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  1. Need help choosing a new laptop?

    p870km1 with i7-7700k and sli gtx1080
  2. Need help choosing a new laptop?

    these have a desktop cpu and a 1 or 2 mxm gpu gtx1080 Clevo p775dm3 Clevo p870km1 MSI 16L13 i7-7700k needs to be delidded
  3. Help me Gaming laptop UNDER £1200

    Clevo n850hk1 called optimus by pcspecialist or may be a p650 with a gtx1060 called defiance
  4. Best Gaming Laptop - Sub $1,500

    A gtx1070 need a really good cooling system because it has a 120w tdp That asus is an oven
  5. http://wccftech.com/intel-10nm-ice-lake-8-core-16-thread-mainstream-cpu-leak/
  6. Need help deciding

    Check mysn.de web site xmg P507 2016 (clevo p650rp6) for 1099 euros without ssd/hdd
  7. Help! Best thin and light laptop

    Gtx1060 Gigabyte aero 15 Clevo p950hp6 Clevo p650hp6 Gtx1070 Msi gt62vr 7re Clevo p750dm2 Msi 16L13 Gtx1080 Evoc 16L-G-1080
  8. How to build your own laptop

    you can buy a barebone like msi 16L1 for 537 euros https://store.alezka.com/index.php?id_product=337&controller=product&id_lang=1#/ramf5-kingston_hyperx_impact_8gb/t15screen-1080p_60hz_ips_panel/gpuf5-nvidia_gtx_1060n/t5wifi-intel_dual_band_wireless_ac_7260/t15251-1tb_hdd/t15m21-256gb_960pro_nvme/t15keyboards-us_english_qwerty/t15powercord-usa_canada_included_standard/lpsu-230w_100_250v_ac_slimline and then you can buy diplay panel/ram/cpu/gpu/ssd/hdd/wifi card and you can create your custom laptop
  9. LGA cpus will be released in october. Hq cpus will come at the start of new year
  10. Raiontech n3b (clevo n850hl) oppure Raiontech g4 (clevo n850hj1)
  11. Acer VX5-591G or Asus FX502VM

    check clevo N850hp6
  12. http://www.azom.systems/exigo/ http://www.azom.systems/legion/ Not i5-7600k or i7-7700k. They need to be delidded