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  1. You could also get an older cpu like a pentium and upgrade the bios then install your cpu.
  2. I do not know for sure I will check when I get home from work. do I want xmp enabled or disabled and would that actually cause windows to crash ?
  3. double posted on accident so ignore this please
  4. So Sunday night I installed a new 16gb memory kit. I continued that night to play my normal gays (minecraft, Rust, league of legends) with 2 of them being very dependent on memory I had no issues whatsoever. The next day I turned on my computer opened up minecraft and after a few min of playing my computer would give me a blue screen and a windows stop code error "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT" I tried reseating the memory and making sure it was all fine but nothing ended up working so I just installed my old 8gb kit in. Motherboard: Gigabyte H110-A New Ram: Corsair vengeance 16gb @ 2400mhz
  5. Oh how did I never know that. That's good to know. thank you
  6. I just got a new set of memory upgrading from Hyperx fury 8gb to corsair vengeance 16 gb. When I open up speccy and CPUZ it says I have 16 gb but its saying its running at 1200 mhz instead of 2400mhz. In my bios it has the speed set at 2400mhz Motherboard: Gigabyte h110m-a
  7. So this morning I tried plugging it in to the power cable I get the orange charge light but it still won't boot up. When I plug in my mouse the rgb starts to light up. Could the short cause any other damage or would it just be a matter of replacing the shorted capacitor?
  8. Do you know any company that would do this type of repair?
  9. I accidentally shorted my laptop after plugging in a bad usb cable and the laptop turned off in an instant. After further investigation I have noticed that when the power cable is plugged in the capacitor near the usb port is making a clicking sound and gets very hot. What are my options for repair?
  10. I forgot to mention I am trying to do this from windows
  11. I am trying to make a bootable USB to boot into recovery mode and Install OS X. I have tried using TransMac and downloading a Disk Image of OS X but when I try to boot to the usb after a little loading it gives me a circle with a slash through it. Does anyone have any advice for creating an OS X USB that can install OSX and boot into recovery mode?
  12. So the hard drive on my mac failed and I am trying to replace it with an SSD. When I try to erase and partition the disk using Disk Utility it gives me an error that says "Unable to write to the last block of the disk" and when I try to install OS X from a USB the drive doesn't even show up. I have tried the disk from another mac and everything went smoothly and it booted up. I have tried plugging the disk into a USB to sata connector and directly inside the mac.