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  1. Hey guys, I'm in need of a bit of help with a project. My friend has been setting up a business for the past few months and is now at the point of finding advertisement opportunities. The business: [Link removed] A fire supression system. Made for control boxes, engine rooms, server cabinets etc. Here's a youtube vid of the system itself. [snipped] So this system can, and indeed has been, installed in many places. What I am trying to do is figure out the best places to advertise, magazines, papers, websites, for server room installations. It really is a fantastic system. Most of the variable for the system can be tuned to each installation. The gas is completely inert, you can spray this stuff directly into a running system and it'll do NOTHING. In the event of a fire, the tubing will blow and the gas will put out any fire within seconds. At the moment the focus is on engines, turbines, and control boxes. But me being part of the PCMR I instantly realised the potential for server farm protection. With the active sectiction of the suppresion system being a tube no bigger than watercooling pipe, an entire cabinet can be protected. You also have the opportunity for signaling. So you can recieve text/email notifications if there is any problem, or the system has activated. As im sure you can understand this is a great thing for systme protection. The downtime of an entire cabinet can be minimized to just one single tray replacment. If anyone can help point me in the direction of where to advertise, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So basically I'm not gonna do it. I Was hoping to be able to reuse my current btrfs drive without losing anything. I have no money for new drives. No room to copy and reformat. I was running an Ubuntu system but cannot run 2 computers currently. :-(
  3. Yeah I was just thinking that over the years I have used a few. I've used some that seem to make the PC worse, some that don't alot, and thought it would be a good subject. But with so many around you'd need a bit of in-depth view. Look at why the exist.what they do, if it's worth cleaning your registry, automating temp file file removal, boot time defragging, and automatic regedits. There's alot of them, and is it worth getting an all-in-one suite? Or is best to get one per function? Would need something like linus's phone reviews where they use one for a week and give it a review. Or a rundown of the programs and their functions. I.e Do use defrag, DON'T use iobit system tweaks etc
  4. A Small series devoted to informing people about the pros and cons of system maintenance programs sounds bad? I don't see how.
  5. IM thinking something in a similar style to how Linus does his phone reviews. But in a series with a full roundup at the end.
  6. Hey guys, Well I have been doing this myself for a while, but I thought it would make a great contribution to the channel. "Windows Maintenance - An in-depth look" So, I think a series would work best, 6 videos, 5 devoted to individual programmes, and 1 roundup. TAke, glary, avg tuneup, iobit, etc etc. And take them for a spin for a while. I have used a few over they years and found some to be great and others to be overboard nonsense. But to have the LTT crew go through them, give us Pros, Cons, of each. The reason to, or not to, use one. Best practices etc. Plush for the people that just don't know. A comparison of different products, free and paid, could be very helpful. I myself would love to know what and why some of the options inside iobit exist. Why is glary so damn good, and why not just leave it to windows to do for you? Can you just use ccleaner every now and then? Should I automate cleaning?
  7. Curgently, money is an issue. This why I'm trying to figure out how to setup HDD Passthrough to vbox. The drives are all btrfs, so windows won't assign drive letters for them. But they are recognised in Drive Management. This way I can use my server until I am able to buy unraid.
  8. Yeah, I have seen that. But how exactly would I go about doing it? edit. What im hoping for is someone to give me a set of instructions. I'd rather have someone that know whats their doing give me help. Than go around the interweb getting mixed signals, and trying to fudge it together.
  9. 1st thing 1st I think this thread is in the right sub-forum, if its not I apologise. *waves frantically at Linus and Luke* Hello there guys, this is my first post. I'm a long time fan of LMG, and I have used the forums a few times to find help and advice. But this time I just can't find what I need, I think my Google-Fu is not strong enough. HISTORY I will start here. Until recently I, like every respectable geek, had 2 main PCs. The gaming rig and the server. Rig 1 - Day 2 day, Gaming, etc Windows 10 SSD - Windows SSD - Games HDD - #Stuffdrive Rig 2 - Media + Backup Server LIAN LI PCB70B Ubuntu 9 HDDs 1 - 500Gb - Ubuntu install and main downloads/sort + dump folders 8 - BtrFS - 1-3Tb - Backups, Media, Music, everything This way I had full network access to my entire library, all of my backups, and everything. Backups are run from within Windows and stored on the server. I use Kodi for the media centre on both PCs. BtrFS was NOT setup in a pool (im just not that good) but i used it primarily for the built in compression, and long term data storage benefits. My plan is to eventually upgrade the server to an UnRaid box and fully utilise its abilities. Recently my life situation changed. I am living with friends and having 2 PCs running is out of the question. THE PLAN Consolidate both PCs in to the Lian Li Tower case from my server. There is more room, for all the HDD's, and cooling for everything. Plus it has a hefty 1200w PSU. Run the rig as if it were still the main Windows gaming rig. Virtualise my entire Ubuntu server inside VirtualBox. This way all of my full setup will still be accessible. Everything over "the network", and the least amount of configuration (Inside the Ubuntu server at least) Run my PC as normal, but when I want to use the server, I just run the VBox VM, and crack on as normal. Or have it auto-boot with Windows. THE PROBLEM HOW DO I DO THIS? All the drives from the server (ex Ubuntu) are formatted in BtrFS, Windows doesn't work with updated, fun, decent, future looking File Formats such as BtrFS. So I think that as i'm not going to be accessing any of these drives from Windows itself, I should be able to use some form of hardware pass-through for the server drives, directly into the VM. I've been trying my hand at Google-Fu combined with my own knowledge, I know I should be able to do it, with either the "Serial Ports" feature or through CMD using "VBoxManage" but I don't know how. I could play around with this, but last time I did such a thing, I wiped the encryption headers from a 3Tb drive. (Don't do trial and error without sleep people!) THE ASK Can anyone out there help me with this? I know it should be doable. I know what I want + need Re-build my rig into my Lian Li case Connect ALL drives Not a problem I have enough SATA ports on my Mobo + HBA card. Build Ubuntu server in VBox. With the help of a dd img backup. (This I already have a guide for) Connect all server drives to the VBox server. Profit Wouldn't this make a great video for luke?