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  1. Every time I try to overclock my monitor, even if its only a little bit, I always get the error "Imput not supported" and a black screen. Is there any way to get around this? I use an rx 480 and my monitor is an acer xv240y (165 hz)
  2. How would i fix that? I am pretty new to this. I just record it then drag the file into youtube.
  3. Can anybody help me? I record all my videos in 1080p 60fps but whenever I upload them to youtube I never get a 60fps option. I cant find a solution anywhere
  4. I think you might be right, while afterburner says the usage is at 3, using CTRL + SHIFT + O I see 6.5 gigabytes of usage. Still doesnt quite add up, given the 15 gigabyte requirement + the fact that I only have a 4 gigabye card, but still. Is the data being offloaded to my memory or my storage? I have an SSD for my C drive so I dont want it writing to that
  5. According to MSI afterburner, it is still at 3 gigs while I play Sea of thieves Yes, it is on
  6. Hello. I currently have radeon relive set to 20 minutes at 1080 60 and set to store the video in memory, which takes a whopping 15 gigabytes. Despite this, I see no usage in task manager, neither ram nor disk usage, from radeon host application, and on top of that, my ram isnt even maxed out ( i have 16 gigabytes). It seems completely untouched. Where is the video being stored? How can I do this with seemingly no adverse effects?
  7. i meant pixel motion blur, as in response time. lower response time results in a picture that appears to be clearer in motion
  8. On my monitor, an acer xv240y, i have a few options when it comes to gaming. I have something called VRB, which is basically backlight strobing and it noticeably reduces motion blur, I have overdrive, and I have freesync. VRB and freesync cannot run together, so i am wondering which will give me the fastest experience? Should I use VRB to reduce motion blur at 165hz always or should I use freesync? I often don't hit 165hz in the games i play due to a cpu bottleneck. Also, does using freesync reduce input lag when under the refresh rate? For example, if i were getting 100 frames per second, would 65 of those frames double up in order to meet the refresh rate, increasing input lag and introducing inconsistent frame pacing? If this were the case, would freesync actually decrease input lag when below 165hz?
  9. Does ram speed impact 3300x performance at all?
  10. Valorant, natural selection 2, ark survival evolved. All are very cpu bound i dont really do any professional tasks, i was just told that the 3300x would be a waste as it isnt very future proof
  11. How much improvement would I see with just upgrading the cpu?
  12. And a bios update + using a 3600 will allow me to control it on an msi b350 pro vdh?