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  1. PC reboots randomly V2

    i just cannot get help fast and no one see and you should delete this thread on troubleshotting and keep the post in gerneral discussion
  2. PC reboots randomly V2

  3. PC reboots randomly V2

  4. PC reboots randomly V2

    Hello I have a problem of this PC reboots randomly for no reason there is no sign of BSOD or anything that can indicate for this abominable problem the psu is only 5 months old and it is cx550 i replace the cmos battery also i remove the reset switch to prevent restart pls help me if possible thanks regards and sorry for bad english
  5. Need a Printer

    it is expensive in my country
  6. Need a Printer

    any other printers
  7. Need a Printer

    this one ? https://www.amazon.in/Ricoh-Jam-Free-Monochrome-Laser-Printer/dp/B00N7JTCAA/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1523452030&sr=1-1&keywords=printers&refinements=p_n_feature_browse-bin%3A1464470031
  8. Need a Printer

    Hello I need a printer for an office. i want a printer like xerox but i need to print like 1 or 2 papers daily and i dont want to print in colour help me to find a print that is reasonable upto $200 Thanks
  9. PC reboots randomly

    no i dont get a bsod it just reboot like that no sign of what reason to reboot
  10. PC reboots randomly

    pls help me
  11. PC reboots randomly

    Hello Guys i have a problem that pc reboots randomly for no reason PSU: CX550 (British/EU plug) 2.5 months old i have remove the reset switch Front panel connector still reboot reset the bios to optimized default PC spec 78LMT-USB3 5.0 AMD FX 4300 8 GB Memory 1333 MHz 750Ti pls help me thanks
  12. CSGO Underutilizing CPU and GPU and windows runs slowly

    thanks for giving suggestion
  13. CSGO Underutilizing CPU and GPU and windows runs slowly

    i can buy 8th gen cpu but gpu will be bottleneck and shortage of gpu will lead to price drop in late 2019
  14. CSGO Underutilizing CPU and GPU and windows runs slowly

    now, what the solution would be windows 10 is installed 1.5 years ago
  15. CSGO Underutilizing CPU and GPU and windows runs slowly

    wth it cannot be gpu it is 750ti