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    No. I don't use it for social media, just to observe people.

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    Vancouver, Where Linus lives.
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    Cooking, PCing, Rainbow6ing, Steaming, and Gaming


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    Intel Core i7-6700 @4.20GHz
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    SK Hynix DDR4 2x8GB @2133MHz
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    Attack Helicopter
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    Corsair 460X RGB
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    x1 250GB 960 EVO, x1 Toshiba DT01DCA200
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    Delta 500W Continuous
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    ASUS VX238 60Hz
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    Intel Stock Fan T_T
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    Logitech G710+ (Cherry MX Browns)
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    Logitech G403 (ERMERGAD IT'S RGB

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  1. I think it's time for a new SSD, as yours is similar in speed to a hard drive. Also, did you make sure that you installed windows on your SSD, and not your WD Blue HDD? Also, this is usually what SSDs perform like. (ignore first two rows)
  2. There should be a clear CMOS switch on your motherboard. EDIT: see page 14 of your manual https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z97 Extreme6/#Manual
  3. Clear CMOS (like the guy above) reinstall Windows and buy a new SSD if nothing else works, it's super cheap for one. Also, run crystaldiskmark or ATTO-IO.
  4. run furmark and aida 64 stress test, and look at your GPU and CPU temps, if they are >80C, check your CPU and GPU cooler for mounting problems. If remount is okay, then RMA the part that isn't working
  5. So I went and used to cmd to start my Minecraft server, but then when I open it, it gives me this error. "The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000135)" Any help? Secondly, when I went into sound to switch to my monitor speakers, it said "Windows cannot find 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. Any solutions? By the way, sfc /scannow through the recovery thing doesn't work.
  6. 16.5 x 23.4 inches is your poster, the frame is 16 by 24-Inch, so no, your poster is too wide. maybe try trimming?
  7. I burned my knuckle area on an oven today, and it's whitish pink. What do? Some say it's second degree burn
  8. delete system32 and then reinstall system32. That would help. (that means reinstall windows)
  9. i could make windows 9 https://imagine.microsoft.com/en-us/Catalog/Product/82
  10. nothing expect maybe money and form factor
  11. buy a g710+/g710 like woodenmarker said