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  1. I've found this keyboard https://matias.ca/aluminum/backlit/ It looks really nice and ticks a lot of boxes for me. The one thing i am worried about is the key caps and travel distance. I prefer to finish my key stroke with out bottoming out. The tech specs say it has a 2 mm travel distance and i am trying to figure out how that compares to a basic keyboard. I really dislike laptop and chiklet keyboards so if that is what this is I'll have to pass on this and keep looking.
  2. I recently broke the legs off my keyboard and gof this to replace them https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YF31LJK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  3. I'm planning to build a new rig and want to play arround with virtuializaion. Does anyone know if the 3300x will support it?
  4. I was going to get a a ryzen 5 for my new build but with the debut of the new zen 2 architecture I am thinking that the new Ryzen 3 is the better value. My main concern is I'll pick up one of these and the new ryzen 5s will drop the next month.
  5. I watched the $800 Build video and I was wondering what would be the best AMD video card to swap out for the the one that is used in the guide? It seems like there are several different AMD chips currently being used and I have no idea what family is best for gaming.
  6. Hello All, I have been wanting to build a home media/file/backup server for a while now, but have always been put off by the cost. However the Raspberry PI 4B seems like it, partnered with a 5 or 6 bay external storage device might make an affordable device for someone like me, But I have several questions, which os would be best to use, One Media Vault, FreeNas, or some other os? Which file system btrfs zfs or simply raid? What sort of read and write speeds can I expect and how many simultaneous users would such a device be able to reliably support? I would really appreciate an LTT video with the answers to these questions before I go and spend my money on the hardware.
  7. I have been thinking about getting a beancanyon nuc to use as a hackintosh. Seeing this makes me think going virtualization would be a great route. How hard would it be to set up grub to boot right to the vm?
  8. Does anyone know anything about their business model? I assume they are a for profit business because they are buying ads on LTT but the only way I can think they are making money is by selling their users info. Anyone have any facts to calm my fears so I won't be afraid to use the service?
  9. I am going to be building a NAS at some point in the future and was wondering about the pros and cons of ZFS vs Raid. From what I understand you can't add a drive to a ZFS file system. in my mind that makes it unusable if you are going to be accumulating data and need to expand. Am I wrong in this? My use case is a home smb server and backup device.
  10. Hello All! Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu is a youtuber from China that mostly focuses on fun diy tech and 3d printing, two things I think viewers of ltt would enjoy. She appeared in an article in vice magazine earlier this year, after which youtube demonetized her. She just posted a video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FETt5JzufY4 that goes over what has happened over the last year. I was wondering if it would be possible for her to join float plane or maybe become a remote member of LTT to help her keep getting her content out.
  11. I think i am going with the coolermaster haf 912 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA2F84D68987 And something like an icy dock for the 5.25 drive bays.
  12. I am going to be building a freeNAS media/file server. I would like to use amd simply because that is what i usually use in my systems. After researching it is my understanding that all am3+ chips are ecc compatible. However i have been unable to find one with onboard graphics. Is anyone here using an amd chip for a small server and can you recommend your board? Also what would be a good inexpensive graphics card that can handle 1080p transcoding?