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  1. Nice color, I prefer that color scheme than boring blue logitech theme. It looks like a gundam
  2. Ya_Mi

    Why did you buy an iPhone?

    Alright i'll give it a shoot. I use Apex launcher.
  3. Ya_Mi

    How bad is the Yamaha F310?

    Have you tried it? I mean yeah i kinda knew that, Its just if there's a better option from idk Fender or other yahama model that is slightly more expensive but better i wouldn't mind it.
  4. Ya_Mi

    How bad is the Yamaha F310?

    I am looking to buy my first decent acoustic guitar. By decent i mean, I used to play a cheapo $25 acoustic guitar that i bought from my local general store and i've been using it for more than 3 years. I never took it seriously though, I only play it when i am in the mood. I never had any private lesson or music lesson, I learned it all by myself. I just want a decent guitar for the first time. I have done my research for it such as Type of the guitar,material,solid/laminated,body type,etc So many people suggested to get the Yamaha F310P because it comes with a lot of stuff inside, Its a beginner starter pack guitar. But i want to know about the guitar based on the perspective of the expert. First off the top is Laminated Spruce i still have no idea what Spruce it uses, Mahagony back and side also laminated and rosewood fingerboard. Secondly its only available in dreadnought shape which is not really a problem for me, I can still do fingerpick on it. Thirdly, are there any better option in similar price range?
  5. Ya_Mi

    Why did you buy an iPhone?

    I'll stick to custom rom because most of those launcher brings adware virus bloat which is sucks, Each time i connected to the wifi and bammm a new apps installed without me knowing it.
  6. Ya_Mi

    Why did you buy an iPhone?

    Yes it might be true, Ios is smooth af but Android aren't awful tbh. We can customize it to whatever we like and it has back button thats easy to find and press.
  7. Ya_Mi

    Why did you buy an iPhone?

    Only for security purpose because its almost impossible to bypass unless you have the right equipment and knowledge. The rest i'd prefer android
  8. He didn't knew jack crap about PC so excuse him. So you can't help ok then, Stop assuming.
  9. The PSU is dead, Each time i plugged it in, It flip the breaker. So the PSU must be replaced but what if the mobo also damaged? I just need to make sure that the mobo or whatever it is won't damage my PSU.
  10. But what if the PSU already damaged his components? We just need to confirm that its the PSU that needs replacing.
  11. Ok straight to the point. My friend came to me and he told me that his PC would trigger the breaker each time he plug the PSU Power cable. So i opened his PC and turns out he installed the ATX cable in the wrong way. In order to test if his PC component still working or not i need a power supply to test it. However i only had one that currently inside my PC. My question is that, Will it be okay because i am afraid that his PC component would kill my PSU, is that possible? I really want to help him but i am so afraid cause i need this PC and its my only one. Help
  12. Ya_Mi

    where can I get a decent laptop case?

    Amazon? Newegg? they ship internationally right?
  13. Choosing side on Far Cry 4 is so frustrating.

    Amita basically want to slave children do death while sabal wants to f*ck them.

    Pagan Min on the other hand wants to rule kyrat with an iron fist.


    So yeah, I just choosed amita because f*ck dat tarung matara bullsh*t and then kill her and kill pagan min. yay



  14. Ya_Mi

    SSD or HDD - Reliability for backup

    My bad, i didn't properly read the OP.