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  1. It appears that the galaxy buds have some kind of chip which pairs with a galaxy device (I have a Galaxy S10) similar to Apple's W1. You can test this by turning off the Bluetooth on your device and the just opening the case with the earbuds inside. Even with the Bluetooth off, the phone can still detect that there's a pair of galaxy buds nearby, and it will prompt you to connect to them on the phone screen. Can anyone verify this in their device?
  2. front page tech might be ahead on this one, when it stated that google might be trying to bamboozle us with all the pixel 3 XL leaks in the last couple of days. Apparently, Google has approached many of the youtubers, asking to use clips from their videos mocking the Pixel 3 XL leaks and the nasty huge notch that it sports. This sounds like google is going for a very specific narrative for their pixel launch event slated on October 9. There are strong suggestions now that there might be a device with some surprises up it's sleeve, possibly (and hopefully) ditching the notch for good. Also, the previous leaks might be fake altogether, and these might not be the real pixel XLs at all, supported by the fact the email address written on one of the accessories in an unboxing video was '....@googel.com' and google probably wouldn't screw up it's own email address. Are we actually going to have a product worth looking forward to? If nothing else, at least Google's stepping up its marketing game... Really stepping it up, actually!
  3. When selecting location in the Mac App Store, India is placed in the group of countries that include all the African and Eastern European Countries. However, it is a part of Asia Pacific and all other countries, including countries of the Indian Subcontinent and even countries further away from the Pacific ocean than India like Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan are placed in Asia Pacific group of countries. I completely fail to understand any sort of logic behind this. Why would Apple think India is better placed there than in Asia pacific?
  4. Rumor has it that some of the energous products will do the rounds at CES 2018. I wanna see linus cover their stuff. Who's with me?
  5. Seeing the recent trend in amd stock prices, i still dont believe amd is secure in terms of sales. Lending intel the good stuff means money. And people WILL buy intel. So...
  6. http://www.tweaktown.com/news/57931/intel-cpu-amd-gpu-spotted-licensing-confirmed/index.html Rumors have resurfaced about an Intel cpu with amd gpu. An intel hd graphics card was spoted on sisoft with a hardware ID reportedly of amd. Personally, i liked the idea of a an intel APU with amd gpu so much when the rumors surfaced earlier, that i refused to belive that the rumors weren't true. And now that there is even a remote possibility that these rumors may be true all along and intel was just avoiding unnecessary attention, i am not giving up. I want to see an intel-amd crossover. However, the fact still remains that intel still invested a lot in its graphics division, so this move still sounds questionable. And with the rumored cpu being a 2c/2t processor, this is definitely not aimed at the high end and not even the mid end. Any thoughts guys?
  7. So i came across an old USB 2.0 Pendrive which had some important data on it. I was transferring it onto the Laptop HDD using TERACOPY 2. I noticed that the read speed, when the pendrive was in a USB 2.0 port, was 16 Mbps for large files (Movies >2GB). So then, for experimenting, i transferred a copy of the movies back on the pen drive and this time, stuck it into the USB 3.0 port on my laptop, and copied them back to the HDD. Now, i am aware that the greater power delivery on a USB 3.0 Ports is due to the additional connectors present and should only work with USB 3.0 devices (and i also know about backward compatibility). HOWEVER, surprisingly, i recieved a speed of 17 Mbps this time and once or twice, it even showed 18 Mbps for a second. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME REASONS FOR THIS? BTW, i tried this experiment 3 more time just for eliminating any errors that occurred the first time. It didnt touch 18 this time, but stayed on 17.