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Status Updates posted by Ya_Mi

  1. There are tons of useful thread  pinned in each section such as PSU Guide by @STRMfrmXMN,Watercooling guide by @Ghost and @Gmac, Awesome Audio guide by @SSL, Well written mice guide by @Hiya! and many more.



    I am confused by how this forum survive especially old member who keep on helping those lazy as*

  2. Choosing side on Far Cry 4 is so frustrating.

    Amita basically want to slave children do death while sabal wants to f*ck them.

    Pagan Min on the other hand wants to rule kyrat with an iron fist.


    So yeah, I just choosed amita because f*ck dat tarung matara bullsh*t and then kill her and kill pagan min. yay



  3. When you don't have RAID setup.



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    2. Ya_Mi


      Yeah i but i don't have the budget right now, In fact i just lost my wallet with all them credit card and $300.

      I am currently crying and pissed at the same time.

    3. Windows7ge


      Shit. Where do you keep your wallet? When I'm out in public I never set mine down. It's either in my hand or in my pocket.

    4. Ya_Mi


      So long story short.

      I was out to buy a cat food because i am running out of it.

      I put the wallet on my pocket as usual.

      My wallet is a BIG wallet and would not completely sink into my pocket.

      So i cover it with my shirt to sort of lock it in place.

      But for no god damn reason or whatever it freakin dissappear from my pocket on my way back.

      I only realize that after i got home.


      This is the first time i lost a wallet. I won't put my shit inside a fucking wallet ever again dude..


  4. This MOTH meme trends is starting to get out of hands

    Image may contain: one or more people, text and indoor

  5. Shadow of war is really tedious and frustrating, at the final episode i have to defend those bloody fortress a thousand times just to get the ending.


    And let me tell you it was so difficult to the point i'll have to use trainer

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    2. lewdicrous


      Let the spoilers flow, it's alright.

      I won't buy it, doesn't look like much of an improvement compared to the first game

    3. Ya_Mi


      Okay so his best bud celebrimor betrayed him by removing the ring of power and give it to eltariel (female elf assassins ordered by lady galadriel) to kill sauron.

      Talion died but saved by that hot spider lady shelob for a moment.

      To avenge his family talion refuse to die and put on the ring of man from the nazghul that he killed.

      He became the freakin nazgul but slowly consumed by the ring.


      Yeah its just a larger version of the first game and bit of improvement on the combat.

      Its not worth the money



    4. lewdicrous


      Sounds fun on paper, but it didn't pull me in from the videos that I've seen.



  6. There's going to be a lot of meme regarding the verge recent pc build video


  7. What do you guys think about nvidia adaptive v-sync? pointless or?

  8. This is the most hideous looking motherboard i've ever seen..look at that ugly heatsink, the color combination and the design, the whole thing looks ugly..

    It looks like Asrock used the 2nd gen intel motherboard design and slap an ugly red heatsink with red led in it.

    Image result for asrock b350 gaming k4

    Image result for intel 2nd gen motherboard

  9. Ok so after joining this forum for a while i realize that you can either be a useful member by helping other with shitload tons of post and low reputation or farm reputation on off topic section (looking at you anime and LGBT) and status update.

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    2. iiNNeX


      Yes but your avatar is lit AF so it makes up for it :)

    3. Ya_Mi


      @TVwazhere ugh no you ruined my LEWD reputation dudee..

    4. TVwazhere



  10. Every modern phones i knew are made of glass so it can break easily...fuck this trends

    1. SupremeGOAT


      is true

  11. Hoo lee fook!!!


  12. Jayz looks sooo MAD on the new Titan XP.
    I mean who's not gonna mad when u got kicked in the face twice.

  13. Just saw a guy bough G213 for $80 and so proud of it.

    I feel sorry for him.

    1. Techstorm970


      That keyboard is $60 on Amazon and $70 on Newegg.  Not severely overpriced, but yeah, I feel sorry for him, too. -_-

    2. Ya_Mi


      Dude even its $50 i wont buy a membrane keyboard just because it has rgb make it $30 and i would think about it lol

  14. FagHero is full of Cr4p