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    The Stockroom
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    A Damn College Student


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    Zen 1800
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    Asus B350F
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    8x2GB Corsair LPX 3000mhz
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    Asus 1070 Turbo
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    NZXT S340 Elite
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    4TB Toshiba HDD, 1TB Samsung Evo 950
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    Cooler Master Fully Modular 700 Plat+
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    Asus PG 30" 125mhz (OC'd)
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    Corsair K65
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    Corsair SABRE RGB
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    HyperX CloudX
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    Windows 10 Professional
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  1. I work for nike, so i saw your pic and was like, how could i not add them

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    2. Murasaki


      you didnt get the joke did you

    3. Jtalk4456


      Are you referring to Just do it?

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  2. So my dilemma is hinging off of two things. My love for a bigger screen, and a higher refresh rate. I cannot have both. Being a broke college student i have what i have and cannot go purchase many new items. So linked below is my current setup. I use the tv, as its overclocked to 120hz, and i use that for high refresh rate fps in windowed at a lower resolution. However, it is significantly bigger than my monitor. My monitor has better image quality but wont budge past 60hz. Ideas? I want to be able to use both for different games and work flows. That, and having a tv as your monitor for fps is less than ideal. Im looking for ideas on where and how i should mount them and what is the best for interchangeability.
  3. I ended up opening the mouse, dissconecting the DPI buttons, and then it worked fine.
  4. So about a year ago i purchased the Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse. Everything has been amazing until today. I left for work around 4pm CST this afternoon, shut down the pc. Then came home powered up the system and noticed the mouse was blinking white on the DPI, Logo, and Scroll wheel. Went into CUE (the latest version) and noticed there was an update, so i did it. it completed, but showed the mouse as greyed out and i was unable to change anything. Updated again, same thing. The update is still an option. I go into windows devices and notice there is a driver error, but i just updated the drivers manually and it still shows this. Any ideas? I've tried everything i can think of. (rebooted, uninstalled cue, tried 3 different ports including PS2, downgraded a version of CUE.) HELP ME!!
  5. Heres my list. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yRVnzM Already have the RAM and Case as it was a gift for building another system for a friend. My question is, should i get a 1060? The cheapest one i could find that looks pretty damn good is the Aorus 1060 for 284.99 USD. What would you change about this system? Thanks!
  6. Erbyy

    FX8350 Upgrade

    damn, here i am looking at 1080 prices.. overhaul it is. Thanks
  7. Erbyy

    So CSGO is Trash

    I love siege, and the other night i pulled the trigger on a 3 DOLLAR cd key for insurgency. Already donated to the devs.. the games awesome.
  8. Erbyy

    FX8350 Upgrade

    i figured that much. Didnt want to completely overhaul the system since i built it a year ago.
  9. What is the best graphics card i could upgrade to without my cpu being a bottleneck? I currently use the 1050ti Scc 4gb card from evga. 16gb of ram.
  10. Erbyy

    So CSGO is Trash

    ive been skeptical of overwatch, just watching gameplay it doesnt look like the kind of game i can get into
  11. Erbyy

    So CSGO is Trash

    Hopefully, I'll check it out.
  12. Erbyy

    So CSGO is Trash

    Been there done that. I love competitive play with actual legitimate player-bases, any others?
  13. Erbyy

    So CSGO is Trash

    So csgo is trash. Well, not the game. But the player base is getting worse each game i play. What online fps has a decent community? Im looking for a decent fps that i can blow some steam off on. ideas?