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  1. erzz

    USB 3.0 Switch

    Got it, it didn't work. I could hear my mic feedback in my headset when on ps4 port for some reason. it might be my ps4 or maybe because it's not bi-directional?
  2. erzz

    USB 3.0 Switch

    I need one that connects both to my pc and ps4
  3. erzz

    USB 3.0 Switch

    I dont think that would work with a headset ;/
  4. erzz

    USB 3.0 Switch

    They pretty much all convert to Type B
  5. erzz

    USB 3.0 Switch

    The question is.. do they exist? at all? I need a usb 3.0 switch 1 female to 2 female all Type A. I need a switch to connect my USB headset between my pc and ps4, I would love just a simple switch that can switch my headset from pc to ps4.
  6. Thanks for the reply, do you have any idea what I wont be able to do with +12V_SB?
  7. In europe they're very rare, on amazon they cost around 100eur.
  8. Hey, I have a HP Compaq 8000 elite sff motherboard that I collected for a tiny socket 775 test bench, but the motherboard has custom power plugs, is there any power converters on the market? This is the motherboard, to the left of the ram slots are the power plugs, the pci-e looking one, the 6 pins and the 4 pin.
  9. I just got the ASUS ROG version because I always loved the design and I don't mind paying 30-40EUR extra for design. Thanks to linus I am trying to fully rgb my pc and stuff so yeah.
  10. It is better, but 1060 was 10 months older, and some games support nvidia better than AMD, when I build a new rig, it's probably going to be full-amd unless intel releases better products.
  11. The CX550 is not a bad psu, but I would rather have it running a 1060 and a i5-7500 or less than an overclockable cpu and gpu. If OP decides to OC 3 years later (CPU, GPU), the PSU would have degraded and it might cause problems.
  12. I can recommend the Seasonic G-series too, it's actally a good PSU.
  13. I think it is when you have a high end gpu and a mid range cpu. I get that the rating does not really mean quality, and I have never tested the EVGA G1 myself. I still think that you should get more than you need, its always better to be safe. I myself am running on a 80+ Bronze PSU, 750W. PSUs will degrade, i've seen this happen so many times.