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  1. I am looking to cancel my cable tv service in hopes of saving a lot of money. I was looking into alternative devices that suit my needs. I am looking for something small or rack-mountable. It can be anything from a computer to a streaming device. I want to be able to open PLEX on it, whether it be an app or a website page. I was thinking of running a Dell PowerEgde and making three VM's on it. For individual devices, I'd be looking to spend about $150. For something like a Dell PowerEdge, I'd spend up to $300. Does anyone have any good ideas?
  2. I got the router up and running and have gone through the setup process. I was wondering what good security features and other features I should enable. Is there anything I should disable? I have a Managed Quanta LB4M Network Switch as my LAN Interface. Should I enable or disable any features on that either? @Falconevo @Alex Atkin UK @nicholasfd @WereCatf
  3. To get into the LAN interface what should I do?
  4. They are both enabled. How do I set the IP address? Can I use a different range then 192.168.-.-, like maybe something Not as obvious?
  5. I just realized my Quanta switch wasn’t powered on when I powered the router on. My motherboard has two onboard nics
  6. This is the current screen I have. The current setup is with the ethernet cable coming from my modem to the Dell PowerEdge r210 II, then to a Quanta LB4M Switch. I can't access the web interface to complete the PfSense setup. I am using a MacBook Air, but I have Windows 10 in dual boot if we need that. Thanks for all your assistance so far.
  7. You are correct, I have really no idea what I am doing. I am 15 and and am learning as I go along.
  8. Yep, it lists a WAN ip address. I am Hard Wired to the switch. When I type the IP address into the address bar, it just says "can't access web page, because you have no internet".
  9. So now I got PfSense to install properly to the internal hard drive. The new issue is I can't access the Web Interface. I think it's not a link issue, bur at this point I'm open to all ideas. So I think it has something to do with the default IP address. Can you guide me through the ip changing process? Thanks.
  10. I followed what you said, first I chose Manual Partition and when I get to the partition editior I chose GPT like in your picture because I don't see an option for ZFS, but don't you also need two drives for ZFS. When I choose GPT partitons I get the error "No root partition was found. The root pfSense partition must have a mountpoint of '/'.
  11. I’m trying to build a PfSense router out of an old Dell PowerEdge R210 II. I already tried to install PfSense once, but did it unsuccessfully. I successfully created a bootable USB drive with the newer version of PfSense and tried to overwrite the old version of PfSense that didn’t install correctly. That went horribly wrong, the Dell PowerEdge still detects the SSD, but it says there no bootable version of PfSense on it now. Which would be good, but I don’t know if it uninstalled completely. I tried to follow tutorials, but no one goes into good depth on how to follow the installer or what partition mode to choose. Please help.
  12. My mid-2011 iMac 21.5" has a weird clicking noise sometimes. It can't be the Hard Drive because it's an SSD. The clicking noise is not very loud, but you can hear it when it happens. Could it be the cooling fan?
  13. I am using the on-board NIC ports. I don't know if PfSense is seeing all of them. I think I will reset the SSD, and Install PfSense following a tutorial, doing it myself as a beginner was a bad idea. Do you have any good Tutorial videos on this? What is the best way to reset the SSD completely?
  14. I can not get the Router to detect a link-up, or when it says it does, I can not get it to list an IP address. I recently bought a Dell PowerEdge R210 II. The config is an Intel Xeon, 1240 - 4 Core Processor and 8GB Ram.
  15. When I play GMOD, I start getting unplayable game lag after I spawn about 10 Cars. Why would the game lag so much? This is my current PC. I play on High Settings. PC Build Link
  16. Turns out I bought the wrong type of memory for my Server, the 1 on the front display indicates that RAM is not detected.
  17. I recently purchased a Dell PowerEdge R210 II and when I plug m keyboard, mouse, and monitor in, I get nothing. The fans are spinning and the server seems to be on. I don't know what is wrong with it. When I turn it on, the Light Sequence on the front goes 3, 2, 1, but then the 1 stays LIT. Some people say this could be because of a bad RAM module, but I've tried booting it with only one stick, and that doesn't help. Then I re-seated both of them. Some other people say that this could mean the Server was set up to boot over the iDRAC6 Enterprise Card, but that wasn't included in this system. I am clueless what this could be. Any help is greatly appreciated! Quote me if you need more information.
  18. Can I use the iDRAC6 Management Card to remotely view the console from my laptop and type in commands if I am running PfSense instead of Windows Server, since this is a router? I also saw that the iDRAC6 had an Ethernet port on the back, is that a console combo port, where I can use a Cisco console cable to view the output on a laptop?
  19. I recently purchased a Dell PowerEdge R210 II, and I was wondering what processors are compatible? I am looking for a Xeon Processor. I believe the socket is LGA-1155, but I'm not certain. It originally had an Intel Xeon E3-1240 @2.30GHz (4-Core).
  20. What graphics cards would you recommend though, I can look for used ones on eBay.
  21. I think I'm just going to go with Apple TV's since App's are a lot more user-friendly than having to go to every website to watch a show, not to mention then I get Customer Support from Apple, and I get to use a Wired Connection.