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  1. Okay their costumer support finally called us back after weeks of silence, ahd here's what they said: their router doesn't support anything above 1gbps, if we want 2gbps we have to buy our own modem that supports their optical cable input, and then buy a switch with 10gbps input and outputs.
  2. No such thing sadly, they only gave an all in one router which as i previously stated doesnt have anything higher than 1gbps.
  3. Site's in english: https://www.telekom.hu/lakossagi/english/plans/broadband "otthoni internet 2000"
  4. It's hungarian telekom's 2gbps down and 500mbps up connection. Can't say the modem's model number because none of us are home, but i'm certain it doesn't output more than a gig from each port, and 450mbps wireless. We will certainly use plex outside the network (like 10 people), and we'll also maintain a seedserver, with ftp transfers, so we will absolutely excersize the bandwidth available. Speedtest and ftp transfer tests confirmed that 2gbps is available, but we could only use it if 2 of us use 1gbps separately, that's what i'm searching a fix for.
  5. Hi, my friend recently upgraded their connection to the highest package available, which is 2gbps. He's trying to get top speeds for his plex media server, but the problem is that the isp gave a 400mbps router with only 1gbps ports on it. My question would be, how is it possible to get a 10gbps network output from that, since all the switches i've seen have lan ports as inputs, but their router only outputs 1gbps at most, as well as takes the isp's cable as input, which they specifically told us not to mess with and not to switch between devices, since they have it configured between their system and this specific router, so it wouldn't work anyway. Thanks for the help
  6. I talked to nvidia's support and they could fix my problem by enabling debugging mode in nvidia control panel. I have a 750w gold evga psu it's an expensive and premium one it shouldn't be an issue.
  7. I did that and nothing crashed with integrated graphics. Got a blue screen code, it says: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT also, i've got a new error today:
  8. I will be able to do that tomorrow
  9. i reset both the gpu and the cpu to their default clocks but still no success. i'll try to get an error code next time it happens
  10. my temps aren't going over 60, uplay games only say oh no! it crashed, overwatch says rendering device has been lost, other games just quit without error messages
  11. I have my gtx 1080 since christmas but last night it started crashing every 30 min or so and it's only getting more frequent. now i can't even start any game because it crashes instantly. sometimes i even get BSOD. i tried reinstalling the driver and updated the bios, but nothing happened. i have 3 tb of programs and data so i won't be reinstalling windows that's for sure. need help asap guys, i need my pc! thanks for the help.
  12. oszkom

    4k Gaming

    I'm currently using a 4k monitor and a Fullhd one, but i had experience with qhd before. I can assure you that you will see a difference, even more than from fullhd to qhd in my personal opinion. I'm using an LG 27UD58-B and it's absolutely mind blowing. i'm using a gtx 1080 16gb ram and 6700k and it runs the games on this resolution pretty well, mostly on high-ultra settings at stable 60.
  13. Also, its out of stock on amazon
  14. I'm planning to buy it but this is the only one priced low enough i could buy it even with vat, but i wouldn't risk the shipping of a monitor from this far.
  15. I'm waiting for a long time now, for the AOC AG352UCG to be released in europe but no news yet. it's avaliable in the u.s but not in europe, although there's a europe page for the product with no where to buy information. What do you think?