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  1. Thanks for showing interest in helping. Should I perform a SMART test using data lifeguard by WD
  2. Hello I have brought WD My Passport 2620 2TB And test the hard drive to ensure workingness of drive for a long time But there were some problem that encounter during the testing of the drive 1. First, I test the drive using HDTune error scan and cancel the test due to overheating at 51°C at 730 GB inside the cupboard. 2. Second, it was Sunday and restart the test using HDTune. Everything was going well but Windows update destroy the whole testing procedure. 3. Third, I was worried about putting lot of read and drive, I started the test with Minitool partition wizard's "Surface tool". So I clicked the the drive partition (at this point and I made a mistake to click the drive not on the partition of that drive but the drive has only partition and realized the mistake after 3 hours after the tes has been begin if I am make a mistake please quote me). The test was completed, taking 8 hours and 10 mins at a speed of 3900+ MB/min at a temperature of 40-43°C (ambient temperature of 30°C.No error was found during the test . I think I have put 3.25-4TB worth of testing data on the drive If any one know the endurance of WD My Passport 2620 please comment If i did anything wrong during this procedure again comment Thanks
  3. Currently I have no plan to build a pc I have to wait 6-8 months for PC or gaming laptop What if the HDD inside my pc fails 1 year back my pc boots 40 to 120 sec But now (before my pc stop working) it take 2-3 mins to boot The HDD health is good (crystal disk info). There were no SMART error. Speed test is ok but it lags.
  4. Why? It is 5 years old drive inside in my pc
  5. Sorry I take the hard drive to friend place to transfer the data And should I buy a external drive
  6. My pc does not work anymore due to mobo failure I got checked by myself and 2 professional. HDD is slow but works ok without SMART error Should I buy external drive and transfer the data And recommend some hard drive
  7. Thanks Are there is recovery plan that I can apply for WD hard drive
  8. Thanks I did research about the recovery plan. I could not find enough evidence about this topic. On your opinion what HDD should I buy?
  9. Can you explain little In-depth about Seagate As losing data Send it the recovery centre to recover data Does the recovery service is free for the drives that have recovery plan
  10. I had a WD Green for 5 years But my computer can't POST anymore (i given to repair ) so i need a external hard drive to transfer data to this drive I have choose 2 drive but don't know which of these should i buy? The first WD My Passport (2019) I was planning to buy this drive but i saw another drive that may be good But i dont know if other drive brand was good for me The Second Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch It has some plan bundle with this drive And included hard drive recovery plan with it Pricing (Prices converted from local currency) The WD is costing $78.51 And Seagate is costing $76.25 So which one should I buy Thanks