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  1. I'm no expert but I would expect that if you want to keep costs low then a webcam will be cheaper than a DSLR. I have the C920 and I haven't been disappointed. I think the problem with using a DSLR, iirc from when I looked into it, was that you had to make sure you had HDMI out and that the output could be made clean. Like no grids or battery indicators or anything like that and to get one with good video quality and that for under £200 was a bit of a stretch. You also need a capture card to do that which is another added expense. Things may have changed in the year since I looked but that's what I remember being the problem.
  2. Honestly I'd probably be upgrading my monitor(s). Get up to 1440p 144Hz GSync. Currently rocking 1080p 75Hz (OC'd from 60Hz) and while the monitors are good for the money I'd quite like something a little more
  3. Neither of these are a good buy now. It's not that they're bad deals, it's just that those CPUs and GPUs are a bit past it. If I was you I'd definitely look into non-new parts. The reason I'm saying non-new and not used is because you can quite often get refurbished parts for a good chunk less than new. Last christmas I got a refurbished GTX 1070 for about £50 than they were going for new so it might be worth looking around. I'd recommend looking for those but I think it's worth saying don't go for anything older than 1st gen Ryzen 5 (although 2nd gen would be a better shout), Intel 8th gen (although AMD would be a better shout from the value point of view because their motherboards are cheaper) and nothing older than Nvidia 10 series on the GPU side.
  4. It's not massively cheaper at the low end, the advantage to building your own is that you get all standard parts. With some prebuilts you can get really non standard motherboards and power supplies that really limit upgrade potential
  5. Inversion

    new here

    *says he does a thing while in the message not doing the thing...* Jk mate, welcome!
  6. Legit have never had this issue. Every pair of suit trousers I've ever had has had space for my Galaxy S8 and then some. But I do see your point. Dont get me wrong I think having phones fold small is great for everyone, not just people who wear clothing designed for female bodies
  7. Okay I've said it before and I'll say it again. Big phones that fold smaller are freaking cool. Now I'm not going to get the Motorola Razr. It's simply too expensive. It's also a first gen product. There will be some issues. But maybe in a few years I might be pocketing a Razr (or something like it). I hate that there's a notch. But assuming you can block off the top of the screen like you can on other phones I would be okay with it cause the overall top of the phone is curved. It would be interesting to know what it's like to try and press buttons on the bottom try on the home screen with that chin there but overall I really like the Razr. I can see a lot of advantages to flip phones coming back. People like larger displays. They're great for watching videos, playing games, and scrolling through twitter. But large phones are not the most practical in a lot of cases. I'm fortunate to have large pockets in my jeans because I wear male clothing. But female clothing often doesn't have pockets or if they do then they're smaller and can't take a Galaxy Note 10. I think the specs of the Razr leave a lot to be desired. I understand they wanted to make the phone no thicker than the Razr of yesteryear, but a 2 year old CPU, tiny battery, and no MicroSD card slot on a $1500 phone, that's pretty damn steep, even for a folding phone. Samsung proved that you can fold and have high end specs. We can only hope that the Razr 2 has more up to date specs.
  8. A combination of a few things: University Work - This is a big one. A lot of spreadsheets. A lot of reading notes. A lot of downloading tutorial questions. Committee Stuff - I'm on 2 committees at University. I'm the treasurer for my hall committee which means I spend a lot of time doing accounts, ordering stuff, and booking stuff for events (or paying for stuff other people book). I'm also the Publicity Rep for my uni's Scottish Country Dance Society so that means creating a lot of Facebook events, and sending emails inviting people. Generally consuming content - I'm a Uni student so I don't have a TV (and I wouldn't be able to afford a TV license anyway) which means most of my Netflix, YouTube, Floatplane content is consumed through my PC. Also my best speakers are connected to my TV as well so it's used for music when I'm in my room. Communicating - I am one of the rare people born this century that can type long messages a lot faster on a keyboard than I can on a touchscreen (even with a swipe keyboard) so I tend to respond to a lot of messages on things like Facebook using my computer as well. I also use Discord on my PC a lot more than on my phone.
  9. No!! London has ruined enough things!! LTX 2020 GLASGOW!!! (also yeah they already had 2019)
  10. There are times I really wish that space agencies like NASA, ESA, Roscosmos and all the rest got a lot more funding. The technology available to us now is massively more advanced than the likes of the instruments on the Voyagers. It's amazing that almost 50 years on we're still getting interesting discoveries from them but imagine what we could do if we followed up some of their discoveries with modern crafts. Now I realise that it would be very difficult to catch up to the Voyager probes since they got their Planetary Grand Tour gravity boosts, but it would be nice to see.
  11. I'm not sure if this is possible but if you manage it please keep us updated
  12. Probably nothing too major this year tbh. Probably get a 512GB NVMe SSD and maybe some wireless earphones (still trying to decide between the Samsung Galaxy Buds and JBL Free X's)
  13. I think it could be that a lot of what people percieve as "British Cars" aren't actually that British anymore. For example, Jaguar Land Rover is owned by Tata Motors in India, Vauxhall (admittedly not luxury by any stretch) has been German for years as the UK version of Opel and is now owned by Peugeot. A bit of a tangent here but I was really worried when Vauxhall got sold to Peugeot because I love my mum's Astra, it's an amazing car and there's never been a Peugeot within my lifetime (so this century) that's gotten me excited and I was worried they'd ruin the Vauxhalls, but it's been nice to actually see the Peugeots improve. But yeah I get what you mean. There are a lot of European cars that unless you're going on the track do not justify their price (looking at you Mercedes and BMW). I would say it's very possible to live a comfortable life without spending insane amounts on stuff. Honestly most of my money goes on my uni costs (accommodation and living costs only cause yay Scotland) but I would say it can be nice to go abroad. I am also one of those people who buys a previous generation smartphone. Right now I've got an S8 I got after the S9 came out. I've got the better part of a year left on my contract but I might just hold out until Christmas 2020 before picking up a new phone (Probably a OnePlus 7T Pro, 8 Pro, or maybe an S11 at a push). The only thing I spend a reasonable amount of money on is tech, most of that though comes as presents or I work for. Like I upgrade in hops, CPU, GPU, CPU, etc. And it's all midrange and either last gen or EoL (I got Ryzen 1st gen right before Ryzen 2nd Gen came out and got a GTX 1070 after the 2070 was already out. And I got a GTX 960 as the 1060 launched. I don't buy the latest and greatest very often. Now I don't do it very often because money, but next March I'm going on holiday to Prague but I'm going to see stuff. I'm going with my university Astronomical society and we're actually going to a working observatory and a laser lab, and then to see places around Prague and explore the city. It's things we can't do here which I think is okay. It's not like I'm going to Tenerife to lay on a beach.
  14. See this is where I think the issue lies. Not in clickbaity thumbnails or titles which are what people complain loudly about but in the content itself. Personally I don't dislike the content. For me it's a way of escaping into a sort of tech voyeurism. Like I'll never own an 8K camera until they become mainstream. But seeing them mess around with them is fun to watch (at least for me). Do I miss some of the more mess around with a jank ass computer content. Yeah but at the same time I think LTT needs to move not only with the times but also with the size of their channel. They wouldn't be able to sustain growth in the way they have if they were still shooting unboxings out of Linus' garage. I don't find all of it shallow. There are some videos that are more obviously a bit rushed but on the whole I don't mind the direction the channel is going in. I mean I still pay for floatplane