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  1. Cpu got me really worried

    wowww...remove that extra fan dude that is too tight but if the temps are okay then its not a problem. Its just look unsettling to meh
  2. 2200G vs 2400G?

    i'd say 2400G is much better down the line since it has SMT and the gpu is a lil bit more powerful, Its about equal to the GT 1030/RX 550 whereas the 2200G is similar to GT 730.
  3. Will it game?

    560Ti is still able to play modern games but it is a gpu from years ago, So you might want to turn down the graphical settings on the game so you can get a comfortable Framerate.
  4. Firefox thinks that every site is insecure

    are you running the latest version?
  5. GPU render times in adobe after effects

    Not really afaik video rendering use CPU to render instead of GPU
  6. Ok so after joining this forum for a while i realize that you can either be a useful member by helping other with shitload tons of post and low reputation or farm reputation on off topic section (looking at you anime and LGBT) and status update.

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      Yes but your avatar is lit AF so it makes up for it :)

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      @TVwazhere ugh no you ruined my LEWD reputation dudee..

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  7. Cpu got me really worried

    No aftermarket cooler are always a pain to install especially the big one but its not that hard tbh just kinda annoying. Fyi i made my first blood sacrifice trying to install a classic hyper 212 evo
  8. Well you can help the OP by trying to correct any grammatical mistakes on this thread you could pm the op
  9. Cpu got me really worried

    Thats cool, no pun intended but that is a bigass cooler and its a pain to install. But it is a damn good cooler
  10. Cpu got me really worried

    Why the hell you use intel stock heatsink on the i7 6700K? That cooler wont even be enough to dissipate the heat properly from the 6700k, dont buy an intel heatsink anymore try finding something like Cryorig h7 or be quiet pure power 10 or any decent aftermarket cooler.
  11. ssd performance

    Have you change the sata controlled to AHCI in the BIOS? anyway post your crystaldiskmark
  12. 1280x1080 smoother than 1920x1080?

    So??? are you stupid or not smart enough to understand my point?
  13. 1280x1080 smoother than 1920x1080?

    In game settings usually work best than any other methods..hmm have you try upgrading the gpu driver? does this issue also occurred in other games?
  14. 1280x1080 smoother than 1920x1080?

    well sorry about that because english is not my native language so my grammar is still all over the place, But as long you use your god given wits then i am sure you can understand without complaining or being nitpick about it