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  1. Had a friend drop off an Alienware Windows 7 PC given him which was reset to original configuration. Well getting the video drivers installed was the easy bit. The updates though (today 18th Jan Auckland time) oh lordi :). After getting the first lot of updates installed where I had to turn of the PC completely, then recheck the updates several times otherwise Windows 7 would give an error about failing to install new updates based on the previous ones. I rechecked the update manager that were showing two important updates and it became 177 important updates. Not including the optional ones. So Microsoft appears to be still providing updates on current Windows 7 PCs up to the the last official update on the 14th. After this, I'll be suggesting to my friend he get the Windows 10 upgrade after Window 7 recovers from this lot. I'tll be interesting to hear from any one who was still able to get all these Windows 7 updates from an original install state post the official end of the update cycle.
  2. Case is a Fractal Design Define R6. Comes preinstalled with 2 front 140mm fans and 1 rear 140m fan. Torn up about whether I should have a bottom 120mm and two top 120mm (with the cover removed) fans as well. What do you guys think and should they pwm?
  3. Couldn't find the "tweezers". But really the most important thing I learned from the build guides is to spend 90 percent of your time in the planning stage. What goes with what, cable management, preparation etc.
  4. After watching PC builds on Linus, Paul's Hardware and Bitwit I decided to take the plunge and build my own AMD base pc with a small twist in the storage drive. Here is a list of the the items in my build. I even went to the trouble of making sure that the memory was on the qvl list for the motherboard and the rysen 3600 chip. I'll will also be adding a 4tb mechanical Barracuda drive. As it turns out it was cheaper for me to get a 2tb nvme drive for my storage than a sata ssd or m.2 type. It'll also remove one more set of cables for me to manage. I wont be doing any extreme overclocking, My main 3 games will be Doom, Wolfenstein Young Blood and Rise of the Tomb Raider. I'm guessing that the the two 140mm front fans and the rear 140mm fan will suffice. I am thinking of adding a bottom 140mm and two top 120mm fans if temperatures start to get toastie. I'm also planning to remove or just leave the front case door open to improve the air flow. If you guys out there have any comments or suggestions I would appreciate them.
  5. First time newb here. 1. Getting and SSD to speed up my Windows 7pc. Crucial has a "Storage Executive Manager" that provides updates. Is it worthwhile? 2. I'm wanting to be conservative about how much drive space on the SSD drive I use. About 75% max. Is there any benefits in doing this with and SSD considering that defragging an SSD drive isn't done? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Status Cancelled. Could not find "Billing Agreement".

    Cancelled automatic payment with PayPal