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  1. And my home productivity PC - Red Mist. Not bad, but single core performance... Ouch.
  2. My latest attempt on optimizing the environment - slightly higher score, 17321. Plus not so great single core of 363 (yeah, i know, new Xeons just don't cut it in single core game).
  3. The CB release notes clearly state that they are using the new features of newer AMD and Intel processors if they are available. Like this: Cinebench R20 and Cinema 4D R20 incorporate the latest rendering architectures, including integration of Intel’s Embree raytracing technology and advanced features on modern CPUs from AMD and Intel that allow users to render the same scene on the same hardware twice as fast as previously.
  4. Ever thought of just booting it up from the external USB HDD or SSD? I mean - not like you will use it for more than just a couple of hours this way, so why even bother disassembling it?
  5. About 22 seconds from the click of a "Run" to a final result. Which is now 17150.
  6. Here's my score - not a real O/C, it's just the way my machine runs 24/7 so it has to be stable. Dual Platinum 8168 with all cores turbo boost and bclk at 102.9. 192GB of DDR4@2666. At least i've beaten their stupid baseline.
  7. Going embedded (COM Express land here). First entry - Core i7 4700EQ And here is the module installed and on the table (USB Stick added for size comparison) Second - Weird Xeon-D board (Xeon D-1537) Again, board on the test stand and on the table: I think it is some kind of server control module or something - but i'm not sure, will be glad to hear the original purpose of this board. As of myself - i'm looking for some compact carrier board for the Type6 COM Express to create a small (Intel Nuc size) all in one server that i can carry around in my pocket.
  8. And you are right - i overclocked CPU in my system to the edge and haven't seen the noticeable improvement in this benchmark. In my experience the most impact i've got was from overclocking the GPU memory, then from overclocking GPU core frequency. This test uses a ton of materials/textures and a lot of light sources to put stress exactly where it supposed to be - on the GPU, and benchmark preloads all the assets into the GPU beforehand.
  9. I always wondering - why my perfect scores in cinebench do not translate into the high scores in 3DMark, so i took a scientific approach and started adjusting settings on my dual platinum system - and here it goes: Damn it feels good when your theory turns to be true. So, Xeons can't play games, HUH? I wish i have a good 32-core Threadripper to see if i can do something with it too. Unfortunately my 2080 Ti's are crap - that lottery i lost, so on general score i'm like 10th. But still...
  10. Kizune

    The FASTEST gaming PC money can buy

    Yep, i have 17 drives in my current working machine, including one NVME in the PCIe slot. Phanteks cases are sooo good for that kind of things.
  11. Kizune

    The FASTEST gaming PC money can buy

    Welcome (almost) to the 1% club. Sad you did not make it - but, honestly, i expected a lot more from the Asus ROG 2080Ti's, i mean - with two 2080Ti's Founder Edition i'm breaking over 13k on the 3DMark easily - i thought that the ROG will boost the power limit (just as EVGA did) and these cards will OC better than mine. That just doesn't feel right.
  12. I dialed the same numbers into the afterburner and ran the test again - here's the screenshot from GPU-Z:
  13. Fair enough - the OpenGL testing in CB prefers the single core performance and on multicore Xeons it is really hard to get anything in that department, i mean - the maximum turbo-boost on a single core is way below the non-turbo frequency of the i7 6700 - and that CPU is 3 generations behind the current ones. So credit is where credit due - your OpenGL score is bigger.
  14. All that my crappy overclocking can achieve - 1080p, 4k and 8k
  15. I don't think your results will be beaten soon - these numbers are pretty solid. Someone has to both win the silicon lottery and put his card under the water to beat your score. Like - i did put my cards under water, but one of them is so crappy overcloacker that it hurts.