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  1. TaskMgr not found

    it show same error
  2. Wheres Air Pressure Investigation Part 2?

    we are trying to control the shit but it bypass the brain comes out and shit in your pants
  3. Wheres Air Pressure Investigation Part 2?

    yea i think they forget to add to do the part 2 in the next year in there schedule add high level employee or admin to know this
  4. Wheres Air Pressure Investigation Part 2?

    busy with #CES2018
  5. TaskMgr not found

    Hello i want to revert from Process Explorer to Task Manager but i cannot work that option--> Replace Task Manager pls help me thanks
  6. Help

    hello can some one help me
  7. Help

    no pls check that sound if you know what the problem
  8. Help

    and also pls keep volume low if you want to hear that sound
  9. Help

    Hello PC just freeze in middle of the game and make very bad noise like (Included in the files) i dont know what the problem with this i tried to reseating the ram and gpu uninstall the gpu drivers using DDU and and reinstall it some one please help me thanks SoundRecord-2018-01-13-12-37-38.wav
  10. Urgent Help Crashed

    thanks man it fixed using DDU work fine
  11. Urgent Help Crashed

    Ok, then what to do in DDU? i have started downloading drivers from nvidia site
  12. Urgent Help Crashed

    it boots normal and works fine like here i am using to get help but if i play crew this blue thing come after 15-20 mins in game
  13. Urgent Help Crashed

    i know it post without gpu
  14. Urgent Help Crashed

    reseating gpu and ram using eraser to remove carbon tighting the gpu even tighter than before
  15. Urgent Help Crashed

    i have 4300