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  1. i know that really just wanna get one i can push to 5ghz if possible
  2. anyone know anyone selling pre binned 2700x cpus anywhere looking online and uk overclockers and silicon lottery have nothing was wondering if there is anywhere else to check thanks in advanced.
  3. if i had that kinda money this is more or the less the build i would do it minus the fact i would do a custom loop instead but maybe start here if your looking for one https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/7c6QFd
  4. found a set of g933 for 108 shipped definitely gonna go with these thanks for the recommendation it seems to have everything i love about the g35 and more so this is perfect
  5. ill take a look at the g933 ones so far the others look ok but im more of a muddy base guy then a clear sound overall i like the dirty bass
  6. So I have a pair of logitech g35 and I love them but they broke and for one reason or another they are expensive now ranging from 200 to 500 depending on where you buy them new idk if it was a flash sale or something but a few years back when I got my first set I only paid 90 at best buy and now I can't find a pair that's new for under 200 so I was wondering if anyone out there has had or used the logitech G35 and since found something new to replace it that doesn't hurt your ears and has decent bass and a mic preferably tho I can live without mic if the headset is as comfortable and good sounding as the logitech g35 sorry for the horrible grammar I have a writing condition if that's all you want to comment on please don't ill do my best to make sure this is my only post ever.
  7. I have no grammar skills makes no sense to me so ill make this my last response and as for paying for an inferior product I mean its a pretty big jump to say that amd has no product right now that isn't worth my money yea sure fx was a failure but ryzen epic thread ripper aren't near that bad and do offer quality for there price point and also I mean if we are gonna go based on pure benchmarks then you might as well say that Intel is king and no one will ever be able to compete therefor if you don't buy intel your stupid I see that as fanboying as well. simply because Intel has had way more time and money to invest in its product to make it better to make it what it is today and if everyone buys intel and no one buys amd then how are they supposed to make a better product I mean it sounds like your basically asking them to just come running out the gate with a product that the giant Intel has no chance of beating like if its that easy to put Intel down then why doesn't someone from here go do it like really amd is doing what they can. Not the best sure but if no one supports them its never gonna get any better period and if you only want intel because of that then fine I guess I just don't wanna support intel they have enough money and fans and research that they can take a chill pill for a while someone else catches up.
  8. my reason for being an AMD fan regardless of Intel's prices is mostly just the fact that I simply don't like Intel or what they offer as a company they have been mainstream for a decade with little to no competition and I don't want them to continue to be the main and only decent choice for cpus and if that means paying more for less but all the while not supporting Intel then I'm down for it I want there to be competition and I want to make sure it stays that way only way that's gonna happen is if I buy AMD at least that's the way I feel about it. and if down the road in like 5 years intel hits the market with something that no one can compete with then sure i might switch over if i got no choice and be happy about it but it really just comes down to the fact that i like amd more and i want to support them more then intel think of it like coke and Pepsi no matter what there are both who love one or the other and at the end of the day regardless of price they refuse to drink the one they hate just outta preference and that's how i feel about amd just prefer it more and that's that.
  9. i think so as well as not giving mobo manufactures total control on xmp profiles but really hard to say untill someone does some testing with a few mobo
  10. not sure if this is a big deal or if someone already posted it under a different thread but anyways here's what I found let me know if you guys think this is legit and or real thanks. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/257044-intel-will-no-longer-provide-per-core-turbo-frequencies-making-motherboard-tuning-impossible summary i guess the general idea here is that intel is trying to not give specifics on the per core clock speeds and motherboards don't always do a great job of per clock boosting and at the end of the day its gonna fall on the community to gather the numbers to find out what works and what doesn't but intel could have just released the numbers from there benchmarks/testing I guess to make this easier. personal opinion i just think that since I've been a fan of AMD CPUs for most of my life that I'm not really worried about it and at the end of the day even if this 8th gen core i5 8400 is better value then a ryzen for performance and I'm still gonna go ryzen out of respect for and not worry about the issues Intel has or doesn't have. *Note; The title is a quote from ARikozuM thanks for pointing things out I don't really want to write all this I simply wanted to share news article I have no interest in writing this much but seems to share it I had to anyways if this isn't good enough then I'll just delete it and leave it thanks.