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  1. Hi can anyone help me?? Ive got a VIOFO dashcam and when i put the footage into qt it is laggy but in vlc it isnt? normally i would use vlc but Final cut uses qt! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I don't play many games so my set up isn't that great I only have a 4690 and a gtx 1070. Can anyone tell me if I can comfortably hit 144fps on Fortnite as I've seen a good deal for a 144hz monitor and don't know whether it's worth it? I normally only play at low with a far view distance Thanks
  3. This isn't my vid! It may seem like that because I only have one post but that's because I have another account called "Pudsy The Bear" that I can't remeber the email and password of! No due to the 5300 not having a touchscreen
  4. Found this useful considering no one else seems to explain it properly!