out and the left one is sounding watery its only been a couple of months

    1. Den-Fi


      Yeah. If I was AKG, I would have been hesitant to put my name on something like that. Not everyone understands that they didn't make em.

    2. linustouchtips


      then i can hold nothing against them curse you Samsung sorry akg

    3. TVwazhere


      Same thing happened to me. Two pairs. theyre not worth it tbh

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  21. we have no power in one of our buildings the house the mail servers so no emails. power wont be restored till 10 am or later not sure on the time but I'm playing the phone game with everyone this morning i feel like a robot telling them the same thing every call.

  22. another winter storm in march WNY is the place to be

  23. i don't want to alarm anyone but umm 1070tis on Nvidia site are in stock