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  1. If you'd like to sell your ticket, the only way is to contact LMG to process a refund, as per Jake or Colton or whoever. Can't remember, but we had a quite a few offers in the Discord that couldn't happen (risks of scamming, etc). Either way, they can refund and possibly resell the ticket if you contact them at info [at] linusmediagroup.com, unless someone like Colton approved selling here. Sad to hear you can't make it this year, but can guarantee this year can't compare to next year's event. Will be even bigger, most likely.
  2. One, this topic needs mod intervention. Two, that's some baaad luck, but you brought it on yourself (shame on you), and three, if you're in the US, you're fine, just delete it -- if you're in Canada, it's illegal. No laws passed yet banning that garbage in the US, but Canada has. Freedom of speech law is easily abused, eh?
  3. Judging from that avatar of yours, I'm assuming you're already aware of this little gem (Wallpaper Engine background)

  4. If anyone has this issue in the future (as I did), refer to the Windows Update catalog, linked here (KB4103714). This is the latest version of the update that was unable to download in this situation. To apply it, identify the version of Windows you're using, whether it be x86, x64, or Windows Server of those two variants, then download the corresponding file (if you don't get what that means, look at the names of the updates listed on this page as they're version specific). Once the file is downloaded, right-click on it, goto properties, then hit the "unblock" button (an odd feature of Windows to "protect" against malicious downloaded files, whatever that means), then hit the "OK" button and run the update file. While it runs, it'll look like the Windows XP updater of olde and may bring back fond memories. When it finishes, reboot your machine -- and that's it. Note: If you have any difficulties or feel as if your Windows installation is corrupt, run sfc /scannow and dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth, then reboot before installing this update. Let me know if this has been helpful (because it really should work and there's no reason it shouldn't)!
  5. I might also suggest a BIOS reset to clear any potential corruptions or incorrect settings there. I also would like to know what you did or what the computer was doing prior to this behavior. Was it updated? Were you messing with the BIOS? etc.
  6. In this case then, your word is not "bottleneck", it's "performance limit". I ask that you please correct this. It's like calling a rabbit a dog. Call it what you like, but it's not a dog -- just as this is no bottleneck, it's the performance limit of the hardware.
  7. I know it's 4/20, but that inaccuracy cannot go unpunished. Let's say I'm running Crysis. My CPU is running at 25% load, while my GPU is running at 75% load (and for giggles my RAM is at 69% load). Does that mean my GPU is bottlenecking my CPU, even though my game's running at 300FPS? Regardless of the type of GPU, the GPU would not be bottlenecking the system in any way in this case as long as there is no noticable latency. Sure, the GPU has a load on it -- it's supposed to, that's how gaming works. On a machine with an i7-7700K + a 1050ti, Overwatch pushes the GPU to 95% load (if not 99% load) with at least 90FPS on a 60Hz monitor. The CPU is at considerably less load. Nothing lags, there is no visible latency, and things work exactly as they're intended to run. Regardless of hardware, unless there's visible tearing or lag on the screen or between actions, there is no bottleneck. If there was, the user could simply reduce their game's settings as the GPU mainly controls the elements seen on-screen, though it also renders objects in-game. If I'm not making sense, I can get a friendly forum mod to explain it a bit more thoroughly for you. Also, don't discriminate against a 1050TI. Those little things are powerful, even if they're not as good as a 1080. You don't need top of the line hardware, especially in this case. Gaming is meant to be fun, not a measuring contest -- especially in this market, GPUs are overpriced.
  8. Let's play a game. I've noticed recently that quite a few videos have an Easteregg of sorts in them -- cleverly placed dickbutts (these things - ) somewhere in the video, sometimes multiple in a single pause frame. I'd like to know just how many times this has occurred in the history of the LTT channel. For those wishing to participate in the conspiracy, I ask for two things: the title of the video the dickbutt was found in and a screenshot of it in the video with location noted if not obvious (or screenshots if multiple in the same video). Oh, and the painting above Colton's desk counts, too -- hopefully an LMG staffer will get in on it and post that one for us. Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro Left monitor screen - wine bottle; Bottom of fire extinguisher in background. Good luck and may moderated chaos reign over this post in hope in gets a mention on the WAN Show. Oh and if you haven't done so already, join the LTT Discord for more me.
  9. That's something else I forgot to mention; I've turned off the cache on these drives, specifically that option in Windows they tell you not to touch, though it's possible the RAID is doing something I'm unaware of. I'll get a few GB worth of files or one massive file and see what damage I can do. Keep in mind my ISO file transfered at 350MB/s without any dips in performance on the drive at all, but again that may be me misunderstanding the cache of these HDDs.
  10. So I acquired a few disks from a job I did a few days ago. Out of the few, one of them was an 80GB Hitachi 7200RPM drive. After zeroing it out, I ran a CrystalDiskMark test on it. Not surprisingly, it shows the drive maxes at 75MB/s, but I don't intend to keep anything of dire importance on it, so I copied a few ISOs to it. The second screenshot explains my confusion. It transferred in seconds from a HDD RAID. There's no explanation for this behavior, other than something called short stroke, but I've not taken any measures to set that up. The only other thing I can think is that something's amiss here; my main drive is an NVMe, but isn't involved in the transfer at all. Any ideas? If anyone's wondering, the drive's formatted exFAT, though that's irrelevant. Ignore the anime theme of CDM. It's a joke.
  11. Oh, a topic I know the answer to! Wait... 5+ other people have already answered it. . . . WAIT, why did it take multiple people to say it's incompatible :thinking: Of course, Intel did this intentionally, but what can you do, eh? So I'll be the sixth person to say "No" to this topic.