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  1. update, tearing is a bad word to use. it looks more like a flickering line
  2. happened at locked 120 on pubg so no it is not
  3. shouldn't be. happened in pubg while at 60-70. it also happens in runescape. Ill try to find a game that has a higher locked framerate
  4. v sync is off on everything because I have gsync
  5. When I am in any game that renders 3d if I pan the camera left and right I get a vertical line down the middle of the screen. I have fixed the problem once by reseatting the gpu but the problem happens again after about a day. The operating system I am using is windows 10 64bit my system specs are a 1080ti gpu msi gaming m3 motherboard 7700k cpu wd ssd evga 700 watt psu
  6. Well many thanks this fixed it, now should I be worried my gpu is too heavy? its in a reinforced slot but the 1080ti does sag. any other reason reseating the gpu fixed this?
  7. Hmmm so I went into pubg because I recalled the affect being more pronounced but it seems to have gone away in pubg only? I will try again to adjust the connection and ill see if it worsens or gets better
  8. When I say weird tearing I mean it looks like this very faint flicker that appears in the middle of the screen as a line
  9. Alright tried that nothing. and I just tried to record it and im pretty sure it does not show up at all on the recording
  10. So I have a dell s2417dg and as of recent any movement across the middle of the screen causes what looks like tearing. The only thing I could think of was rolling back my gpu drivers. update: problem was the connection but should I worry about the gpu being too heavy?
  11. 1 stock fan and 2 decent pressured 140s, modding is a solution but a last resort. leaving the front panel open is fine but the room is very dusty so it isnt a very good solution
  12. eXtreme effort, but a good idea for sure. Sort of a back up plan since its work.
  13. I would agree with that statement in a normal situation but Im saying in the context of the situation there is a problem with the airflow due to the phanteks poor front panel design. I need some way to force more air through the front.
  14. yeah I hear ya. you would think someone would have figured a way to counter the bard front airflow considering the p400 isnt the only case with small air holes.