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    i7-2600k @ 4.7GHz
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    ASUS Maximus V Formula
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    16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws@1600Mhz
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    MSI GamingX 1070 8GB
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    Corsair Obsidian 750D
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    2x240GB SSD RAID 0; 1TB Seagate SV35.6 Series ST1000VX000 7200RPM
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  1. Sandy Bridge was the platform I started PC gaming on and yesterday I finally left it for Zen 2. Those of you who have recently upgraded off Sandy Bridge too, what did you end up moving to?
  2. Literally just upgraded my 2600k yesterday
  3. I spy with my little eye a Vive Wireless Adapter linkbox. Review incoming?
  4. With all this talk of folding phones, I am curious. Do you all care? Why do you/don't you?
  5. No jack = no buy. I just bought a OP6 last week because of this. I hope phone manufacturers come around soon about this
  6. Just bought myself a OP6 last week after hearing OnePlus officially state there won't be a headphone jack. The phone looks awesome, but no headphone jack = no buy from me. I hope OnePlus sees a number of people buying the OP6 instead of the 6T because of this.
  7. Not to be rude, but im not asking whether or not I should get a watch, im asking which one I should get. Even if you don't see a purpose for them other people do
  8. With my Pebble Steel finally giving up the ghost I am looking to find myself a new watch. I really like the Samsung Gear S3, specifically I love the altitude and barometer readings and the fact that I can pay at any normal cardswipe location instead of only at google pay enabled places. There are a couple things that make me hesitant to buy it though, the fact that it doesn't run Android Wear, and that it doesn't appear to support google maps navigation. Does it support a lot of android apps or will I be stuck mainly with the apps it has already plus a handful that I can get from samsung? I don't have a samsung phone, is that going to affect using the watch? Is there a way to get it to support google maps? Is there a better watch that does everything the S3 does but with Android Wear?
  9. If it had a 3.5mm jack I would buy it in a heartbeat, but I refuse to buy a phone without one.. rip
  10. Honestly I would suggest for anyone buying a GPU right now to wait another week or two and watch all of them pop up on ebay and craigslist from the "mining crash"
  11. Yup, pretty much. Just look at the 3m graph, its obvious when the news started talking about ethereum everyone went out and bought some and drove the prices skyhigh. Now the buzz is over and it is settling down to normal again and all the smart miners are going to be rejoicing as people sell their GPUs like crazy on ebay. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but mining is far from dead
  12. Maybe I was just lucky, but I got this board a couple months ago for $23, I feel like LTT could have found something better for cheaper if they looked harder and longer
  13. Superposition 1080p Extreme on my 1070 CPU- i7-2700k @ 4.8GHz GPU - MSI 1070 8GB - 2152/4877 Average FPS - 30.54 Score - 4083 New fastest 1070, by 1 point
  14. Keudn

    Microphone Static

    I don't. Also it is far far quieter on my PC. I have literally all the knobs on the UC200 and the recording volume level in windows cranked on my PC to get it working. On my laptop I can turn that all down to like 50% and it is still loud enough