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  1. Zeeus

    Do all 144Hz+ TN panels look this bad?

    IDK i have the acer xg270hu and its been great, i mean i switched from a 100hz va panel to that one and i noticed yeah the colors arent as POPPY as VA (similar to IPS) but for my gaming needs and youtube watching i couldnt be happier. I have a 4k tv attached via hdmi which is oled in case i need to watch like a 4k movie or something but yeah!
  2. I think that 4.8ghz would probably be possible. And just like previous zen cpus all of them should be overclockable to get to that point, its just amd artificially making lower clock speeds from factory to sell at different price points. Thats how the last 2 zen were correct? If so then im 99% sure this is how itll be.
  3. Zeeus

    AMD Ryzen 3000 rumours are Adored

    They should 200% be able to hit 4.8ghz, and if they DO man oh mANNNNNNNNNNNN theyll be on par with intel in gaming and be better in everything else wow
  4. Zeeus

    Rage 2 PC performance benchmarks

    Looks to me like most of the optimisation budget went towards the new RTX cards and not so much older ones. Why TF is there such a huge gap between 1080ti and 2080?! IT should be smaller imo.
  5. Although its quite possible this may happen, you cant say this with hundred percent certainty considering theres factors you dont know about. How big is the market in those poorer countries? How many sales will a company lose? Theres a lot of math involved here a lot more variables at play then just saying a will result in b etc.
  6. https://www.tweaktown.com/articles/8944/division-benchmarked-20-graphics-cards-tested/index5.html might wanna take a look
  7. Look at division 2 benchmarks though, i think amd has fantastic hardware but the software is EXTREMELY lacking. On full direct x 12 like the division 2 lol look at the benchmarks, radeon 7 is beating rtx 2080ti i almost spilt coffee out of my mouth when i saw the benchmarks saying... WTF
  8. ahhh I CANT FRIGGIN WAIT to play in 4k on my oled with a wireless controller on the couch!!! im gonna be absent from life for a while
  9. You guys do realize the vulkun api generally performes WAY BETTER than dx12 in just about everything.
  10. Zeeus

    Another, another Zen 2 Leak

    Both of you are saying you dont know the speed... well i think its quite safe to assume they will be in the high 4 ghz well beyond 4.5 mark. Isnt it already confirmed with the zen refresh that the IPC of ryzen is better than intel counter parts? So with similar clocks to intel zen should be more powerful that much i believe is a fact, the only thing ryzen was lacking was clock speed. So lets assume a normal increase from the node shrink of 20%... last zen was at 4.3ghz so 20% increase takes that to 5.15ghz... thats pretty simple, lets assume worst case 15% clock increase would take it to 4.945ghz. Dudes its impossible (pretty unlikely) for it to get less than 15% improvement in clock speed with that huge of a node shrink, so saying 5ghz isnt CRAZY by any means. Even if they get 4.8ghz worst possible case, based on their IPC they should still outperform intel. HUH? games run pretty well already across the board on all the ryzen cpus... i dont see how thats of even a remote concern. The only thing the games want is higher clocks.
  11. Zeeus

    Another, another Zen 2 Leak

    Even if the CPU like previously leaked hits 5ghz, IT DEFS ISNT HITTING 5.8 i can almost bet my life on that thats how sure i am of that. But even if they manage a 5ghz boost, its literally RIP intel. Youll have better IPC than intel so faster gaming performance and with all the extra cores with AMD you already have better performance than intel in productivity so literally as they say "git fukd". I will be switching to zen 2 from my 8600k.
  12. You sure about that? Facts speak for themselves. It sold 2.5x better than a 2013 game!!! PC gaming community since than has grown a lot more than 2.5x, in 2013 the game had a peak player count of like 16k... WOW IT DID AMAZING...NOT. Everyday i meet some idiot on the internet and think wow im sure glad im smarter than 95% of the population. Use your head, you think if they sold any meaninful numbers they wouldnt give us the actual number? Which company do you know gives arbitrary numbers like this? None. They give actual numbers, the only reaosn they didnt is because it didnt sell well. Do you realize how much more expensive this game was to make compared to a 2013 game? Now think for a second that they ALSO more than likely spent 2.5x on the development so their overall margin is a lot less... theres a lot more to this shit than you think, and your memes show how incapable you are of actually putting up an argument instead of crying cuz you bought a shitty game on a shitty platform. Btw: enjoy your non existent features on Epic, im sure youll have a great customer experience on a store thats LITERALLY designed for the devs and NOT for the customers as explicitly stated by Epics CEO. LMFAO smh.
  13. YEP this was my thought exactly, these people get angry over censorship of clearly dispicable sites and theyre upset about "MUH FREEDUMS" stfu. Think bigger than your own selves for a second. Those sites are a legitimate cesspool of inbred morons who talk and do disgusting shit, including child pornography. So yeah REDDIT isnt banned FB isnt banned because theyre not even on the same level. Theres different levels to all things and different places have a certain threshold is what people dont seem to realize
  14. SMH, are you serious? Epic is extremely anti-consumer. They sold more than a previous title means fuck all i bet theyd have sold 4x more on steam.
  15. Zeeus

    Intel Comet Lake Packs Up to 10 Cores (Updated)

    lmao asking intel to essentially NOT be intel. Good luck lel