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  1. sicily428

    EON17-SLX vs Sager NP9877

    this is a good question for Donald or Ted at Hidevolution. Clevo commonly releases new things about 1 month after Intel http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/eta-for-9900k-on-hidevolution-evoc.823501/ check this thread http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/official-sager-np9877-clevo-p870tm-g-owners-lounge-phoenix-4.809589/ and this thread http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/clevo-overclockers-lounge.788975/page-1581
  2. sicily428

    EON17-SLX vs Sager NP9877

    check for a prema partner like hidevolution. premamod bios will give you full performances. premamod said that clevo was working on a liquid cooling internal solution for the p870, so may be better wait that
  3. sicily428

    Top 2 gaming laptops.....

    Clevo will offer an internal liquid cooling solution for that. so that cpu is compatible with a p870 ans premamod testd it https://twitter.com/PremaMod/status/1027170503562330113
  4. sicily428

    Top 2 gaming laptops.....

    yes, that Sager is based on a clevo barebone and P750TM, P775TM and P870M are compatible also with that i9. check my signature for more infos about clevos
  5. sicily428

    Top 2 gaming laptops.....

    that sager is a clevo p870. Clevo P870TM1-G with an unlocked Bios by PremaMod. this model can also use i7-9700k or i9-9900k
  6. i7-9700k and i9-9900k are officially supported on Clevo P7XXTM and Clevo P870TM
  7. TONGFANG GK7CN6S https://laptopparts4less.frl/TongFang-GK7CN6S-GTX-1060-6Gb-Coffee-Lake-game-laptop-samenstellen
  8. Schenker Slim 14 M18 (Clevo N141WU, i7-8550U, UHD620) Laptop Review https://www.notebookcheck.net/Schenker-Slim-14-M18-Clevo-N141WU-i7-8550U-UHD620-Laptop-Review.337612.0.html