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  1. I got a TRENDnet TEG-448WS B3.0R switch a while ago, but I can't configure it. I downloaded the "TRENDnet Management Utility" Software from their website and it located the switches IP Address as My router and home network are using 192.168.1.- right now. When I press the configure button in the utility it doesn't let me change any settings, they just go back to the way they where. I'm not sure why this is happening, but I can't access the web interface when I type in the IP Address. Please help. I tried to SSH into it using Tera Term also.
  2. I have a Dell PowerEdge r210 II ~ PfSense router, a Dell PowerConnect 5548, and 2x TP-Link EAP-225 v2's as my home network setup. When connecting directly to the switch through a Cat5e Ethernet cable; after turning on a computer from "Shutdown" or "Sleep" mode, it takes about 30 seconds for the network connection to be re-established. For Wireless devices its almost instant because I figure the Access Points already have established a connection to the switch, so the device being connected doesn't need to fight for a link speed to the switch? I'm a senior in high school, so i'm just starting to fiddle with enterprise gear. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?
  3. I’m also open to New and Used Hardware.
  4. I am currently in the process of building a new NAS. My original plan was to use a ryzen 3 1200 because I thought I would be able to get a good deal with decent performance. It turns out that the processors are selling used for more or the exact same price as buying a new one. Also the motherboards for these processors are $75+. So then I was looking at the Intel i3 9100f. Those seem to be slightly cheaper, but the performance is better and the motherboards are way cheaper. This is an ok price point, but a little above what I was looking to spend, as this is my first NAS. I already purchased a 4 Port Intel GbE NIC, 8GB of DDr4, an AMD Radeon HD 6450 (Just for a video output because the Ryzen 3 1200 doesn’t have video out), this also means I’m open to processors without Integrated Graphics, and a Micro-ATX case. I also purchased a PCIe to SATA Card for more ports if the board doesn’t have enough. I’m looking for a processor powerful enough, but that doesn’t draw too much power. I was also looking into power supplies. Does anyone have any suggestions for the CPU, Motherboard and Power Supply? I am between using UNRaid and FreeNAS as the OS because I have multiple HDDs of different speeds and sizes.
  5. What about something like this? https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/dell-g3-15-gaming-laptop/spd/g-series-15-3590-laptop/gnslk5crg309s
  6. I recently ordered a Dell PowerEdge r210 II from eBay and the seller had not updated the BIOS before sending it out to me. It is currently running 1.1.1 and the newest version is 2.10.0. When I go and try to update the BIOS the system spits out this error (see attached image). I am not sure why it is doing this. I can't update through something like Windows either because the system is going to be running PfSense to act as a router. I am not sure what to do at this point, please help. I also renamed the BIOS file if you where wondering why the file path is "bios210.exe", since I've heard of these servers having name-related issues because of the length of them. Thanks.
  7. That was it! They where all set to "disabled". Thanks!
  8. The BIOS update seems to have really helped, the only issue i'm having now is that neither my keyboard or mouse can wake the computer from sleep mode, you have to use the power button on the pc. "allow this device to wake the computer" is enabled though?
  9. I recently built my new gaming pc and its been nothing but trouble. On startup the monitor will wake up for a second, display the motherboard splash screen and then go into sleep mode, the peripherals will stay on though however. This happens on every startup and I need to restart the computer. After the restart, the display stays on and the motherboard splash screen and the windows 10's spinning wheel shows. Then the computer will work correctly most of the time after this, however sometimes the mouse randomly starts spazzing out, it stutters all around the screen (ex: the mouse will get stuck horizontal and so I can't move it vertical). I've tried plugging in different mice, and it seems to work properly, so I thought "maybe this could be a mouse related issue", (I have a MadCatz Rat.T.E.) I uninstalled all the MadCatz software and drivers, unplugged the mouse and rebooted the computer. Same startup issues, this time with no mouse issues so far. So I thought "maybe there could be something wrong with the motherboard and the mouse", so I tried the mouse on another computer, and it works completely fine, so there's nothing wrong with the mouse. I still think there could be something wrong with the motherboard however. But I don't know at this point. Another issue is that if you put the computer into Sleep Mode, the Monitor wont wake up from sleep mode, but the peripherals will, so I need to restart the system to get the monitor to finally wake up, and then the whole cycle starts again. Pls help. Thanks. Click on "my new gaming pc" to see my pc spec list if you need that. The Intel 660p is the boot drive.
  10. I agree with capacity over speed for a NAS. I personally also have GSkill in my Gaming PC so I’ll look at what they have. I looked at 4u’s and they where around $100+ where as the case with shelf option was < $70
  11. I’ve looked for 3000MHz + Ram with no luck for finding it cheap, but there’s tons of lower clocked ram for cheap on ebay. What would you consider a good range since ddr4 3000 is out of the question. I’ve also scraped the server chassis idea since it would require a special power supply and would end up costing too much. I’ve gone with a regular atx case and am just going to put it on a shelf in the server rack.
  12. For ram what speed would you recommend I get? It’s only a Ryzen 3 1200 so I think 3000MHz is excessive.
  13. The case I found takes standard atx power supplies, the issue is it can’t take a redundant power supply.
  14. It doesn’t include the psu so I’d need good recommendations for that too.
  15. I’m definitely going to use UNRaid after some further investigation. I definitely want to use a cache drive (SSD) for higher speeds and have regular HDDs for mass storage. I’m thinking of using an AMD Ryzen 3 1200 for the processor. What do you think? I’ve already purchased a 4 port Intel GbE NIC which I’ll use for vlans and since the processor doesn’t output video I’ll just stick an amd Radeon HD 6450 in it. I am going to purchase a 2 U rack mount chassis as I found a cheap reseller of them.
  16. Ok so I can switch to FreeNAS. I already have most of the drives that I’ll need. I have 3x 1TB 7200rpm HDDs and 1x 500GB 7200rpm HDD, and a 240GB SSD for a cache drive. So I just need a computer and a 4 port gigabit nic for $200. I can just set up vlans after. Thanks! I also will have this in a server rack, so rack-mount is also good, otherwise ill need to get a shelf.
  17. I want to build a nas out of old computer gear for under $200. I was looking at old consumer gear like fx-8350’s, but they are selling for around $160+ for just the cpu mobo and ram. Plus I would still need to get a nic and an UNRaid license. I was thinking of finding a pc that had a gpu in it, and selling the gpu after and making back most of my money. Does anyone have any good ideas on what parts I should look for?
  18. I have an ASRock (AMD) RX 5700 XT Challanger GPU and I was wondering if it could power 4 displays? Their resolutions are 3x 1920x1080 monitors and 1x 2560x1080 monitor. If not, I can add a second GPU. If your wondering why I need so many monitors, its because when coding I find it useful to have 3 for working on, and one for something like instructions. Also I already have these monitors, so it doesn't cost me anything (except power) to use them. If you need my other system specs they are here: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/___ZachG___/saved/#view=yTrdmG If I needed to add another card, what would you recommend?
  19. I've been searching around on eBay for a budget NAS. I have spent hours narrowing down, but there are so many different options to choose from! I am going to use UNRAID as the OS, and am looking for half-decent performance. This NAS will be used for backups mostly. I already have 2x 1TB 7200rpm drives, 1x 500GB 7200rpm drive, and 1x 240GB SATA SSD. I am looking for something within a total budget of $150. I definitely don't want to purchase hardware that is too old, because upgrading BIOS' on old Servers is a nightmare. This is going to be my first real NAS, so 4 external bays with 1 internal would be totally fine to start. I am trying to stay away from anything under 6 cores, and under 16GB RAM. Thank you for any help.
  20. Thanks everyone! Sounds good to me, I’ll be using 2x 1TB 7200rpm hdd’s and 1x 500GB 7200rpm hdd. I’ll be adding one more drive. I’ll be using unRaid since you can use any combination of drives. What NAS do you guys recommend, I was thinking a 4 bay unit would be a good starting point, however if someone finds a good deal on a NAS with more bays that’s fine. I can add SSDs for a CACHE if someone thinks that’s a good idea. My budget is $300 ish.