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  1. W-L what do you mean by that ? i am not so through with overclocking topic........
  2. Gwersebe Thank you for your response , i just want to know how to overclock non k
  3. Hello Everyone, I want to ask your suggestion on something i have following specs for my pc :- i5 4440 (3.1base and 3.3boost)(Temps without overclock below 50 on 100%load) MSi z97 g5 8gb ddr3 Corsair Vengance Cooler Master Sedion 120v plus Liquid Cooler GTX 1060 6gb 700 watt psu from cooler master. (Speccy snipped image is provided) My Cpu is not keeping up with my Gpu so i want to overclock it to gain some performance boost. For eg in GTA V my cpu is working around 90 to 99 % and gpu around 40 to 60 % (getting around 65fps 1080p on setting which i should get 75fps) i think i fulfill all requirements of overclocking other than NON K CPU Please give me some suggestions............ Thank you for giving my Topic your Time...