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  1. I've been looking into buying a new PC and a new monitor for my setup. I've narrowed it down to these three Monitors, and I was wondering if anyone had any idea which one of these monitors is the best. I picked two MSI Monitors and one Acer Monitor. Is there any difference between the two MSI ones apart from the screen size? Acer Monitor MSI Monitor 1 MSI Monitor 2 I'm open to other Monitor suggestions as long as they aren't TN Panels, Under 120Hz, Over 1ms, or Under 1440P
  2. I bought a TRENDnet TEG-448WS 48 Port Gigabit Network Switch only to find I can't access the Web Setup Interface. I tried both the & IP Addresses that were suggested by the manual. I've also tried resetting it to factory settings and trying to access the IP Addresses again. I've tried contacting their customer support and they tried to pull an HP on me and sell me their extended support plan instead of helping me. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
  3. The truth is that yes, nobody needs it, but I have yet to find manufacture or seller updated boards. Some manufacturers don’t list that they have updated the boards to the newest BIOS, so we would be gambling if it was updated or not. When you try to contact some manufacturers customer service teams, asking if they have updated them or if they can, they usually can’t help you unless you have “a certified serial number”, basically telling you they can’t help unless you have already purchased the board. Which then when you buy it they tell you it’s not their problem that the CPU is not compatible.
  4. I would go X570 because of some new features, also because its the newest technology and I'm an enthusiast, but mainly because of compatibility issues with the newest gen Ryzen CPU's and the B450 boards. I'd rather just not take my chances and know that it will work, even if that comes at a premium cost. Unless I specifically know I won't have to update the BIOS, (with an older gen Ryzen CPU). Then I'd consider the B450 over the X570.
  5. Does anyone think I should change out the GPU for an RTX 2070 or is the 5700XT adequate?
  6. I'd definitely get the new X570 Mobo.
  7. I'd prefer the new X570 motherboard standard for the new Ryzen CPU's. Otherwise, I like this build.
  8. I hear single-channel memory is not good for your bandwidth. I would definitely go dual channel here.
  9. The 32GB of Ram was only an extra $30, I agree with upgrading the power supply and looking into faster ram. I'll look into a better Air Cooling option. Yes, the QVO is for mass storage.
  10. Would anyone change anything in this build or does it seem like a good option? I am thinking of replacing my 2013 Gaming PC with this option. If anyone has any ideas of items to change, that is greatly appreciated. I like to do mid-tier gaming, nothing too heavy.
  11. I agree with the saving idea. I’ve ultimately decided to save my money. Why spend it on things that already work fine? Thanks!
  12. So I got some birthday money recently and I was wondering what I should spend it on. I’ve come up with three use case scenarios. -New iPad & Apple Pencil (the 6th gen) - I have the 5th gen currently -Upgrade CPU, Motherboard, RAM, & CPU Cooler (This is my current pc) - I’m interested in the new 3rd gen Ryzen CPU’s -New NAS and HDD’s for it I honestly don’t know what to choose. I use my iPad everyday to watch YT, and I use my Gaming PC maybe 3 times a week at most. Right now for a NAS I use an old Dell Inspiron 620, with an i5, and 6GB RAM, and a 1TB HDD.
  13. So i’d be looking for a 48 port 1Gig switch with 4 10Gig ports? Do you know of any switches that have these specs? I already have both the Quanta and the TRENDnet. Should I look into running 10 1Gig connections between the two or just sell both and buy a new switch? (I know shipping is going to be a fortune for these)
  14. I might be, these are the drives I decided on. https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-IronWolf-Internal-Hard-Drive/dp/B07H23VGPH/ref=dp_ob_title_ce?th=1 They say speeds of "195MB/s". I did some research and I figured out what you meant. This is going to be a problem for any of those switches then because there won't be enough 10Gig ports for all the storage machines I want to add. It looks like if I fill all 12 bays on one server I would need 2 10Gig connections. So I would need something like a 48 port switch with 8 10Gig Ports! (2 10Gig for each storage machine). Does such a switch even exist?! My math is (195MB/s - drives x 12 - total drives x 8 - convert to megabit) = 18720 - I may have done this wrong?
  15. I decided on the TRENDnet TEG-448WS. This was because ultimately I decided I didn't need the 10Gig Ports because I'm going to be using regular NAS HDD's in my storage server. They are rated for 200mb/s, and I'm getting a 12 bay storage machine so max data transfer would be 2400mb/s, so I can just set up 3 Gigabit V-LANS. Thanks for your help through this process though!
  16. Does the Dell 5548 switch definitely have a Web Interface? I was reading some articles about enabling the Web Interface, but some say there isn’t or they were unsuccessful. I just want to make sure before I purchase one. Do you have any good articles about enabling the Web Interface, if there is one?
  17. I'll definitely look into buying a managed switch then. Thanks for the info.
  18. Out of these switches, what would you recommend? I was reading a little about the Dell 5548 and people said that it is very loud in their work environment. Are there any other switches that have the 10Gig capability that you would recommend? -NETGEAR GS748T, either v3 or v4 -D-Link DGS-1210-48 -Dell PowerConnect 2848 -Dell PowerConnect 5548 -TRENDnet TEG-448WS
  19. Thanks for the info! I didn't know that. Do you know when linking multiple switches together what speeds you can see when multiple devices are trying to talk to each other?
  20. Either 10G is fine with me. Thanks for the Switch Suggestion! I've never seen a switch with HDMI ports lol.
  21. I am looking for a Web GUI. I really only want a Managed Switch for VLAN's. The switch really could be unmanaged if it has 10Gig connectivity for 2x ports since 10Gig will be fast enough and I won't need VLAN's. I don't like Command Line interfaces very much. I'd prefer a Web Interface.
  22. I've been looking at Dell PowerConnect 2848's and Netgear GS748T and one TRENDnet TEG-448WS. Do you know anything about theses switches?
  23. I have a Quanta LB4M Network Switch at the moment, and I hate it, the customer support is crap and there is no information at all on the internet for firmware/software updates. I am looking on eBay for a replacement switch, not from Quanta that is Fully Managed, 48+ Port GbE Network Switch, preferably also with 2+ 10GB Ports, I am implementing an SSD based NAS at some point and I would like 10Gig for it. My budget is around $50. (for a used switch) I can up my budget a little if someone recommends an awesome switch. I would also prefer something that isn't too loud as my server rack is in my office. Thanks for any assistance.
  24. I forgot to mention I would also like to be able to do light gaming.