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  1. seller started abusing me for that ram i contact through phone
  2. It is original Kingston RAM

    but how
  3. but the seal was broken
  4. but i found it something was written on one of the chip at the back did it tampered
  5. i better to contact the seller should i contacct seller or stay
  6. in the report text from CPU-Z it say Week 50/Year 13
  7. but still it is not good
  8. they answered that some RAM come and come does not
  9. i asked a question that kingston was not written on the chip
  10. Hi i brought a Kingston DDR3 4GB 1333MHz today from local shop but it was not a Kingston ram but a Hyundai Electronics DMT451E6AFR8C-H9 when i brought it was seal when i tilt the ram it will change colour and brought it but i put in my system it did work so i check it on CPU-Z the manufacture and serial number was blank then i export it to text format then i found it was not Kingston Ram pls help me to what action should i take on the seller and there was written something on the back of the ram Pls help me i provide the text and photos of ram below DESKTOP-Q3KO1KL.txt
  11. It is original Kingston RAM

    pls help me fast i am ********
  12. It is original Kingston RAM

    i installed on my pc but cpu-z show blank in manufactures
  13. It is original Kingston RAM

    Of changes colour when I tilt on the Kingston
  14. It is original Kingston RAM

    I brought now