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  1. I bought it from amazon india. I am not able to find the return option it only says replace.
  2. @jaslion I searched web and read about tn panels and color shift. I don't think this is because of a TN panel because it happens no matter from where I look the screen and its not something like monocromatic but I see pixel level color dots on my screen (very very very small colourful pigments scattered all over my screen) even when looked straight to the screen Its all over my screen.
  3. also display looks like this irrespective of the viewing angle i.e the display noise is visible everywhere on the screen and it doesn't matter from where I look. Also is there any software adjustment I can do to minimise or solve this problem.
  4. I already applied for the replacement. I don't have the option for the return and so is this specific to my laptop and can I get something better from replacement?
  5. I recently bought, hp 15-bc513tx (https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c06386980) but the problem is the screen, it says its an FHD screen, but the colors on my display is not correctly visible(shown?). it's like my whole screen has an overlay of dust (I had screen properly cleaned many times). its like some of the pixels are showing rainbow colors or more like some sort of colorfull display noise. It's all over my screen. This laptop just came in yesterday. It's my first "good laptop" before that I was using an crappy and cheep one but I find the previous laptop screen much better. I had attached a photo of the laptop screen(My phone isn't that good ;) ), I don't know if you guys can see the problem, but any advice is much appreciate d. I had already applied for replacement but they want to first inspect it so before that I'll really like another opinion.