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  1. Thanks, that answered it. I will buy 144 Hz because the monitor is one thing that we don't upgrade for a long time.
  2. Thanks, but have a look at this answer, is that true "60 FPS will look bad in 144 Hz panel?" He must be talking about panels without Freesync/G-Sync right?
  3. Sorry, I don't understand you answer. There is an option in Nvidia control Panel to turn on G-sync for Freesync panels. But anyway, considering the GPU as RX 5700XT?
  4. I'm looking to build a PC for my friend, R3 3300X and GTX 1660 Super.. When choosing monitor, I know this GPU cannot push 144 FPS in all modern shooting games (both fps and tps), racing games and games like GTA V at 1080p Ultra. I'm not going to buy any monitor without Freesync. With the 48-144 Hz monitor I'm getting LFC along with Freesync, but assuming my frame rates are going to be less than 100, will my games look butter smooth because of Freesync? (I heard it's now worth going for 144 Hz if you can't reach such frame rates). Or is it better to buy that 60-75 Hz with Freesync (with no LFC)? Not going to upgrade anything for 5+ years. Please add a bit more explanation to your answer, thanks.
  5. https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/B450M Pro4-F/#CPU R3 3100 and R3 3300X is in the list.
  6. Also, does this Asrock board need a previous gen CPU to update BIOS? this is my first build and do not have any CPUs.
  7. Hi all, I got a good deal on Asrock B450M Pro4-F. But coming to RAM, the cheapest I could get is the G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600 MHz CL16 (currently out of stock will come back to the same price). BUT the motherboard RAM spec is 3200 MHz only? I do not want to change voltage at all in my system, so 3600 MHz will downclock to 3200 MHz?? Also, there is a motherboard note saying "Please refer to below table for AMD non-XMP memory frequency support." (above the tables) So enabling XMP will make it run at 3600 MHz? Edit: CPU will be R3 3300X, GPU will be Galax GTX 1660 Super 1-click-OC
  8. Hi all, I wonder what will be the CPU load difference between using a 60 Hz panel and 144Hz panel (with freesync & LFC)? If at all the load is higher in 144Hz, does it affect performance or cause micro stuttering in games when playing at 144Hz? Build is: R3 3300X MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X MSI B450 Pro VDH MAX 2 x 8 GB 3600 MHz CL16 RAM
  9. So, these 4 are enough to look for?
  10. Both looks same on the cooler master website. They both have the matte dark gray enclosures, not white?
  11. What makes the price differ (11$) despite both being 550W and listed same in PSU tier list?
  12. R3 3300X MSI B450 Mortar MAX MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X I have these options to choose from: Corsair CX Series CX450 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified ATX PSU (CP-9020120-UK) - 47 USD Cooler Master MWE 550 Bronze - V2 Power Supply (MPE-5501-ACAAB-IN) - 55 USD Cooler Master MWE 550 White 230V - V2 Power Supply (MPE-5501-ACABW-IN) - 44 USD The reason why I mixed 450w and 550w PSUs is I'm a little bit worried with the "gray" list in the PSU tier list, as the cooler master bronze, white V2 are written in gray letters and the note says "units with various issues and concerns, see notes in the spreadsheet" but still in the recommended for mid range systems list. Should I worry about the issue notes? I really want a solid PSU because i might upgrade to a better CPU in the future and may overclock it + GPU and I do not want any voltage stabilization, ripple, etc etc electrical problems. Also in general, which model is built better? Corsair CX (2017) or Cooler Master MWE V2?